First Shuffle: 2021 Santa Cruz Bullit

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Santa Cruz’s Heckler used to be the trace’s first foray into the e-bike market and took about a other folks all of sudden absolute top 10 months within the past. Closing week it used to be joined by a quick ride model with the mullet remedy, a change that originated with Loris Vergier, chief puzzler and man of many bike noises. His requests for a MX wheel idea on the DH bike sparked Santa Cruz’s designers to deem applying this to their e-bikes.

Where the Heckler had extra of a level of interest on agility and a playful personality, or no longer it is all any other time with the Syndicate that Santa Cruz took inspiration for his or her new e-bike, the Bullit, and sought to inject the no-limits personality that runs deep within the veins of a DH bike.

Bullit Microscopic print

• MX wheel size – 29″ front 27.5″ rear

• Carbon fibre composite mainframe and rear triangle with aluminum links

• 170mm front and rear ride

• Shimano EP8 drive machine

• 630Wh removable battery

• Sizes M – XXL

• Lifetime warranty, lifetime bearing replacement

• €7,699 to €11,699 or $7,499 USD to $11,499

Popping out swinging and in a position to brawl, the Bullit revives one other legendary Santa Cruz establish and packs a 170mm real hook with a immense wheel up front for self belief and composure at trot, and a smaller rear wheel to manufacture the Bullit dance real thru the ring, and corners, with ease and sprite.

It be no longer lawful the brand new Bullit physique, however the total spec of the bike that Santa Cruz focussed on to bring a motorbike that they train reminds of a paunchy-on DH bike but climbs to the tip of the hill with none distress. We had two stunning days of riding in, around and over the Swiss-French border, lawful after the lifts had shut, to buy a more in-depth sight at the Bullit and peep if Santa Cruz had certainly captured that brutish personality and if it would leave us describing the bike with lawful KA-KA-KA-esque noises.

Frame & Pressure Machine Microscopic print

First off, it looks to be like savor, properly, a Santa Cruz. With the trace one-by-one transferring nearly all their bikes over to the same layout in most up-to-date years it is far no longer forever in actuality a lot of a surprise to sight them recount this layout and physique originate for the Bullit. And with true arrangement, because the decrease hyperlink driven shock offers a true foundation for the suspension curves whereas preserving so a lot of the mass of the bike low and centered. It leaves room for water bottles interior the predominant physique on all sizes, and makes the bike unmistakably a Santa Cruz from 100 yards amongst the sea of tons of alternatives available. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, and Santa Cruz appear to hold stumbled on their waft with this layout and physique building.

The Bullit may per chance well lead to many a reader reminiscing to when the Bullit used to be within the Santa Cruz line-up, if truth be told from 1998 the total intention to 2011, as a single pivot freeride bike. As with the Heckler, Santa Cruz hold revived the establish for his or her new bike. Vivid how laborious it is far to intention up with a brand new establish for a motorbike, to no longer train trademark it, or no longer it is moderately artful of Santa Cruz to revive the aged names that they potentially already hold and give the brand new bike some in-built heritage to boot.

The Bullit is Santa Cruz’s preferrred and burliest e-bike with 170mm ride front and rear and it makes recount of Shimano’s EP8 drive machine.

The 630Wh Shimano battery is housed within the down tube with get hold of entry to to it by plan of the quilt and the utilization of a hex key. Alternatively, the bike may per chance well additionally be charged with the battery in location by plan of the price level down on the non-drive facet lawful in front of the motor. The on button for the bike is also situated down on this space, lawful below the shock, chopping down on the length of wires running real thru the physique.

All cables are internally routed, with absolute top a temporary span real thru the shock between the predominant physique and rear triangle. All over the predominant physique the cables are all zip tied into the down tube to buy them in location and aloof. The tons of sections within the mainframe recount moulded tubes to manual the cables.

Santa Cruz also has their very hold Di2 handlebar that hides the drive machine cables from the level to to the motor. It be also obtainable aftermarket in an 800mm width and 35mm diameter clamp with 25mm and 35mm upward push alternatives.

The Bullit is absolute top obtainable in a CC carbon fiber possibility – there may be no longer any decrease priced physique possibility at the second. Santa Cruz hold cleverly stashed the total bearings within the aluminum links to lead certain of the need for bearing seats within the composite physique parts. All these bearings are a part of the lifetime bearing replacement programme, and your total physique comes with a lifetime warranty for some severe peace of solutions. Added to that, Santa Cruz also ensures a minimal of 10 years of cramped parts availability.

