AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s made-up vehicle vegetation, court revisionism

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  • President Donald Trump speaks with journalists on the South Backyard of the White Home, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, in Washington, sooner than departing for a marketing campaign rally in North Carolina.

    President Donald Trump speaks with journalists on the South Backyard of the White Home, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, in Washington, sooner than departing for a marketing campaign rally in North Carolina.

    Photo: Patrick Semansky, AP

Photo: Patrick Semansky, AP

President Donald Trump speaks with journalists on the South Backyard of the White Home, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, in Washington, sooner than departing for a marketing campaign rally in North Carolina.

President Donald Trump speaks with journalists on the South Backyard of the White Home, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, in Washington, sooner than departing for a marketing campaign rally in North Carolina.

Photo: Patrick Semansky, AP

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump and his GOP allies are playing free with the facts with regards to a successor for the leisurely Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Seeking to define a conceivable confirmation vote sooner than the Nov. 3 election, Trump asserted over the weekend that many excessive court nominations had been made in an election twelve months and “in all cases, they went forward.” That is clearly now not criminal.

Basically, accurate one hour after Justice Antonin Scalia’s unexpected loss of life in February 2016, Senate Majority Chief Mitch McConnell publicly made sure the Senate would possibly per chance well per chance also mute now not verify a successor chosen by President Barack Obama thanks to the coming election. That slot within the destroy went unfilled till after President Donald Trump announced a nominee 11 months later.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Sunday furthermore claimed a “constitutional crisis” if a alternative is now not confirmed straight away, insisting Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden has talked about he would possibly per chance well per chance not find the election outcomes if he loses. Biden has talked about he will.

The revisionist GOP historical past comes following per week of outright falsehoods, on issues cherish auto manufacturing, balloting fraud and additional. Trump instructed a North Carolina rally that a dialog with the Eastern prime minister led to 5 contemporary vehicle companies opening in Michigan the following day. That did now not happen.

Biden laid out a mountainous and largely supported case that Trump has underplayed the severity of the pandemic. However the devil became within the crucial functions: No, Trump did now not name the coronavirus a hoax.

A survey:


TRUMP, on advancing a Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election twelve months: “This has came about barely a pair of cases. And every time, there became a nominee, as you know. There’s been many events the set aside, frankly, it became out to be all the plot in which through a presidential twelve months. … However in all cases, they went forward.” — remarks Saturday to journalists.

THE FACTS: A Supreme Court nomination set forth in a presidential election twelve months truly wasn’t advanced “in all cases.”

After Scalia’s loss of life, Obama nominated Resolve Merrick Garland in March 2016 to acquire his seat. However McConnell, R-Ky., declined to act on the nomination, declaring that the following elected president would possibly per chance well per chance also mute acquire the emptiness.

Garland’s nomination lasted 293 days, extending past the November 2016 election that Trump won and expiring in January 2017. As president, Trump subsequently nominated Neil Gorsuch, who won confirmation by the Republican-controlled Senate.

Democrats on the total voice Garland’s instance as a case of Republican hypocrisy in seeking an instantaneous alternative now for Ginsburg. McConnell has talked about Trump’s enjoy — anticipated to be announced this week — will find a Senate vote but hasn’t indicated when.


TED CRUZ: “I feel it is particularly crucial that the Senate elevate on and make certain this nomination sooner than the election. Because Joe Biden has been whine. He has talked about, if he doesn’t find, he’s going to anguish this election. He’s going to head to court. … Provided that, there is a severe risk of a constitutional crisis.” — interview Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

THE FACTS: The Texas senator is incorrect.

In disagreement to Trump, Biden says he will find the final consequence of the Nov. 3 election.

“Sure, the stout outcomes. Count every vote,” Biden talked about Thursday at a CNN town hall.

Biden has been assembling a crew of lawyers in anticipation of court challenges to the election course of and says his criminal war room will work to be distinct that that elections are successfully administered and votes accurately counted.

Trump, who repeatedly asserts “rigged elections” and balloting fraud no topic the dearth of proof, has instructed he would possibly per chance well per chance also now not find the election final consequence.

The president instructed “Fox News Sunday” in July when asked whether or now not he would find the implications: “I truly must gape. No, I’m now not going to accurate disclose yes. I’m now not going to voice no, and I didn’t final time, either.”



