Chromecast with Google TV vs. Roku Streaming Stick+ vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

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$50 looks to be a magic imprint on the planet of streaming media gadgets. It’s what Roku prices for a Streaming Stick+, it’s the value that Amazon asks for a Fire TV Stick 4K, and as of as of late, it’s what Google prices for its contemporary Chromecast with Google TV instrument.

So if every of these streamers prices the identical, how hang you capture which one is resplendent for you? With extra that unites these items than separates them, the reply will almost definitely be in the principle points, so let’s capture a deep dive and test where every streamer’s strengths and weaknesses are.



Roku and Amazon use on the realm of identical HDMI stick designs for his or her streamers. You net the “stick,” which plugs into an on hand HDMI port for your TV, a MicroUSB cable for energy (which in the Roku’s case additionally doubles as its wireless transmitter module), a energy adapter in case your TV doesn’t indulge in a free USB port, and a advise-enabled a ways flung support watch over.

Google’s Chromecast with Google TV follows a a runt bit completely different methodology that puts the streamer on the ruin of a flexible HDMI cable. It’s a tad bulkier than the stick fashion, but it indubitably has two advantages: It’s more uncomplicated to run into a TV’s HDMI port in instances where you want to be capable of indulge in already got other cables plugged into the different ports (or where a TV is designed such that there’s no physical room to indulge in a stick poking straight out of a port). And on myth of it sits farther away from the TV chassis, which can trigger Wi-Fi interference, it could maybe journey a stronger wireless connection.

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K comes with an HDMI extender cable to support deal with both of these components, but the Roku Streaming Stick+ does no longer. Roku claims that having its wireless transmitter in the energy cable as an different of the stick, bigger than compensates for any wireless concerns. But you want to indulge in to search out it tough to install it with out procuring your indulge in HDMI extender.

In the ruin, we don’t think there’s a lot to suggest one hang over one more.

Winner: Design

Distant controls

Caleb Denison/Digital Trends

As soon as again, the similarities between these gadgets are most important. They’re all relating to the identical dimension and weight, all powered by non-rechargeable batteries, and all hang the next buttons:

  • Energy (for the streamer and your TV)
  • Volume up/down/mute (to your TV, soundbar, or A/V receiver)
  • Navigation buttons (D-pad) with central OK button
  • House
  • Encourage
  • Mutter net entry to by technique of the microphone

But while you survey carefully, Google looks to indulge in taken a simplified methodology to the Chromecast with Google TV’s a ways flung, which doesn’t hang devoted buttons for:

  • Play/cease
  • Immediate forward/rewind

Both the Roku and Amazon remotes indulge in these buttons, and Roku, which has essentially the most buttons of all three remotes, additionally throws in four shortcut buttons for affirm streaming carrier apps appreciate Netflix and Disney+, and an instantaneous replay button which zaps you support 20 seconds whereas looking at any video.

Google’s a ways flung can silent raise out the identical different of capabilities (apart from instantaneous replay) by giving some buttons bigger than one feature. As an illustration, the central OK button inside the D-pad becomes the play/cease button whereas looking at a video. Likewise for the left and resplendent D-pad buttons, which present fast forward/rewind.

There’s absolute self belief that Google’s methodology yields a smaller, extra gleaming a ways flung, but we’re silent very partial to Roku’s single-motive buttons, which assemble running the Streaming Stick+ a proper no-brainer for a entire lot of folk.

Winner: Roku

Rating entry to to jabber

On the surface, this category could per chance indulge in to belong to Roku. Because the oldest streaming platform, the corporate has gathered an magnificent array of streaming products and providers (which are added to the instrument as downloadable “channels”) and its channel retailer contains the entirety from the largest names appreciate Netflix and Disney+ to the smallest, micro-targeted offerings from religious teams and hobbyists.

It’s additionally residence to the Roku Channel, an glorious helpful resource with out cost, ad-supported jabber as successfully as a easy methodology to narrate for your subscription products and providers into a single interface. Roku’s fresh addition of larger than 115 free reside TV streaming channels makes this a lot extra compelling.

If it were purely relating to the different of on hand jabber sources, Roku wins. But for a entire lot of folk, it’s an 80/20 (or per chance 99/1) rule, where 80% of the streaming jabber they wish to look comes from 20% of the on hand channels. Given this, if any monumental names are no longer present an explanation for on a streaming platform, that’s great.

HBO Max, for example, silent isn’t on hand on Roku or Amazon Fire TV. NBCUniversal’s Peacock used to be handiest added to Roku no longer too long ago after the two companies settled differences that had been ongoing since Peacock’s launch earlier in 2020, nonetheless, it’s silent absent from the Fire TV catalog.

Google’s Android TV platform (which the Chromecast uses for jabber apps) looks to be mostly immune from these forms of concerns, but in the previous, it has been something of an afterthought for developers. As an illustration, it took years for Hulu to update its Android TV app to assemble it successfully matched with Hulu + Are residing TV.

We’re awarding this one to Roku, on the energy of the dimensions of its channel catalog and its unbelievable Roku Channel. But when the corporate leads to extra standoffs with jabber suppliers that result in the incapacity of Roku customers to inch from monumental-title products and providers, we’ll revise this portion.

Winner: Roku

Make stronger for audio and video formats


All three streaming gadgets will reinforce 4K dedication at as a lot as 60 fps. But their reinforce for high dynamic fluctuate (HDR) formats and stepped forward audio formats can vary considerably.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ can reinforce HDR10, and it lets streaming apps passthrough Dolby Atmos. But it indubitably can’t offer better-quality HDR formats appreciate HDR10+ or Dolby Imaginative and prescient, and it doesn’t reinforce HLG. Passthrough reinforce for Atmos is suitable in that in case you want to be capable of indulge in an Atmos-capable TV, soundbar, or A/V receiver, apps can ship an audio bitstream to those gadgets, which can then use that to enable you to hear Dolby Atmos sound. The bid is that some apps, most seriously Netflix, received’t enable Atmos passthrough.