The physique has many cramped parts and crucial aspects that are properly idea out. There may be intensive, aloof and properly secured physique protection on both the underside of the down tube belly and interior the rear triangle real thru the chain slap areas. It makes recount of SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger and there may be a fender protruding out from the seat tube to present protection to the shock from particles and dust.

All sizes and versions of the Bullit recount the MX wheel idea with a 29″ front wheel and 27.5″ rear to buy revenue of the ruin up in inch characteristics between the 2 wheel sizes. The larger front wheel giving better front conclude traction and roll over with a quicker responding smaller rear wheel with extra trouser clearance.

Geometry, Sizing & Suspension

The Bullit is obtainable in sizes M to XXL spanning 450mm to 515mm attain all paired to a 449mm chain conclude. There may be a 64° head attitude and an effective seat attitude hovering real thru the 77° tag with the M size having a contact steeper seat tube than the XXL.

BB high to the floor is 348mm with a 6.5mm or 25.5mm descend from the front and rear axles respectively. That BB high dimension being potentially the one to overview when having a sight at MX, or mullet, bikes. Apparently, the Bullit forgoes the adjustability seen on tons of Santa Cruz bikes and has absolute top one location for the shock and rear axle.

The Bullit makes recount of the same tried and examined layout from the tons of bikes within the vary with a four-bar machine the utilization of two quick counter rotating links. The shock is driven off the decrease hyperlink and the total links are noticeably longer to present smoother altering suspension curves within the 170mm ride.

Santa Cruz train the Bullit’s leverage ratios are innovative sufficient to dawdle a coil shock but composed linear sufficient to be true with an air shock, something that is mirrored within the spec of the bikes, with the coil and air versions of the RockShox Mountainous Deluxe being alternatives. All these alternatives recount a bearing eyelet on the shock at the decrease hyperlink conclude where there may be extra rotation.

Alternate choices, Designate & Availability

The Bullit is absolute top obtainable within the CC carbon fiber physique possibility and in Gloss Lavender and Matte Copper coloration alternatives. One hides the muck in actuality properly and the tons of with out a doubt stands out within the crowd. It be obtainable in make alternatives starting from the Bullit R, thru Bullit S and Bullit XT to the vary topping Bullit X01 Reserve.

Bikes are specced with a Fox 38 for the most part, with the Bullit R the utilization of a Zeb, up front and a RockShox Mountainous Deluxe shock within the rear, with the R and S fashions being air absolute top and the XT and X01 Reserve alternatives having the additional possibility to spec a coil shock.

A good contact, and person that presentations the arrangement of the bike, is the spec of 2.5″ Double Down Maxxis tires on the total bikes leaving you to absolute top pump the tires up and inch must you get hold of the bike. There may be an Assegai up front in 3C Maxx Grip and a Minion DHR II out abet with 3C Maxx Terra.

A great deal of good touches embody the Burgtec stems and axles and Peaty’s tubeless valves to raise out off the in any other case faultless builds. SRAM builds characteristic a 220mm rotor up front and 200mm out abet. Shimano builds dawdle with dual 203mm rotors.

The Bullit S, XT and X01 Reserve recount the Shimano EP8 (EP800) drive machine, whereas the Bullit R makes recount of the E7000 machine. The Bullit R and S both recount the E7000 level to with the XT and X01 Reserve builds the utilization of the EM800 level to.

Bullit CC R – Shimano E7000 drive unit and level to, RockShox Zeb fork and Mountainous Deluxe Identify out shock, SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain and Recordsdata RE brakes, SDG Tellis dropper. Wheels TBC – €7.699 or $7,499 USD

Bullit CC S – Shimano EP800 drive unit and E7000 level to, Fox 38 Performance fork and RockShox Mountainous Deluxe Identify out+ shock, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain and Code R brakes, SDG Tellis dropper. Wheels TBC – €9,099 or $8,899 USD

Bullit CC XT – Shimano EP800 drive unit and level to, Fox 38 Performance Elite fork and RockShox Mountainous Deluxe Identify out+ shock, Shimano XT 12-trot drivetrain and brakes, Fox Switch Performance Elite dropper and Plod Face ARC Offset wheels – €9,699 or $9,499 USD

Bullit CC X01 Reserve – Shimano EP800 drive unit and level to, Fox 38 Manufacturing facility fork and RockShox Mountainous Deluxe Final shock, SRAM X01 drivetrain and Code RSC brakes, Fox Switch Manufacturing facility dropper and Reserve wheels with DH rear and 30 front – €11,699 or $11,499 USD

Shuffle Impressions

At 188cm astronomical and with some gangly fingers I took the XL bike and felt moderately chuffed on it, both standing and seated. I may per chance well need also taken the L size, with its 20mm shorter attain, for something that can very properly be maneuvered with much less effort, but composed stumbled on the XL to be a pleasant combination of maneuverability and composure. It be no longer regularly that I derive myself in a position to raise out this in bike sizing and each other folks is also clearly on a single size moderately than spanning two. So or no longer it is true to buy into yarn your total bike and its designed personality must you may per chance well per chance be deciding on sizing, no longer lawful having a sight at the on-paper geometry.

