Call of Duty: Warzone Nov. 9 patch notes add personal BR fits

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Call of Duty: In style Battle and Warzone are getting their final patch sooner than the release of Gloomy Ops Wintry Battle, and unsurprisingly it’s mild on changes. Out of doorways of about a quality-of-existence updates and some malicious program fixes, the largest change is the addition of personal Warzone fits so that you just and your friends can hang Verdansk all to yourselves.

Warzone’s contemporary personal fits will allow gamers to originate lobbies and play with simplest the individuals they invite. On the opposite hand, there is a minimal participant count to originate every match, since there’s simplest so worthy server condo to cross round. Every of the three Non-public modes has its personal participant requirement:

  • Fight Royale — 50 gamers minimal
  • Plunder — 30 gamers minimal
  • Mini Fight Royale — 24 gamers minimal

Every battle royale and Plunder will allow gamers to play with squad variations in the event that they desire more gamers in every squad.

While right here is the final spacious patch sooner than Gloomy Ops Wintry Battle’s release, Warzone and In style Battle obtained’t hyperlink up to the most recent Call of Duty entry unless December, when all three video games originate their first blended season.

For a leer at the entire lot that modified in this patch, it’s doubtless you’ll test out the burly patch notes.

Call of Duty: Warzone and In style Battle Nov. 9 patch notes

Playlist Updates

In style Battle

  • Ground Battle
  • Gunfight
  • TDM Snipers Only
  • Hardpoint Hills and Kills
  • Cargo 24/7
  • Shoot Dwelling 24/7


  • BR Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads
  • Plunder Trios

Non-public Warzone

We’re excited to launch a beta model of Non-public Warzone fits! This requires totally different participant counts to originate the match and we’ve three modes accessible:

  • BR – 50 gamers required to originate (additionally has squad variations)
  • Plunder – 30 gamers required to originate (additionally has squad variations)
  • Mini BR – 24 gamers required

Total Fixes

  • Fix for a malicious program where, when reviving a fallen teammate as the round ends in Survival, users can change into caught in third particular person
  • Mounted an plan back where some gamers were seeing the error code: “HK:s=373408m=54293536: 10635584”
  • Fix for the Gaz Operator plan back where gamers are unable to entire the most predominant draw in the Season 4 Gaz Operator Bundle Mission “hang 3 Gulag fights as Gaz”
  • Fix for an plan back where officer challenges 90 – 100 were resetting after completion, combating gamers from getting the final Season 6 Mark
  • Within the Safehouse Finale of SP, at the Killstreak Chopper checkpoint, when the usage of the zoom button the digital camera will zoom internal and outside
  • Gamers the usage of the Juggernaut is no longer going to hear the drilling audio when hit by the Phlembotomizer throwing knife. This has been fixed
  • Mounted a malicious program where the participant would possibly perchance hang the Spotter Scope develop when no longer ADSing with it by choosing up 2 weapons whereas looking with the scope
  • Mounted a malicious program where helicopters would possibly perchance trip and waft in the air after progressing in Survival
  • Fixes to inspire prevent gamers from going AFK in Gunfight
  • LMGs, Sniper Rifles, and Marksmen Rifles will now rotate as meant in Gunfight
  • Fix for an plan back where gamers that die ethical sooner than an HQ is disabled and investigate cross-test the burly killcam develop no longer spawn in as meant


  • M4 Tombstone: Fix for a malicious program where at the side of the .458 SOCOM or the 9mm Para 32-Round Mags gets rid of them from the weapon model
  • Tracer Pack: Sakura Edition- Maruyama – The dynamic icon appears to hang a minor gap between the barrel and body of the weapon when the Compensator is equipped on the FTAC 13.5” Compact barrel. This has been fixed


  • To inspire with patch sizes and disk condo, high-resolution textures will now be downloaded whereas playing, the usage of On-Rely on Textures Streaming:
  • On-Rely on Textures Streaming is found in the Alternatives, below the Graphics tab and in the Minute print & Textures half.
  • It’ll simplest kick-in for users playing with Texture Decision position to High.
  • It streams textures for Operators and Weapons.
  • It is doubtless you’ll perchance perchance spend a watch on the day-to-day texture streaming restrict and the dimension of your cache
  • It is doubtless you’ll perchance perchance be taught more about Texture Streaming HERE
  • Fix for a malicious program where a Top rate particular person with simplest Warzone set in, can spend out a trial on a MP plan, which would possibly perchance consequence in a wreck
  • Fix for a malicious program where PC gamers were ready to make a desire a customized loadout in Snipers Only
  • Fixes for an plan back where some Activision story names were being applied to fully different profiles in the friends listing
  • Survival mode now has its personal DLC kit. To access Survival, a participant has to set up every Special Ops and Survival


  • Fixes to inspire battle towards weapon corruption whereas in Spectator mode
  • The gas from the Gasoline Grenade can now and again vague or totally veil gamers from thermal scopes
  • Mounted an exploit shut to the Lozoff Pass Metro Role
  • Armored Royale: Mounted a malicious program where losing a truck redeployment flare into the provider entrance of the subway can motive the truck to parachute underground
  • While in Plunder, gamers parachutes will now auto deploy to inspire prevent towards exploits
  • Fix for an exploit with the Durable Gasoline Masks
  • Mounted an audio malicious program where no overheat audio used to be playing when the usage of the minigun on the helicopter
  • When the participant is the usage of Bumper Ping as their button layout, the participant would possibly perchance perchance no longer be ready to interchange between the Gasoline Grenade and EMP Blast, leading to them simplest ready to exhaust the gas grenade. This has been fixed
  • When sitting in passenger seat of a helicopter and the usage of the minigun, priming a lethal whereas concurrently switching seats will damage the gamers viewmodel. This has been fixed
  • Fix for a malicious program where gamers are unable to equip totally different Battle Tracks after selecting “Random”
  • Removed Juggernauts from Bunker puzzles

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