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All of us dared to dream, did not we? The primitive Yaris GRMN had supplied glimmer of hope, extra bolstered by the Supra’s resurrection and the promise of a returning ’86. With this level of commitment to immediate autos from Toyota, we opinion, presumably the Yaris GR basically might perhaps be the recent hatch icon it appears to be like like being.

As it has transpired, the Yaris is even better than we hoped. It represents a pleasant of the functionality we all knew used to be in Gazoo Racing when the supercharged GRMN came alongside; with a bespoke platform, that abilities has basically given a factual probability to shine. Factor in now what the GR Neat Sport hypercar might perhaps be like…

That the Yaris GR has been so effectively got across the board isn’t very any longer handiest excellent info for Toyota – it’s moreover music to the ears of Japanese car fans across the globe. Why? On story of it marks a return to the motorsport-impressed, four-wheel-pressure hero from the home of sushi and sake, and that’s the reason necessary. On story of how many people got into immediate Japanese autos thanks to something like the Yaris, one normally so innocuous but become into a cult hero thanks to the rigours of motorsport? Both rallying and circuit racing have created Japanese icons with four-wheel pressure and compelled induction; presumably if the Yaris sells in quantity, this can encourage a total recent period.

Sooner than then, it be time to have an very excellent time the originals. For this week’s Six of the Most sharp whisper, the crew are being tasked to obtain the correct Japanese, four-wheel pressure heroes that they’ll for the associated payment of a GR Circuit Pack – £33,495, and no longer a penny more. With three many years to grab from and a healthy budget, they wishes to be spoilt for different. To the classifieds…

This needed to be first, did not it? Given the success of numerous rallying Celicas over the years, plus a healthy dose of notoriety thanks to 1995, it be a surprise that GT-Fours have not bought more of a following in the UK. Completely, Toyota will be hoping the Yaris captures more hearts and minds than the Celica did a quarter of a century ago.

Even supposing, presumably what held the Celica reduction in the 1990s works in its favour excellent now. On story of reduction then, it used to be more costly than an Impreza and lacked the emotional charm of an Escort Cossie. For the time being at the least a form of tables has become, this Celica moreover offering homologation kudos, turbocharged performance and four-wheel pressure security for much less cash than the others – this one is trusty £10okay. It says grand, too, that this 135,000-mile car still appears to be like so excellent. Or presumably Yaris GR excitement is clouding my judgement.

No matter the case, the Celica is assured some more (and effectively-deserved) time in the limelight with the Yaris’s arrival and spookily equivalent short. GR-Four versus GT-Four normally writes itself, would not it?


Tell us a one who knew of the Isuzu Gemini Irmscher R, and we will camouflage you a liar. Surely, who are we kidding? This is PistonHeads, the proprietor’s club chairman is at anxiousness of be a member…

And even if it’s more difficult to obtain a Fugu chef, the Gemini Irmscher R represents, seemingly, all that we like about this breed. Love the Yaris, it be in step with distinctly customary underpinnings (what might perhaps be more customary than a Gemini?) however given overhaul in reduction of… effectively, we’re no longer certain. Until there used to be an moreover unknown WRC campaign. Presumably Isuzu did it trusty because they might perhaps. But overhauled it most without a doubt used to be, Irmscher R that contains a 1.6-litre turbo excellent for 180hp, with favorite four-wheel pressure as effectively – ample for 60 in no longer up to seven seconds, in 1991! It be a mini Evo, in case you squint. And flip around.

Is £10,000 a lot for what looks to be a 30-year-primitive minicab? Given I came across out about this car half of an hour earlier than writing it, who knows. The pictures without a doubt imply it be a neat and beautiful Isuzu below the very iffy bodykit, and salvage no longer these Recaros explore excellent? I’m intrigued by the Irmscher, build it that system. And immediate Japanese autos, from GT-R to Yaris GR, wishes to be engaging if nothing else. So, by my reckoning, the Isuzu without difficulty makes the crop reduction.


