Cosmonauts prep suppose keep of residing for module eliminating on spacewalk out of novel airlock

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Cosmonaut Sergey Ryzhikov, Expedition 64 commander, is seen at the scandalous of the Poisk mini-study module for the length of a Nov. 18, 2020 spacewalk outdoors the Global Dwelling Articulate that inaugurated the utilization of Poisk as an airlock.

(Image: © NASA TV)

Two cosmonauts opened a novel door to the outdoors of the Global Dwelling Articulate while getting willing for the change of a two-decade-feeble Russian docking compartment.

Sergey Ryzhikov, commander of the suppose keep of residing’s Expedition 64 crew, and flight engineer Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, every of the Russian federal suppose agency Roscosmos, began a 6-hour, 48-minute spacewalk on Wednesday (Nov. 18), by inaugurating the utilization of the Poisk module as an airlock. Beforehand, Poisk (Russian for “Search”) — typically diagnosed because the Mini Learn Module-2 or MRM-2 — had been mature supreme as a port for crewed Soyuz and robotic Progress cargo spacecraft to dock at the suppose keep of residing.

The spacewalk (extravehicular job, or EVA) began at 10: 12 a.m. EST (1512 GMT) with the principle opening of Poisk’s airlock hatch. The spacesuited cosmonauts, composed within the module, then closed the hatch and partly repressurized Poisk to study that the seals on the never-ahead of-mature doorway believe been airtight.

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Cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov (at high, with crimson stripes) and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov work outdoors the Poisk mini-study module for the length of their first spacewalk performed outdoors of the Global Dwelling Articulate on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020. (Image credit ranking: NASA TV)

With that confirmed, Ryzhikov and Kud-Sverchkov then returned Poisk aid all the style down to a vacuum and opened its hatch any other time, this time to work outdoors of the keep of residing.

“Successfully, congratulations, you’re going to also very wisely be out!” Ryzhikov suggested Kud-Sverchkov, who was the principle to exit Poisk about an hour after the spacewalk began. Every cosmonauts believe been making their first EVA.

The spacewalk’s major focus was the relocation of a telemetry cable from the adjacent Pirs docking compartment to Poisk. Launched in 2001, the Pirs (Russian for “Pier”) module is attributable to be separated from the keep of residing and deorbited by a Progress cargo automobile in 2021, clearing the style for the addition of the “Nauka” (in Russian “Science”) Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM) rapidly thereafter.

The Pirs compartment was beforehand mature by 44 pairs of spacewalkers because the principle airlock on the Russian section of the suppose keep of residing ahead of the transition to the utilization of Poisk on Wednesday.

The relocated cable, which helps the Transit-B radio telemetry gadget mature to relay communications for the length of spacewalks, was first keep in by cosmonauts Vladimir Dezhurov and Mikhail Tyurin for the length of the principle EVA to make relate of Pirs on Oct. 8, 2001. It was moved on Wednesday from the interface between the Zvezda carrier module and the Pirs docking compartment to the interface between the Zvezda and the Poisk MRM-2.

Cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov (at left) and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov return a pressurized container with a fluid float regulator to the Poisk mini-study module for the length of a spacewalk outdoors the Global Dwelling Articulate on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020.  (Image credit ranking: NASA TV)

As wisely as to animated the cable, Ryzhikov and Kud-Sverchkov also attempted to change a fluid regulator on the outdoors of the Zarya carrier module. The arrangement had been in enviornment since the module was launched 22 years and two days ago on Nov. 20, 1998.

The novel regulator, which would believe improved the float of fluids by the plumbing gadget of the module, was brought outdoors the keep of residing in a pressurized container, and the cosmonauts believe been unable to free a toddle to obtain it launch. After an hour of attempting, they believe been suggested by mission adjust to desert the set up.

Ryzhikov and Kud-Sverchkov believe been a success in retrieving and installing hardware mature to measure suppose debris impacts, and so they repositioned an instrument that is mature to measure the residue from thruster firings.

The spacewalk ended with Ryzhikov and Kud-Sverchkov re-entering Poisk and closing its hatch at 5: 00 p.m. EST (2200 GMT). NASA astronaut Kate Rubins, an Expedition 64 flight engineer, helped the cosmonauts obtain willing for and wrap up the EVA from within the keep of residing.

Ryzhikov, as extravehicular crew member 1 (EV1) for the EVA, wore a Russian Orlan spacesuit with crimson stripes. Kud-Sverchkov, as EV2, wore a swimsuit with blue stripes. Even supposing the principle for every males, this spacewalk was the 47th Russian EVA in enhance of the assembly and repairs of the Global Dwelling Articulate since 2001.

Overall, it was the 232nd spacewalk in enhance of the suppose keep of residing and the eighth completed this 365 days.

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