TRUMP, about gentle Eastern High Minister Shinzo Abe: “We won Michigan — first time in a protracted time. And likewise you know what we now personal performed? Many, many vehicle vegetation are now opening up … I talked about, ‘Shinzo, please develop me a opt on, we need extra vehicle companies. … We desire them constructed here, now not in Japan, please.’ He talked about, ‘However we are going to not develop that, here is a free enterprise diagram.’ I talked about, ‘… Please, I need some vehicle companies.’ … I talked about, ‘Shinzo, it’s good to develop it.’ Subsequent day, it became the account: ‘5 vehicle companies unfolded in Michigan.’” — North Carolina rally Saturday.

THE FACTS: Trump is making up the account.

No Eastern automaker meeting vegetation had been announced or in-constructed Michigan, let alone in a single day, and there are now not any plans to add any.

There would possibly be one manufacturing facility, a joint conducting between Classic Motors and Honda, south of Detroit. It’s the $85 million expansion of an existing facility to find hydrogen gasoline cells with about 100 contemporary jobs, in accordance with the Center for Automotive Be taught, an industry think tank in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Subaru has a contemporary evaluate center with about 100 contemporary jobs, and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Toyota personal announced expansions of evaluate facilities. These are now not contemporary “vehicle vegetation” flee by Eastern automakers.

Basically, the series of car and parts manufacturing jobs in Michigan fell between Trump’s inauguration and February of this twelve months, sooner than the coronavirus took defend. When Trump took dwelling of industrial there had been 174,200 jobs, and that dropped to 171,800 in February, in accordance with Labor Division statistics. In July, essentially the most most modern figures accessible, there had been 154,400 auto and parts manufacturing jobs in Michigan.

That is removed from a vehicle company renaissance within the suppose courtesy of Japan, as Trump asserts.



TRUMP: “When you survey at what we’ve performed and the total lives that we’ve saved … this became our prediction, that if we develop a truly stunning job, we’ll be at a pair of hundred and — 100,000 to 240,000 deaths. And we’re below that considerably, and we’ll stare what comes out. However that can per chance well per chance be if we did the beautiful job. If the now not-so-stunning job became performed, you’d be between 1.5 million — I take note these numbers so well — and a pair of.2 million.” — information conference Wednesday.

THE FACTS: He’s glossing over grim numbers and wrongly describing the scientific projections.

First and most particularly, the U.S. is now not running “considerably” below projections that 100,000 to 240,000 would die from COVID-19. The loss of life toll is about 200,000 and the pandemic is removed from over. Tens of thousands of most modern infections are being reported every day.

The White Home and federal public health authorities personal in total pointed to the Institute for Properly being Metrics and Review on the College of Washington as a source for his or her pandemic projections. The institute now forecasts bigger than 378,000 U.S. deaths from COVID-19 by Jan. 1.

In early April, U.S. officers estimated no decrease than 100,000 would die from the pandemic even if all conceivable steps had been taken in opposition to it — a thorough and enduring lockdown, stout utilize of masks and additional. A loss of life toll as much as 240,000 assumed aggressive mitigation.

Trump has in total cited a doable loss of life toll of 2.2 million or so — a host that places the fact of various hundred thousand deaths in a nearer gentle. He makes utilize of it to whine to personal saved many lives. However such an low projection became merely a baseline if nothing in any appreciate had been performed to fight the pandemic. It became never, as he claimed, an anticipated loss of life toll if “the now not-so-stunning job became performed.”

At an April 1 briefing, when Trump and his officers talked about the projection of 100,000 to 240,000 deaths, the president held out hope of conserving deaths below 100,000. “I feel we’re doing greater than that.”

Now he’s making an are trying to transfer the goal posts and personal the final public place in thoughts the leisure below 240,000 deaths a success.


TRUMP: “We’ll personal manufactured no decrease than 100 million vaccine doses sooner than the live of the twelve months.” — information conference Friday.

TRUMP: “We ask to personal ample vaccine for every American by April.” — information conference Friday.

THE FACTS: Don’t depend upon this.

Even though one or extra vaccines is authorized for emergency utilize by the live of this twelve months, those numbers stretch credulity.

Public authorities are so distinct there’ll most likely be ultimate restricted doses before the whole lot that they’re developing plans to triage them for folk who need it essentially the most, much like health group. In a distribution concept launched this past week, the Facilities for Illness Adjust and Prevention’s ultimate-case choice became that 35 million to 45 million doses would possibly per chance well per chance be accessible by the live of December if two of the leading candidates each proved safe and effective. And folk candidates require two doses, three weeks to four weeks aside.

Having ample vaccine for all individuals —- every time that can per chance well per chance even be — is diversified from getting it into folk’s fingers. Plans for easy how to rep which can per chance well per chance be mute being labored out.

