Apple HomePod Mini analysis: Chronicle sound and smarts from minute Alexa rival

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LISTEN up! There’s a new Apple neat speaker on the market vying for a situation on your letter to Santa.

I’ve spent a few weeks the employ of the HomePod Mini, and it’s a upright Christmas cracker.


The HomePod Mini is a Siri speaker that expenses £99/$99Credit: The Solar / Sean Keach

What’s the HomePod Mini?

Apple’s pudgy-dimension HomePod launched abet in 2018, when neat speakers possess been taking off in a tall technique.

The Siri-powered beast cost £279/$299, which made it one in every of the most costly alternate solutions on the market.

Now better leisurely than in no diagram, the HomePod Mini arrives at a diagram more cost-effective £99/$99.

It performs the identical Siri and neat home tips, nevertheless it indubitably’s some distance smaller and has much less great sound – as you’d ask, given the £180/$200 designate difference.


Or now now not it is minute at good over 3 inchesCredit: The Solar / Sean Keach

Apple HomePod Mini – produce

Apple’s HomePod Mini is indisputably good-taking a scrutinize.

It’s a minute pod that stands at good over three inches tall.

The soft material mesh that covers the pod is accessible in dim and gray color alternate solutions, both of which scrutinize good.

I appreciate how it appears to be like to be: it’s appreciate a trim little ornament on your desk or kitchen counter.

There’s a contact-unruffled floor on the high that means that you can faucet to manipulate playback.

Clearly, it’s a neat speaker – so you’ll employ extra of your time the employ of your teach for withhold an eye fixed on.


There could be a contact-unruffled floor on high that lights up all over interactionsCredit: The Solar / Sean Keach

Apple HomePod Mini – sound

In terms of audio, it lacks the heft of the upright HomePod.

However for its dimension, it’s an absolute powerhouse – presumably easiest-in-class.

I’m repeatedly impressed by the slightly deep bass, and overall richness of the sound.

There’s enormous clarity even at excessive volumes, and not using a discernible distortion.

And boy does it fling loud: you may presumably maybe maybe rather with out problems employ this as a primary speaker on your room – unless you’re residing somewhere very enormous indeed.

Right here’s no surprise: there’s a pudgy-vary dynamic driver and passive radiators, as properly as an acoustic wave-handbook.

The latter makes certain you acquire upright 360-degree sound wherever you set up the speaker.

Internal you’ve obtained Apple’s S5 chip, which adds its possess computational trickery.

It lets the HomePod Mini analyse the sound profile of your song 180 times every 2nd, to alter the audio experience for easiest listening.

I’ve listened to metal, rap, dance, classical and good extinct-usual focus on-radio and it all sounds peachy.


The speaker has a honest material mesh on the out of doorsCredit: The Solar / Sean Keach

Apple HomePod Mini – stress-free factors

So it sounds good, nevertheless is it neat?

It’s obtained the identical Siri that you’ll come by within the iPhone, iPad, Mac – and HomePod upright, of course.

Which implies you may presumably maybe maybe interrogate concerning the weather, acquire directions sent to your iPhone, or demand a song, album and even a rubbish dad comic legend.

She picks up voices in actuality properly: I come by her extra fixed and mercurial than Alexa, and I acquire some distance fewer fake-positives.

Grand of the enjoyment of Siri in overall is being in a query to manipulate other objects with your teach.

Trim lightbulbs are cheaply on hand this day (I employ an astonishing Nanoleaf bulb in my peek) – and turning them on or off with a straightforward phrase in no diagram will get extinct.

You may perhaps presumably maybe maybe presumably withhold an eye fixed on a pair of lights, objects or rooms genuine now, which is trim.

And it moreover ties into the Apple House app, this means that that you can gawk and withhold an eye fixed on your objects from an iPhone or iPad.

Must you’ve obtained two HomePod Mini speakers within the identical room, they’ll come up with the risk to stereo pair them.

And also you may presumably maybe maybe moreover employ them as portion of a surround-sound speaker field up on your Apple TV – nevertheless handiest while you’ve already obtained a pudgy-dimension HomePod too.

Siri can recognise assorted voices, so she can tell you about your calendar – and now now not your partner’s.


Apple’s HomePod Mini pumps out famous audio for its dimensionCredit: The Solar / Sean Keach

You may perhaps presumably maybe maybe presumably employ the HomePod Mini to come by your iPhone, making it “ping” from under the sofa cushion.

Must you carry your iPhone shut to the HomePod Mini, it goes to mechanically switch no topic is taking part in to the speaker. Significantly frigid, and one in every of my popular factors.

There’s moreover a new characteristic known as Intercom that means that you can send teach messages between rooms while you possess a pair of speakers.

You may perhaps presumably maybe maybe presumably moreover send a message from out of doors of the home the employ of your iPhone, appreciate: “I’m on my technique, desire anything from the shop?”

You is liable to be noticing a pattern here: HomePod Mini works easiest while you’re already within the Apple world.

It’s very much better while you’ve obtained an iPhone versus an Android.

And even supposing other music companies are supported, Apple Tune is the default streaming risk.

So elevate into consideration whether you’d acquire good employ out of a form of those factors sooner than buying a HomePod Mini.


The HomePod Mini is nice, seriously while you possess an iPhoneCredit: The Solar / Sean Keach

Apple HomePod Mini analysis verdict – may presumably maybe maybe possess to unruffled you engage it?

The HomePod Mini isn’t going to be the good speaker for all individuals.

For a start, now now not all individuals needs a £99 neat speaker. Amazon and Google offer entry-stage alternate solutions at a third of the worth – that will swimsuit you better.

And while you’ve obtained no other Apple devices, you’ll come by the Mini much less purposeful than any individual with an iPhone or iPad.

However for £99, it’s a totally cracking speaker that does the job properly.

I’ve came upon audio enormous, teach use-up astonishing, and Siri in overall performs excellently.

The sound quality by myself may presumably maybe very properly be worth £99, while you’re into music.

Must you’d like to take a look at the Apple neat speaker waters with out buying a pudgy-dimension HomePod, here’s the technique to switch.

And it’s moreover a large risk to keep aside Siri in extra areas around your condominium.

The Solar says: An very good speaker with hundreds of enormous factors and distinctive sound – nevertheless at £99/$99, it’s now now not for all individuals. 5/5

The HomePod Mini is out on November 16 for £99/$99.

All prices on this text possess been good on the time of writing, nevertheless can possess since modified. Repeatedly enact your possess analysis sooner than making any select.

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  • Apple HomePod Mini at Finest Take for $99 – engage here

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