Corsair K100 RGB Review

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Manufacturer: Corsair

UK label (as reviewed): MSRP £229.99 (inc. VAT)

US label (as reviewed): MSRP $229.99 (exc. tax)

Nearly nine years since Corsair made a magnificent entry into the keyboard market, the firm is at closing willing to commence the usage of three-digit product names. The K100 RGB is every the fruits of all Corsair’s expertise in this field up to now and a originate platform for two fresh applied sciences: Corsair Axon, an Arm-primarily primarily based solely SoC enabling a 4,000Hz polling fee and storage of multiple profiles with complex lighting fixtures effects carried out by the keyboard itself, and Corsair OPX, an queer fresh linear mechanical swap with optical actuation constructed by [REDACTED] and that incorporates a 1mm actuation point, 3.2mm lumber, and 45g actuation power.

Decidedly flagship, the K100 RGB is entirely unashamed of its $230 / £230 set aside, no question a instruct swipe at rival Razer and its BlackWidow V3 Professional. Whereas the latter aspects HyperSpeed wi-fi connectivity and is talked about to hold ‘hyper-responsive’ inputs, the K100 RGB is a wired keyboard with Axon Hyper-Processing and ‘hyper-lickety-split’ switches. Whereas the respective marketing and marketing and marketing teams give themselves hypertension hunting for fresh hype words, let’s ogle if the K100 RGB is definitely price the… fuss.

Plucked from the field, the K100 RGB is a weighty, fats-dimension(+) keyboard. The necessary keys are all customary-sized, but a monetary institution of six devoted macro keys extend the width, and particular-characteristic keys and wheels add extra height. The footprint (470mm x 166mm) is therefore on the broad side – it’s chunky, but now not excessively so.

The mix of a brushed aluminium top plate and raised keycaps is a hold that’s stood the take a look at of time through every attractiveness and make quality. The metallic is thick and makes the 1.28kg K100 RGB very sturdy, and the anodised brushed pause oozes class.

The plastic coarse aspects cable channels and is solid. It’s also adorned with broad rubber pads for grip, and the rubber-tipped hind legs are securely connected.

Pleasingly, Corsair hasn’t decrease corners through the keycaps both. The necessary keycaps are all double-shot PBT, and the rather textured, top fee feel of those is something ABS staunch can now not match. They’re also extra sturdy and obtained’t go or originate intellectual over time.

The keycaps for the macro keys are two-tone ABS. They give gamers extra efficiency (though virtually every varied secret’s programmable too), but be warned it at all times takes a minute of getting worn to their presence – it’ll be frequent to hit them by likelihood before the entirety when searching out the Ctrl or Shift keys. Fortunately, they’re varied in form and texture to the necessary keys, but it have to serene rob a while to adjust, and keys recognize this are now not to my model.

Supreme keycaps are nothing without correct switches, and here they sit on top of a collection aside-fresh swap: Corsair OPX combines a mechanical circulate with optical actuation. Sadly, Corsair obtained’t repeat its OEM on these, and for now, simplest linear switches are being announced and launched; no observe yet on whether there’ll likely be varied variations.

The switches hold a spoiled-fashioned keycap mount for fats compatibility with aftermarket keycaps designed for Cherry MX switches. As it’s pressed, it interrupts a beam of infrared light after ~1mm, sending a mark that actuates the swap. This then resets as soon as the plunger lifts excessive ample for the light connection to re-assign itself (actuation and reset points are identical). Right here’s extremely low actuation point designed for glide, and the total lumber of 3.2mm is also low, again for the sake of glide.

When compared to Cherry MX Crawl switches (which the K100 is also on hand with), Corsair’s switches are 0.2mm shorter on every measurements, and every hold the identical actuation power of 45g. Corsair reckons every OPX swap is guaranteed for 150-million clicks, but at this point that particular person metric is popping into a willy-waving contest.