Trump is pushing laborious to personal a vaccine announced sooner than the election or no decrease than to convince folk who such an final consequence’s conceivable. However federal health officers and scientists personal signaled or outright talked about that that is unlikely.


BIDEN VIDEO: “Trump in public: ‘Hoax.’ Trump in private: ‘Killer.’” — video tweeted by Biden on Tuesday.

BIDEN VIDEO, showing Trump asserting at a Feb. 28 marketing campaign rally in South Carolina: “The coronavirus — and here is their contemporary hoax.”

THE FACTS: The accusation is deceptive. So is the selective video modifying that made it appear Trump became calling the coronavirus a “contemporary hoax.”

At the rally featured within the video, Trump truly talked about the phrases “the coronavirus” and “here is their contemporary hoax” at separate functions. Even supposing his which implies is annoying to discern, the broader context of his phrases shows he became railing in opposition to Democrats for his or her denunciations of his administration’s coronavirus response.

“Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus,” he talked about. “You know that, accurate? Coronavirus. They’re politicizing it.” He meandered briefly to the topic of the messy Democratic significant in Iowa, then the Russia investigation sooner than returning to the pandemic. “They tried the impeachment hoax. … And here is their contemporary hoax.”

Requested at a information conference the following day to make clear his remarks, Trump made sure he became now not referring to the coronavirus itself as a hoax.

“No, no, no.” he talked about. ”‘Hoax’ referring to the motion that they retain to set up out and pin this on someone, due to we’ve performed this form of truthful job. The hoax is on them, now not — I’m now not talking about what’s going down here. I’m talking what they’re doing. That’s the hoax.”

He persevered: “With out a doubt now not referring to this. How would possibly per chance well per chance also someone consult with this? Right here is terribly severe stuff.”

The video’s reference to “Trump in private” calling the virus a “killer” comes from the president’s interview in April with creator and journalist Bob Woodward, whose contemporary book “Rage” contains Trump’s acknowledgment that he became playing down the virus risk in public, in expose to manual sure of alarm.

However it is incorrect for Biden to indicate, as the video does, that Trump insisted the virus became a hoax sooner than within the destroy acknowledging to the creator in April that it became deadly and severe.

Trump on various events sooner than that did refer publicly to the virus as a “plague” and a “killer,” while furthermore falsely pushing aside it as something that can per chance well per chance leave on its find, in hot climate or otherwise.



TRUMP: “An unlimited SCAM, and the Dems know it!” — tweet Sunday.

TRUMP: “The large Unsolicited PollStates would possibly per chance well per chance also mute give it up NOW, sooner than it is too leisurely, and ask folk to head to the Polling Booths and, cherish constantly sooner than, VOTE. Otherwise, MAYHEM!!! Solicited Ballots (absentee) are OK.” — tweet Thursday.

THE FACTS: Trump is overstating the aptitude for “mayhem” and fraud in “large unsolicited ballotstates.”

There would possibly be not in any appreciate times any such thing as an “unsolicited” ballot. 5 states automatically send ballots to all registered voters so they’ll take dangle of to vote through the mail or in particular person. Four other states and the District of Columbia will most likely be adopting that diagram in November, as will nearly every county in Montana. Election officers exhibit that, by registering to vote, folk are successfully soliciting for a ballot, so it is unnecessary to name the materials despatched to them “unsolicited.”

Extra broadly talking, voter fraud has proved exceedingly rare. The Brennan Center for Justice in 2017 ranked the chance of ballotfraud at 0.00004% to 0.0009%, primarily based fully on reports of past elections.

Within the five states that on a current foundation send ballots to all voters who personal registered, there had been no major cases of fraud or anguish counting the votes.


TRUMP: “Thanks to the contemporary and unparalleled large amount of unsolicited ballots which is ready to be despatched to ‘voters’, or wherever, this twelve months, the Nov third Election consequence would possibly per chance well per chance also NEVER BE ACCURATELY DETERMINED, which is what some desire.” — tweet Thursday.

THE FACTS: It’s highly unlikely that any chaos in states with universal mail-in balloting will goal the election consequence to “never be accurately distinct.”

The five states that already personal such balloting personal had time to make stronger their techniques, while four contemporary states adopting it — California, Contemporary Jersey, Nevada and Vermont — personal now not. Of those 9 states, ultimate Nevada is a battleground, worth six electoral votes and ultimate liable to be pivotal in a nationwide presidential impasse. The others, including the District of Columbia, are overwhelmingly Democratic.

