Apple HomePod Mini review -Fi?

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Our Verdict

It’s unparalleled smaller and more cheap than expected, but the most vivid teach about the HomePod Mini is its incredible sound


  • Sophisticated, collaborating sound
  • Sizable dapper talents
  • Impressive tune discovery


  • Restricted third-party service abet
  • Lacks a fat abet an eye on app

The Apple HomePod Mini has been a lengthy time coming. As soon as the fresh HomePod became as soon as announced, it became as soon as assumed that it would possibly maybe maybe well be the major in a monumental family of dapper audio system. It hadn’t even hit retailers forward of of us had been asking when a smaller, more cheap mannequin would possibly maybe maybe well be introduced.

It has taken practically three years for that mannequin to approach – that’s aeons on this planet of tech – so, has the wait been worth it? It decided has: the HomePod Mini outperforms its dimension and mark like no other dapper speaker that you would possibly maybe eradicate.


(Image credit: Apple)

The HomePod Mini in actuality is miniature. At true 8.4cm tall and 9.8cm broad, it’s roughly half the size of the equally priced and equally spherical new Amazon Echo. No doubt, it’s even smaller than the brand new Echo Dot.

The Mini is available in straightforward white or unlit finishes, wrapped in a seamless fabric mesh that became as soon because it sounds as if chosen as unparalleled for its acoustic properties as for its stylishness. Your total make affords the impact of a minute, woven plant pot – in a true intention. It’s pretty and unobtrusive, and would possibly maybe maybe merely silent fortunately slot in any room of the residence.

Apple HomePod Mini tech specs

(Image credit: Apple)

Finishes x2

Relate assistant Siri

Bluetooth No

AirPlay Certain

Dimensions (hwd) 8.4 x 9.8 x 9.8cm

Weight 345g

The glass panel on the tip is opaque when the speaker is idle, but a swirling orb of colored gentle looks when Siri is listening or processing, while a smaller white orb gently oscillates as tune performs. It’s a worldly and alluring touch previous anything you’ll secure from any other equally priced speaker. It makes the wraparound lightstrip of the brand new Amazon Echo gape as refined and seductive as a position of internet page visitors lights.

There are no longer any physical buttons on the HomePod Mini. When the tip panel is lit, it finds otherwise cease to-invisible plus and minus symbols that, when touched, lift or lower the amount. A tap of the centre of the panel will live or resume your tune, a double-tap skips forward and a triple-tap skips back. A lengthy press, meanwhile, devices Siri to listening mode. At its core, even though, right here is designed as a fingers-off affair.

There are no longer any physical audio connections, both. Even the flexibility cable is mounted, terminating at the opposite waste to a USB-C inch that slips into the the same 20W wall charger that’s bundled with the firm’s greater-waste iPads. If you’re wondering whether or no longer that system the HomePod Mini can be powered off the USB-C socket of a Mac; it’ll’t. At the least, it wouldn’t work when plugged into our MacBook Pro, with an indignant-taking a gape pulsating orange gentle indicating the HomePod Mini’s displeasure at being asked to grasp on an underpowered port.


(Image credit: Apple)

Within the HomePod Mini’s spherical, mesh-lined frame is a single, Apple-designed fat-fluctuate driver that fires sound downwards and out of the 360-diploma waveguide spherical the bottom. The motive force is held by a suspension gadget to lower distortion, and it’s flanked by two passive radiators designed to aid perform a a lot bigger, weightier sound.

There are four microphones built into the chassis: three that namely hear out for the ‘Hey Siri’ exclaim and a fourth that uses echo pickle to make certain that you can be heard over background noise or loud tune. Absolutely, the HomePod Mini has no discipline listening to or comprehending us at any level for the duration of checking out.

Also impressive is the system Siri continually looks to grasp which tool is being addressed, sensing when an instruction is to the HomePod Mini on the opposite side of the room even when an iPhone is lying unparalleled nearer. Right here is namely artful when in contrast with Alexa – we uncover that questions directed at an Echo speaker true just a few feet away are on the general answered by a varied speaker in a single other room.

