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Casual Fortnite fans would possibly well no longer learn about all of the nuances of the game’s plotline. On its surface, Fortnite seems take care of little bigger than a cartoony Battle Royale game. The distance that’s spanned three years of the game’s lifecycle is at probability of be quite a bit to digest for unique or informal players.

Dedicated players know that there’s a ton going on in the again of the scenes, alternatively. In actuality, there’s hours worth of train material on YouTube dedicated to decoding the subtleties of the Fortnite storyline – continuously updating and altering with every occasion.

Anecdote is conscious of this and is intentional with what they teach their fans and what they miss. To boot they establish traps for theorists, giving the crimson herrings that somehow consequence in wearisome ends.

That’s what we’re specializing in, here; the cases when Anecdote tricked Fortnite players into pondering something would occur when it wouldn’t. Right here are 5 cases that Fortnite ticked their player inappropriate.

1. Heroes vs. Villains

Longtime Fortnite players know that Chapter 2 Season 4 isn’t the first time that heroes made their formulation into the game. Chapter 1 Season 4 had the identical theme – albeit without the Marvel crossover.

Most fans assumed that the theme of the season become “Heroes vs. Villains.” When the season ended, alternatively, we discovered out that the Battle Dawdle characters had been no doubt a ingredient of a movie – no longer heroes and villains in genuine existence. This become all a distraction whereas the Visitor establish his thought in hurry.

No longer only did this crimson herring lead theorists down the circulate path for the season, however the theme led us to take into consideration that The Visitor become tainted – something that wouldn’t gain cleared up for but every other six seasons.

2. Tilted Towers Destruction

The destruction of Tilted Towers become rumored to expend space nearly every season of Chapter 1. When the Visitor’s rocket first took off, it headed in the present day for Tilted earlier than rift-leaping into the sky. From that point forward, fans assumed that every replace would lift the destruction of Tilted Towers with it.

Season after season, Titled stayed standing – place for one building all thru the POI that kept getting destroyed. When Tilted finally did gain destroyed at the head of Season 8, the building that become continuously below development become the simply one that stayed standing.

3. Fortnite X It 2

When It 2 came out in September of ultimate yr, crimson balloons began popping up all over the Fortnite plan. This become correct after the Fortnite X Stranger Things crossover, so fans assumed that It become coming next. We even saw leaks surrounding Pennywise and conceivable divulge tracks.

Unfortunately, none of that ever came into the game. The crimson balloons putting out of sewers had been all that we bought. We don’t know if this become deliberately misleading or if something happened between the studio and Anecdote, however the Fortnite X It 2 crossover by no device came to fruition.

4. The Crashed Astronaut

Within the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Dawdle, one of the crucial characters looked slightly out of space with the theme. Sonia, an astronaut, looked take care of she belonged in the Chapter 1 Season 3 Battle Dawdle in space of in Chapter 2.

Later on in the season, when the water level began to decrease, we discovered Sonia’s ship with but every other astronaut inside of. Gamers had been ready to pause a mission to gain the ship again in the sky, but that become the final we saw of this extraordinary customer.

It would possibly well be too rapidly to call this a Fortnite crimson herring, but we haven’t seen anything else occur with this astronaut. For now, it seems take care of Anecdote had been misleading us, here.

5. Ghost and Shadow Struggle

Great take care of the theme of the heroes and villains in Chapter 1 Season 4, the Chapter 2 Season 2 theme strongly misled players as to the establish issues had been going. Gamers assumed that there become an enormous war brewing between Ghost and Shadow, and that the Chaos Agent and Midas had been the leaders of it.

After we heard that Midas become working on a Doomsday Procedure, we assumed that this might possibly occasionally well be his retaliation in opposition to Shadow. That they had taken over many of the vital POIs, without reference to the whole lot. When the Doomsday Procedure went off, alternatively, we realized that Midas become combating in opposition to the storm and the creators of the simulation. The war with Shadow become only a front.

To in the in the intervening time, we don’t know the actual plan of Midas. The final we saw, he become eaten by a shark at the starting establish of Season 3. One part’s for definite, although: the Ghost vs. Shadow war become nothing bigger than a distraction.

There had been various moments of trickery right thru the seasons of Fortnite, but these had been primarily the most jarring ones. Some honorable mentions consist of The sad helicopters from Chapter 1, along with the Enforcers – who by no device no doubt did anything else when they bought here.

Anecdote Video games is taking half in a subtle game with their plotline. As players and theorists, we don’t know what’s valuable and what’s a crimson herring. We restful comprise quite a bit to repeat inside of the memoir of Fortnite, but protect an peek out for wearisome ends.

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