As a large rally fan, I’m immense furious to explore the return of the homologation particular from Toyota. It be trusty a shame we’re no longer basically in the keep aside of job together so I will grab the GR keys. The system is nothing recent in a hot hatch, though – who can put out of your mind the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R? And, presumably trusty as memorably, there used to be that time Subaru ditched the long-lasting Impreza saloon form for a five-door…

For many, the switch to a hatch used to be an wide disappointment; it looked moderately like a Hyundai and as a result of this reality a some distance bawl from the saloons that they’d grown to like, driven by the likes of McRae, Burns and Solberg. But the hatch has slowly been rising on me over the years, and I’ve came across myself having a explore the classifieds to explore what’s on provide and own an understand on costs.

Sadly, the 2.5-litre lump in the hatch has the equivalent suspect reputation as when it used to be primitive in the saloon. That is where the JDM autos reach in, with the more loyal EJ20 2.0-litre engine. The Spec C used to be a restricted bustle model of 1,000 autos and handiest available in Japan, however thanks to importers like Torque GT, we are in a position to salvage our hands on them now in the UK. Get no longer be bowled over in case you leer one added to the PH Fleet within the subsequent year or so…


I’m certain rather a lot of PHers whiled away their childhood hours on Gran Turismo, and continue to achieve so now as adults. For these as grey haired as me, that obsession started on the genuine PlayStation game; and that might perhaps have moreover supposed, without doubt, some time utilizing an R32 GT-R. Right here is moderately shuffle back and forth down reminiscence lane for you…

This 1991 example landed on our shores in 2015 and looks pretty excellent; a straight, cessation to-favorite, rust-free car in gunmetal grey. (There are no longer many of these left!) It be a shame there are no longer any engine bay or interior pictures, however that might perhaps trusty imply an excuse to explore it in person. And cabin atmosphere has never been the GT-R charm, has it? An R32 is tidy for the long-lasting explore, notorious RB26 engine and innovative four-wheel pressure, trusty for starters.

Given the cash currently asked for some GT-Rs and equivalent Japanese icons, £25okay for this would not appear unreasonable. Even supposing it be about £25okay too grand for me. Succor to Gran Turismo.


Succor in 2004, Mitsubishi launched its Evo VIII MR RS in the Japanese home market for 3,438,750 yen. That is set £26okay in at the present time’s cash (accounting for inflation and the relate alternate payment), exhibiting trusty how low-designate they had been. Unlike almost each and every rather a lot of manufacturer, Mitsubishi charged much less when it gave much less. And for the Evo Rally Sport, it used to be a lot much less: wind-up windows, no longer obligatory door locks and steel wheels keep aside the tone, backed up by firmer Bilstein dampers, modified all-wheel pressure and recent LSDs. It used to be so focussed it’ll be remodeled to a Team N competition spec without grand drama, as many did – there are autos impressed by motorsport, and then there are RS Evos…

Which makes this one all the powerful. Since the purpose of an RS used to be to compete, or at the least use it broadly heading in the correct route days. Or why else forego day after day facilities? Yet one way or the opposite this one has survived, fully genuine and having lined trusty 2,000 miles a year since 2004. Which makes for 32,000 in total, and presumably basically the most immaculate Evo you ever did leer. Is it too good to make use of? Would the stripped-out charm of a exact Evo RS be too grand to resist? I handiest need £30ok to obtain out…


Chaps, I will be excellent here and whisper that with £33,495 to exercise, I would clutch the GR Yaris. I like a JDM memoir as grand because the subsequent person, however I will whisper you from first-hand journey that Toyota has outdone itself. And it be no longer trusty that it be sizable fun to pressure – because there are several rather a lot of autos here which is in a position to build claim to that accolade – it be that it moreover works terrifically effectively when doing the mundane job of being a supermini in 2020.

It’s some distance chuffed. It’s some distance effectively made. This can no longer regard your mobile mobile phone as a mysterious tool from the future. It comes with a five-year Toyota guarantee. It’s some distance immediate and frugal(ish). Put up deposit, it handiest charges £299 a month. If I had been in the market for a recent car, I’m no longer certain I would deem twice.

Obviously, that’s in opposition to the principles so for the needs of Six of the Most sharp, let’s fake I would have this, the Subaru Impreza P1. Love the GR, it too used to be a stiffer, few-door prospect in a five-door world, and the chassis famously tuned by Prodrive so it moreover has a bonafide claim to rally-bred credibility. Moreover it launched after I was 20, and I obligatory one horrifying. Right here’s a pleasant having a explore example with trifling miles and a truly documented historical previous for £5k no longer up to the auto I need 20 years later.

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