The mind of the HomePod is Apple’s own S5 chip, furthermore demonstrate in the brand new Apple Survey Series 5 and Apple Survey SE. In the HomePod Mini, it permits computational audio. Apple claims it analyses and optimises the performance over 180 cases per 2nd, in accordance with the pickle of the speaker and what’s being performed.

Needless to issue, the HomePod Mini furthermore uses its energy for a unfold of Siri-powered dapper choices, from controlling any HomeKit-smartly suited devices for your residence, to environment timers and alarms, increasing reminders and browsing lists, and sending messages and making cellphone calls. It will furthermore now secure announcements to 1 or all other HomePods in the residence the usage of the brand new Intercom characteristic. And that’s true the tip of the iceberg.

(Image credit: Apple)

Siri’s valid power in the context of the HomePod Mini (true because it became as soon as with the fresh HomePod) is its tune curation. After a transient period of studying, it responds to the phrase “play something I’ll like” no longer by streaming your most performed song of the previous couple of weeks, but by taking part in something that you will also merely own never listened to forward of but is a true fit for what you on the general pause hear to. If you’re no longer in the mood for Siri’s first advice, announcing “play something varied” will switch genres while remaining within your general tastes. It’s a terribly noteworthy technique to position a matter to new tune, and Alexa is nowhere cease to as true at it.

The put the HomePod Mini falls back a little bit of is in its abet for third-party companies and products. Issues own definitely unfolded a little bit of since the fresh HomePod became as soon as launched – most particularly in the addition of radio stations through TuneIn – but there’s silent to take into accounta good distance to switch. Spotify integration is high of the wishlist, and we’d furthermore want to gaze Tidal and Deezer there. BBC Sounds is a need to for the UK, too, as that you would possibly maybe’t at this time secure entry to BBC radio stations the usage of Siri commands. We’re announcing “Hey Siri, play BBC Radio 5 Live”, and the Mini begins taking part in Five-O by James. Or no longer it is miles a gorgeous song, but it absolutely’s no longer the Champions League soccer we had been after.

Apple is no longer less than taking steps in the merely direction – Pandora and Amazon Music will most definitely be added quickly – but there’s no guarantee that the service you need or already exercise will most definitely be added further down the line. Briefly, right here is silent a tool aimed at those already embedded in the Apple ecosystem: no longer most efficient pause you require an iOS tool to position up the HomePod Mini, you furthermore would possibly maybe maybe well also merely silent be a original consumer of pretty quite a lot of its companies and products, namely Apple Music, in recount to genuinely secure the most out of it.

That isn’t to issue that it’s no longer possible to play non-Apple Music tune on the HomePod Mini. AirPlay 2 integration system that audio can be despatched from myriad iOS apps, including Spotify and Tidal. The minute discipline there would possibly maybe be that AirPlay 2 works like Bluetooth, the usage of your iOS tool as a source, as an different of Chromecast, which uses your cellphone as a technique to govern tune that the speaker then streams straight from the cloud. There’s nothing namely evil with the AirPlay/Bluetooth attain, but it absolutely does own implications for sound quality and battery life.

Frequently switching between Siri and AirPlay can secure for a lovely disjointed consumer expertise, too. We are in a position to’t aid but feel that Apple would possibly maybe maybe well pause with a true HomePod app that integrates all readily available companies and products and makes all pronounce searchable and then combinable in queues, unparalleled in the system that Sonos has. Straight away, abet an eye on of the HomePod and HomePod Mini is built into the Dwelling app, but you’ll accumulate most efficient rudimentary controls for tune (play, live, quantity etc.) alongside a handful of settings.


(Image credit: Apple)

From the 2nd we birth taking part in tune, it’s certain that the HomePod Mini conveniently outperforms its dimension and mark. It goes unparalleled louder than expected – even 75 per cent quantity is louder than we imagine most of us will continually want to switch in a median-sized lounge. But, with out reference to how unparalleled you push it, the HomePod Mini never reveals any designate of rigidity. It’s orderly and restful at all volumes.