The first states which can per chance well per chance be being contested — Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — ultimate send mail ballots to voters who ask them. Trump talked about Thursday that such “solicited” ballots are absolutely “OK.”

Trump repeatedly blasts mail-in balloting as fallacious and wrong while insisting that mail ballots in distinct states much like Florida, a must-find suppose for him, are dazzling. However mail-in ballots are solid within the identical plot as what Trump refers to as “absentee” mail ballots, with the identical stage of scrutiny much like signature verification in quite loads of states. In court filings, the Trump marketing campaign has acknowledged that mail-in and absentee ballots are legally interchangeable phrases.

States nationwide ask a surge in mail-in balloting due to coronavirus risk.


TRUMP: “Unsolicited Ballots are uncontrollable, fully initiating to ELECTION INTERFERENCE by far off places countries, and will lead to large chaos and confusion!” — tweet Thursday.

THE FACTS: Mail-in ballots aren’t the ultimate risk for far off places interference.

Looking out to persuade a federal election through mail-in ballots would presumably imply paying thousands of U.S. voters, fastidiously chosen in pivotal states, who are willing to conspire with a far off places authorities and risk detection and prosecution.

Far more straightforward and much less dear would possibly per chance well per chance be a social media marketing campaign seeking to discourage distinct groups of folk from balloting, which is something the FBI has warned about. Or a cyberattack on voter registration records that can per chance well per chance find rid of distinct voters from the rolls. That would possibly per chance well per chance also goal havoc at polling places or election offices as officers are trying to depend ballots from folk who are “missing” from their voter databases.

Attorney Classic Invoice Barr has raised the chance that a “far off places nation would possibly per chance well per chance also print up tens of thousands of wrong ballots.” He argued they would possibly well be laborious to detect, but that’s been disputed by election experts.

Mail-in ballots are printed on particular paper and would possibly per chance well per chance be formatted accurately in expose to be processed and counted. Ballots are whine to every precinct, in total with a lengthy list of local races, and would possibly per chance well per chance be acknowledged as wrong if the whole lot didn’t match precisely.


TRUMP: “The Governor of Nevada labored very laborious to assassinate all of our venues. Without reference to the fact that he controls the suppose, he failed, but would personal reasonably performed rally initiating air. Are you able to imagine this man is guilty … of the Ballots in Nevada!? No longer stunning, Rigged Election!” — tweets on Sept 14.

THE FACTS: You put now not must imagine that man being guilty of the election due to he’s now not.

Without reference to his pork with Nevada’s Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak, the governor is now not running the suppose’s contemporary all-mail election in November. That responsibility falls to Nevada’s secretary of suppose, Barbara Cegavske. She is a Republican.



TRUMP: “You know, Obama got here into dwelling of industrial, they gave him the Nobel Prize, cherish nearly straight away, accurate? Basically, he didn’t even know why he got it. He didn’t even know. He had no conception why he got it and he became accurate about that due to nobody else does either. They mute don’t know.” — rally in Minden, Nevada, Sept. 12.

TRUMP: “However it’s criminal, Obama got it for no goal whatsoever.” — rally in Henderson, Nevada, Sept. 13.

Neither of Trump’s oft-talked about assertions about Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize is criminal. The Nobel committee announced Obama as recipient of the prize on Oct. 9, 2009, nearly 9 months after his inauguration — that is now not “nearly straight away.”

As far as the goal for awarding the prize to Obama, the committee became barely sure in its 258-word assertion issued 11 years ago, which serious about “his extra special efforts to make stronger world diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” and current in whine “Obama’s imaginative and prescient of and work for a world with out nuclear weapons.”

“Simplest very infrequently has a particular person to the identical extent as Obama captured the realm’s consideration and given its folk hope for a nearer future,” the committee talked about in its assertion.

To make certain, the prize mirrored aspirations bigger than accomplishments. When Obama became asked later why he got the prize, he did disclose: “To be supreme, I don’t know.” He talked about they provide those prizes “to accurate about someone for the time being.” He became making self-deprecating jokes, which Trump became in opposition to him at his rally.

However agree or disagree with the committee’s resolution, it gave its reasons for honoring Obama.


Krisher reported from Detroit. Associated Press writers Nicholas Riccardi in Denver, and Kevin Freking, Lauran Neergaard, Eric Tucker and Douglass Okay. Daniel in Washington contributed to this describe.


EDITOR’S NOTE — A survey on the veracity of claims by political figures.


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