DoorDash salaries revealed: How famous its workers develop

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DoorDash Chief Of us Officer Sarah Wagener.


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  • DoorDash is sooner or later going public.
  • In the supply firm’s IPO paperwork, DoorDash CEO Tony Xu wrote that workers had been its “supreme aggressive profit.” But are they paid as such?
  • To discover, Industry Insider dug into files on workers’ salaries by looking at disclosures made via the H-1B visa program.
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DoorDash on Friday released its submitting to head public, which revealed a mutter in industry and vexed losses for the length of the coronavirus pandemic as more other folk confined to their houses ordered in restaurant meals.

And while quite a lot of startups mentioned they had been forced to lessen jobs to stretch their working budgets earlier this 365 days, the supply unicorn, last valued by its interior most investors at $16 billion, has been hiring nonstop. It lists 217 openings at its San Francisco headquarters, where most of its corporate jobs are. DoorDash’s team bigger than doubled to 2,600 workers from the terminate of 2018 to the terminate of 2019.

That does no longer encompass the hundreds of supply drivers who’re no longer on its corporate payroll and labeled as neutral contractors. As a consequence of they are no longer workers, the firm is no longer actually required to give them the benefits that fat-time employee receive, luxuriate in minimum wage, paid spoil day, and medical health insurance — an exemption that changed into as soon as bolstered with the passage of a California pollmeasure this month.

In the firm’s S-1 submitting, Doordash CEO Tony Xu wrote that workers had been its “supreme aggressive profit.”

So we did some digging to search out out in the event that they are compensated as such. And the short solution appears to be like to be yes. Our research reveals that workers across technical and industry roles can search files from six-resolve salaries.

The US Office of Foreign Labor Certification requires companies to uncover compensation for permanent and non permanent workers from out of doors the US to develop drag the companies usually are not paying them no longer up to the moderate wage earned by their peers. DoorDash’s federal filings give a sense of how famous the firm pays for some roles.

Industry Insider went via files released in 2020. That is salary knowledge totally and would not encompass assorted compensation, and a extensive selection of these white-collar workers can search files from stock awards, the CEO mentioned.

“Love the complications we resolve, working at DoorDash is no longer easy,” Xu wrote in the firm’s prospectus. “We now luxuriate in stretch dreams and we expand them when we beat these dreams, constantly elevating the bar. To foster this ownership mentality, we predict about in the bid of equity as a extremely famous phase of our employee compensation.”

When there had been a pair of jobs with the identical title, we included a salary differ.

Procure a gawk at how famous DoorDash’s fat-time workers develop.

DoorDash paid an engineering manager $275,000 and a instrument engineer $250,000.

DoorDash CEO Tony Xu.

Mike Blake/Reuters

Nearly your complete roles that DoorDash filled from in a international country interested instrument engineering, which is no longer actually shocking because DoorDash is at its coronary heart a tech firm.

Tool-engineering roles comprised 30 of the 39 roles in the dataset.

Every one of these had been for instrument engineers of unspecified enviornment of abilities, that design they had been simply called a instrument engineer, so we fabricate no longer know precisely what roughly work changed into as soon as interested, be it infrastructure, ad products, or mapping.

Engineering manager: $240,000 to $275,000

Senior instrument engineer: $220,000

Tool engineer: $106,000 to $250,000 (median: $169,479)

DoorDash paid a senior controls engineer $220,000.

The bulk of DoorDash workers are no longer workers at all.


Just a few of these high-paying instrument-engineering roles had titles that equipped moderately better descriptions of what the jobs entail.

Senior controls engineer: $168,958 to $220,000

Security engineer: $210,000

Autonomy instrument engineer: $195,000

Tool engineer, front terminate: $144,040 to $181,000

Senior Salesforce administrator: $150,000

DoorDash paid a machine-discovering out-instrument engineer $200,000.

DoorDash at a meals pageant in Los Angeles.

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Photos

DoorDash additionally hires a extensive selection of specialists in files science, synthetic intelligence, and machine discovering out. It has dozens of such roles initiate now.

Tool engineer, machine discovering out: $200,000

Knowledge scientist: $155,000 to $170,000

DoorDash paid a product manager $221,000.

DoorDash released its submitting to head public.

SOPA Photos / Getty Photos

Plus, DoorDash is hiring for a expansive collection of industry roles. Its hires from in a international country give a top into what these of us can search files from to be paid.

Product manager: $163,000 to $221,000

Technical program manager: $200,000

Industry-intelligence manager: $190,000

Senior manager, original supply devices: $180,000

Operations research scientist: $174,000

Earnings-tax manager: $165,000

Senior manager, original supply devices: $165,000

Story executive: $70,230 to $80,230

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