While a a lot bigger speaker, corresponding to the Amazon Echo, will perform deeper bass, the HomePod Mini doesn’t sound bass-gentle in its own merely. No doubt, it’s more solid and authoritative than a speaker this miniature has any merely to be, and its bass is seamlessly integrated into the final presentation. There’s magnificent overall tonal stability and consistency, with no frequencies over-exaggerated.

It’s rhythmic and pushed, too. We play Hole In The Earth by Deftones and the Mini delivers quite a lot of the requisite energy and urgency. There’s furthermore ample dynamic functionality to bring the song’s shifts from bass-led groove to swirling bridge and hammering crescendo. The quieter moments are properly aloof (and a total bunch audio system don’t pause aloof effectively), leaving the mutter commence for the following monumental hit.

Love the fresh HomePod, the Mini has an innate capability to secure to the core of a song, delivering it as faithfully as its stature permits. That’s a rare capability, namely for a dapper speaker at this mark. The performance from the brand new Amazon Echo merely isn’t as collaborating. It’s no longer as rapid or riding, and pretty quite a lot of that comes the general system down to it being less effectively tonally and rhythmically organised.

We switch to Lane 8’s Nothing You Can Declare and the bassline of the stripped-back song bubbles alongside with a improbable diploma of extension. The bass right here is presupposed to be pronounced, underpinning the song, but with out drowning out Lucy Stone’s vocals. That’s true how the HomePod delivers it. Every teach, from the electrical drums to the twinkling keyboard, is straightforward to focal level on and revel in, with nobody strand coming at the expense of any other.

Over all over again, the HomePod Mini impresses in its capability to bring the tune as supposed. The early beat from the kick drum is punchy with quite a lot of texture. You would possibly maybe maybe maybe be ready to mutter it’s a are residing instrument, incorporated alongside with the maraca to contrast the electronic outcomes of the song.

(Image credit: Apple)

What’s furthermore impressive about this offer is how effectively it’s projected. We play the the same song on the Amazon Echo and it’s as even though Stone is singing from a little bit of, spherical cell. The HomePod Mini initiatives sound and fills the mutter a lot more effectively, taking out itself as an object from the soundstage to a greater diploma. The presentation is constant from all spherical the room, too, with the Mini delivering on its promise of 360-diploma sound.

Playing the sparse, are residing recording of The Road soundtrack by Cut Cave and Warren Ellis, the HomePod Mini proves adept at presenting the magnificent crucial parts and low-diploma dynamics major to bring the raw emotion of the song. This diploma of nuance is terribly rare at this diploma.

Saying, “Hey Siri, play something varied”, affords up Paolo Nutini’s Coming Up Easy and, with out reference to the HomePod Mini no longer being as outright bassy as bigger audio system, there’s silent an expert fullness to Nutini’s deny, alongside with quite a lot of texture, ardour and dynamic drift. Getting voices merely at this diploma is exhausting, but the Mini manages it marvellously.

Finally, we exercise the Dwelling app to mix two HomePod Minis in a stereo pair. This predictably makes for a unparalleled bigger, more solid and extra space-filling sound. Bass weight is increased and the Mini’s general qualities when it involves punch, readability, dynamism and tonal stability are most efficient improved by the pairing. There’s in actuality no downside to increasing a stereo pair.


While Apple took some time to originate its first dapper speaker, the HomePod became as soon as worth the wait. Certain it is taken even longer to originate a smaller, more affordable mannequin, but the HomePod Mini is, if anything, intention more impressive.

For a speaker this miniature and this cheap, its audio performance is startling. Naturally for a speaker of its dimension and mark, the HomePod Mini has its limits, but it absolutely pretty frankly embarrasses its disclose competition with the sophistication and maturity of its sound. It gets to the core of your tune, making certain all the issues it performs is collaborating and engaging.

It’s furthermore cheap ample to be bought in quantity, miniature ample to be placed in any room of the residence, encumbered with dapper talents and has an uncanny capability to introduce you to new tune you’ll like. All of which makes it a deeply impressive proposition indeed.


  • Sound 5
  • Capabilities 4
  • Produce 5


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