I stumbled on the OPX switches very handsome to use. I’m already keen on light, linear switches (though now not as considerable as tactile), so I’m preconditioned to recognize their circulate, but nonetheless I think Corsair and its OEM hold done a solid job. The circulate might be very refined, and while I’m able to’t snarl that I seen letters appearing on display hide hide sooner than ever or in-game actions seeming a technique or the opposite sooner, I enjoyed the short lumber loads, and actions in frequent elevate out feel lickety-split and responsive. The most fundamental circulate is consistent across the field as effectively, and the stability of the keycaps might be very handsome.

Corsair OPX switches also characteristic a transparent housing to serve disperse light from the RGB LED. To ensure that that maximum illumination of the head fragment of keycaps, a cutout methodology there’s nothing between the LED and the keycap flooring. Right here’s honest fundamental for double-shot PBT caps, as their thickness can procure lights dimmer. As it stands, the lighting fixtures quality on this keyboard is noteworthy and the brightness ample, and essentially the most uncomplicated obvious low-light symbols are the decrease secondary ones on the numpad.

You also a 44-zone LED strip (‘LightEdge’) spherical the exterior of the keyboard (11 zones on both side, 22 along the rear edge), and as with the total varied lighting fixtures, this is likely to be customised the usage of hardware or tool.

The signature metallic quantity wheel makes a welcome return with its textured flooring and gentle roll. Tucked next to it’s miles a proper silent key and staunch south are four media keys. Technically, these are all programmable while you occur to’d moderately attach them more than just a few capabilities.

Corsair has also added a 2nd wheel within the head-left, again made of metallic and noteworthy quality, and here the circulate is evenly notched for suggestions. Its characteristic is also programmable – it’s miles likely to be worn for brightness, scrolling, zooming, and additional, and the central button is worn to swap it between varied modes (and I think essentially the most uncomplicated key that can now not be reassigned). It’s also flanked by a profile button on the left and a Windows lock key to the staunch.

Between the 2 wheels is a bid with an RGB Corsair logo within the centre and indicator lights to the left (macro recording, machine silent, and Windows lock) and to the staunch (caps, scroll, and quantity locks).

You also safe a single inch-through port, positioned staunch next to the thick braided cable, which terminates in two USB Kind-A connectors. When I be taught that these essential to be connected to USB 3.0 ports, I notion, ‘Hooray – at closing, a USB 3.0 inch-through port!’. Alas, it’s miles restricted to the USB 2.0 spec – lustrous for peripherals but much less so for external storage. Corsair says that to procure it USB 3.0 would hold necessitated a shorter and thicker cable to meet spec. For my fragment, I’d be lustrous with that for a fats-glide inch-through, but perchance I’m within the minority there? For me, the keyboard labored over USB 2.0 too, but Corsair says the advice is USB 3.0 at the least as there are scenarios the assign the USB 2.0 most recent just isn’t ample.

I’m an infinite fan of the wrist relaxation accompanying the keyboard. Two hinged tabs procure slotting it in easy, and the magnets that right it are strong. It has rubber on the underside for added grip too. It’s also generously sized and intensely happy, catering to fingers effectively with a rather textured flooring atop heaps of memory foam. It might be my favourite wrist relaxation ever. On the opposite hand…

…I elevate out hold one irksome whisper with it. I use every keyboard with the legs flicked out for a steeper typing perspective. Doing this focuses extra of the K100’s weight to the entrance of the keyboard, applying barely ample stress at the joint to seize the entrance of the wrist relaxation rather a ways off from the desk while you occur to’re now not resting on it. This methodology every time I device back to the keyboard, there’s a thud because the wrist relaxation is pushed backtrack onto the desk without warning. It’s a minor element, but it in actuality began to harass me with the consistency, and it took field on every solid wood and a extra cushioned desk mat. I’m told it in a roundabout draw settles after time, but it variety of spoils the preliminary expertise. I executed up the usage of a rigorously placed wedge of paper to counteract the pause. Perchance some HyperPaper will deserve to were included within the accessories.

As a replace, the accessories are rounded out with a keycap puller for replace/cleansing responsibilities as effectively as 10 more than just a few keycaps (six for MOBA, four for FPS). These are frequent in Corsair keyboards and are again ABS two-tone forms with extra curvature and a textured flooring to procure them extra obvious.

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