The Fire TV Stick 4K looks to be the winner, with all four flavors of HDR onboard: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Imaginative and prescient, plus the flexibility to completely decode Dolby Atmos. But, for causes now we indulge in got yet to interrogate, Netflix additionally denies the Fire TV Stick 4K net entry to to Dolby Atmos soundtracks, forcing it as an different to make use of Dolby 5.1.

It’s a linked myth for Google’s Chromecast with Google TV: Gorgeous reinforce for HDR formats (HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Imaginative and prescient) and Dolby Atmos. On the opposite hand, on this case, Dolby Atmos is passthrough-handiest, correct appreciate the Roku.

Provided that Dolby Atmos reinforce is expounded on all three gadgets, it comes the total fashion down to video formats. Technically, the Fire TV Stick 4K could per chance indulge in to comprehend on myth of it has reinforce for HLG as successfully as to the different HDR flavors, but we’re no longer optimistic that’s ample to expose victory. We’ll fence-sit down a runt right here and verbalize…

Winner: Tie between Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and Google Chromecast with Google TV

Reveal material discovery and ease of use


Roku’s search has all the time been top-notch, and we haven’t any doubt that could proceed to the case. But on the present time, with millions of motion photos and presentations at our fingertips, looking isn’t essentially the valid methodology to search out something to look.

That’s why both Google TV and Amazon’s contemporary Fire TV interface survey appreciate promising improvements for our capability to interrogate contemporary jabber. Both offer a curated test of all of your apps, channels, and subscriptions, and Google TV has even integrated YouTube TV (for those who subscribe to that carrier) to blur the lines between what’s on-quiz and what’s reside even extra.

We’re eager for making an strive them both, but till we hang, it looks to be like appreciate it’s as soon as extra a tie between Google and Amazon.

Winner: Tie between Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and Google Chromecast with Google TV

Reveal material casting, video games, and extra aspects

There’s loads occurring right here, so let’s spoil it down:

Roku Streaming Stick+

  • Personal listening mode and video show mirroring by technique of the Roku app
  • Apple Glimpse integration
  • Resort and dorm room connect for easy use whereas touring
  • Take care of minded with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for trim speaker support watch over
  • Design shut out cell apps on Android can cast to Roku, and this could occasionally also lengthen to Apple gadgets when AirPlay 2 is added by technique of Roku OS 9.4

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

  • Take care of minded with Amazon’s Luna subscription gaming carrier
  • Alexa built-in for support watch over of trim residence gadgets
  • No longer necessary Ethernet adapter
  • Join to headphones or recreation controllers by technique of Bluetooth

Google Chromecast with Google TV

  • Casting of jabber from Android or iOS gadgets
  • Join to equipment by technique of Bluetooth
  • Make stronger for Google’s Stadia subscription gaming carrier coming in 2021
  • Google Assistant built-in for support watch over of trim residence gadgets

We suspect that so long as you’re no longer a gamer, Roku’s sequence of considerate extras assemble it the winner. But, there’s no denying that Google and Amazon’s integration of both their advise-based mostly entirely mostly assistants and gaming products and providers could per chance assemble them the upper different for folk who’re already invested in no doubt this kind of ecosystems.

The Fire TV Stick 4K’s non-necessary Ethernet adapter could per chance seal the deal for those with dejected Wi-Fi, but that’s presumably a itsy-bitsy minority on the present time.

Yeah, this one’s going to be decided by you, no longer us.

Winner: Design


Were you hoping for a easy dedication right here? Possibly some fatal flaw that could per chance presumably capture a minimal of no doubt this kind of streaming items off the table?

Sadly, that’s no longer the case this time around, but it indubitably’s for the valid imaginable motive: Roku, Amazon, and Google indulge in all created big 4K streaming media gadgets at a imprint that most of us will net very honest.

But we’re no longer going to head away you stuck with your streaming instrument dedication with out a runt bit recommendation. If stepped forward HDR formats appreciate Dolby Imaginative and prescient and HDR10+ topic to you, whether or no longer on myth of you merely wish to assemble essentially the most of your TV’s abilities, otherwise you’re correct a total video nerd, you would also capture the Roku Streaming Stick+ off your listing, a minimal of till Roku releases a contemporary version that has this capability.

At that level, it’s going to be all about Google vs. Amazon. If that’s the case, and also you don’t thoughts ready a runt bit longer, deal with off for your dedication till we can publish our in-depth review of the Chromecast with Google TV, and we can are trying out Amazon’s contemporary Fire TV interface. These evaluations will seemingly support your dedication loads.

But when gaming and stepped forward HDR don’t assign a smile for your face, we predict you would also’t rush infamous with Roku’s Streaming Stick+. It will almost definitely be the oldest of the three gadgets, but it indubitably’s silent an unbelievable runt streamer without a doubt one of the most valid interfaces we’ve ever weak.

One thing extra…

Though we didn’t encompass it on this comparability, it’s value noting that the TiVo Movement 4K is additionally $50 and shares heaps of attributes with the contemporary Chromecast. It’s powered by Android TV, it has a practical a ways flung support watch over, and it has reinforce for stepped forward HDR and Dolby Atmos.

As soon as you’re a Sling TV client, it makes a lot extra sense as a streaming instrument on myth of TiVo has tightly integrated Sling’s reside TV streaming channels into the Movement 4K’s predominant app — which implies it’s the Sling equal of the YouTube TV integration into the contemporary Chromecast.

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