Apple’s pay services and products explained and straight forward programs to acquire and swap payment programs

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What’s the adaptation between Apple Card, Apple Money and masses others.? And Apple splits payment in multiple areas, every so steadily making it not easy to trace down


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As allotment of its digital services and products, Apple offer diversified payment programs that you just’ll seemingly be succesful of be succesful of use at its beget retailer to boot to other on-line outlets and third-social gathering creep-in outlets. It goes to be complex to form out what manner applies where. Here’s the rundown to allow you to establish where to sprint and what to swap, as wished.

Apple’s payment varieties

Apple has various diversified Apple-branded services and products, payment programs, and gift playing cards. It’s a shockingly long listing, and what Apple presents varies by the nation through which you receive bills or appreciate a financial institution account.

Apple Pay. Apple Pay lets you add credit ranking and debit playing cards for touchless payment in retail areas and a entire lot of forms of on-line payment. You would favor a machine with Touch ID or Face ID in an effort to add playing cards, and can sync them securely by iCloud amongst your devices. A Mac with out a T2 security chip can depend to a cell machine to use Apple Pay as effectively. (Apple has a listing of through which worldwide locations Apple Pay is offered.)

Apple Card. The Apple-branded Mastercard bank card works take care of every other cost card, however it absolutely’s managed fully from the Wallet app in iOS or iPadOS.


Apple Money will seemingly be dilapidated to pay for a entire lot of forms of Apple items and services and products, to boot to person-to-person transactions.

Apple Money. Apple Money is a person-to-person payment machine to boot to a manner to receive cash rebates from an Apple Card. It’s technically a Glimpse community debit card at the support of the scenes. You may per chance well use Apple Money to pay for some forms of Apple objects. Or not it’s accessible fully in the U.S.

Apple Legend. This isn’t a card, however it absolutely’s a balance you’ll seemingly be succesful of be succesful of use for any digital retract. It appears in plenty of areas, including all of Apple’s digital storefronts.


The Apple Retailer Reward Card lets in fully retail purchases, on-line or in person.

Apple Retailer Reward Card. You may per chance well retract or receive gift credit ranking on an Apple Retailer Reward Card, which will seemingly be redeemed at an Apple retail retailer, whether or not in person or for on-line purchases—however not for any digital items. In the event you swap in Apple products for cash, Apple provides it in the develop of 1 of these playing cards. The balance doesn’t sign up digitally any place however on your Wallet, which it’s retained and accessible for use in person or by the Apple Retailer app.

App Retailer & iTunes Reward Card. For app, media, and subscription purchases, including iCloud storage, this card can carry a balance. As soon as redeemed, the balance is added to and appears in all of your stores—App Retailer, iTunes, Music, and Books—as allotment of your Apple Legend balance.


The Apple Reward Card is well-liked and will seemingly be topped up.

Apple Reward Card. In the event you thought that was once it, I’m very sorry. It is not. In the US fully, Apple offered the Apple Reward Card in July 2020. It’s a popular gift card that will seemingly be utilized in direction of retail purchases and digital ones. It goes to be topped off with additional credit ranking, allowing you to give items and add to it or receive items folks can add to. When the balance is transferred to your Apple Legend balance for digital purchases, it may per chance maybe per chance maybe maybe not be dilapidated for retail ones.

The assign to acquire and swap payment programs

Those are all of Apple’s programs of storing and offering payment, however where manufacture you acquire them? Hundreds areas, turns out.

Apple splits retail purchases and iCloud storage into one pile, and App Retailer and media purchases (including in-app purchases and in-app subscriptions) into one other. That’s helpful for those of us with two Apple IDs for legacy or other causes, or who use one non-public account for iCloud and one other for non-public and Family Sharing purposes.

(Confusingly, subscriptions to Apple Music, Recordsdata+, TV+, and other services and products will seemingly be made with either of those forms of Apple ID associations. In the event you repeatedly withhold two Apple IDs strictly separated for iCloud and digital purchases, you received’t amble afoul of that disclose, nonetheless.)

To sum up the following, listed below are the areas for all of your payment manner management:

  • In iOS and iPadOS, you’ll seemingly be succesful of be succesful of use Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay, the Wallet app, Settings > account title > Payment & Shipping, and Settings > account title > Media & Purchases.

  • In macOS, you rely on the Apple ID desire pane’s Payment & Shipping tab (Catalina and later) or the iCloud desire pane’s Legend Tiny print > Payment tab (Mojave and earlier), and the App Retailer, iTunes, Books, Music, and TV apps.

  • On the Apple ID Web draw, log into your account, and watch the Payment & Shipping draw.

Here’s a extra detailed study at every of those payment areas:

iOS/iPadOS Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. Apple lets you put together the total playing cards you may per chance well seemingly additionally just appreciate got stored with Apple Pay, to boot to look at Apple Money and Apple Card balances, and bring up particular files about every those forms of accounts. You may per chance well additionally ponder a card to use for transit through which worldwide locations that give a enhance to Negate Transit—where you’ll seemingly be succesful of pay without Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode—and self-discipline varied defaults.


In a digital-purchases payment draw, you put together programs dilapidated for App Retailer and media purchases.

Wallet app. In iOS and iPadOS, the Wallet app finds Apple Retailer Playing cards stored price, to boot to revealing transaction little print and other files about your Apple Money balance, Apple Card balance, and other credit ranking and debit playing cards. You may per chance well’t make a choice up changes here.

iOS/iPadOS iCloud-connected payments. In iOS or iPadOS, sprint to Settings > account title > Payment & Shipping to withhold watch over little print connected with iCloud-connected payments. Your Apple Money balance is proven here and an Apple Card if accessible. You may per chance well add additional payment programs, too. Balances and a transport address listed below are dilapidated for Apple retail purchases, however additionally for iCloud storage prices (if any) and for subscriptions linked to your iCloud account.

In macOS Catalina and later, here is expose in the Apple ID desire pane’s Apple ID and click on on Payment & Shipping. In Mojave and earlier, sprint to the iCloud desire pane, click on Legend Tiny print, and click on on Payment. macOS exhibits fully the major payment manner and balances on your Apple Money (definite) and Apple Card (damaging) accounts. You may per chance well additionally watch this files at the Apple ID Web draw will appreciate to you log in with the connected Apple ID and study below Payment & Shipping.


macOS lets you overview, however not swap, payment programs, in System Preferences.

Nonetheless, you’ll seemingly be succesful of be succesful of’t make a choice up changes excluding to your transport address and nation for purchases in macOS or at the Apple ID Web draw. As an alternate, or not it’s a must appreciate to use the App Retailer or one other Apple digital retailer app—problematic in case you may per chance well seemingly additionally just appreciate got two Apple IDs, as famend above. If that is the case, iOS and iPadOS is the fully manner to withhold watch over iCloud-connected payment.

App Retailer and media payments. Apple has a separate draw in iOS and iPadOS for retract programs connected with digital purchases. Traipse to Settings > account title > Media & Purchases > Manage Payments to stare an nearly identical watch because the Payment & Shipping tab above. Nevertheless sign that it exhibits an Apple Legend balance, not Apple Money (if accessible).

In macOS, use the App Retailer, iTunes, Books, Music, or TV apps to swap digital-connected retract programs. Reckoning on the app, ponder Legend > Inspect My Legend or Retailer > Inspect My Legend and click on on Inspect Recordsdata. The Apple ID Summary draw exhibits payment files and lets you management payment programs.

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