For the bike’s launch we spent two days riding all manner of known and far much less known trails real thru the Portes du Soleil resorts of Morzine, Les Gets, Champéry and Crosets. With the lifts having closed absolute top the week earlier than the mountain sides were a stark disagreement to the bustling trails that are standard with the easy lifts abet to the tip.

Over the 2 days we clocked up lawful stupefied of 90km of riding and 4300m hiking, with our guides doing an professional job of heading off as a lot tarmac as imaginable and allowing us to check the capabilities of the Bullit no longer absolute top on the downs, but additionally on technical ups. The wet autumn used to be in paunchy swing and with us happily no longer being rained on whereas riding, the trails were positively on the tantalizing facet of damp.

With absolute top a moderately speedy setup of pressures and a temporary bounce around within the auto park, the Bullit felt remarkably cushty from the get hold of plod. When standing, you may per chance well per chance be already in a chuffed location that results in you riding the bike with limited aware idea to asserting a true riding location. You are forever in it. So too must you may per chance well per chance be seated, and the prolonged days within the saddle were met all any other time with comfort. I stumbled on that there used to be a true window to transfer my weight around with the fee and exaggeration that is considerable to buy traction on the rear wheel whereas hiking seemingly no longer attainable grades and turns.

On the vogue down the bike in actuality does hold the flavour of a DH bike. I’m no longer going to claim it is far one, because the limits of a DH bike composed far surpass something else else. But there may be positively that flavour of composure there and the actions and aggression considerable to transfer the bike around recount that theme. It is seemingly you’ll per chance well per chance passenger the bike in expose for you, with out it running away from you, but where’s the fun in that?

Grabbing it and being a pilot results in a rewarding inch that eggs you on to lean the bike and push laborious. It be an addictive inch and person that used to be no longer as soon as phased by any of the challenges we threw at it. Many of these were on my home trails that I’ve ridden a bunch on tons of bikes and tons of extra riding blind at the abet of surely one of many Syndicate or Santa Cruz staff. In all these eventualities the bike used to be fetch sufficient to price and reacted splendidly when knowledgeable what to raise out.

Presumably the greatest downside I stumbled on used to be the very noisy EP8 motor, or extra particularly the freehub machine between the chainring and the motor. When below strength the freehub is engaged and so runs silently. But when coasting and at decrease speeds, that don’t place a question to of most of your concentration, the rattling is amplified by the voluminous carbon physique and is the excellent sound on the bike. No longer an discipline with the Bullit per train then, but composed something price noting.

The the leisure of the EP8 machine is a aloof joy to recount and goes quietly about its job. We spent most of our time within the Path mode, which regarded as if it would with out grief meter out lawful the supreme amount of torque for the obtainable grip. That grip did depend closely on how you positioned your weight on the saddle and where the saddle used to be positioned within the ride of the dropper. Only the absolute nastiest of climbs considerable an nearly slammed seat, Boost mode and a few severe physique language to manufacture it to the tip. But these were ridiculously steep, damp and root filled climbs that I on the total inch within the reverse course. We were lucky sufficient to hold no longer absolute top our human batteries but our bike’s recharged at lunch, and even about a older Shimano programs within the riding community that confirmed lawful how a lot bigger the vary is on the brand new EP8 drive machine. For the times you will must place extra effort into your legs the Eco mode works properly, however the large thing is that you may per chance well per chance alter the assistance within the modes by plan of the E-Tube Project app to manufacture them cater extra to your personal wants.

The the leisure of the bike on our XT make used to be faultless. It be in actuality good to sight non-plus rubber on an e-bike and in actuality speaks volumes (ha) in regards to the bike’s intentions. The drivetrain and brakes never skipped a beat over the 2 days, nonetheless it is far also true to sight how they fare after a a lot-prolonged season of riding and grinding within the mud, seriously with the added torque and mass to the bike. And the good ending touches from the likes of Burgtec and Peaty’s hide a true attention to detail and that no stone used to be left unturned when speccing the bike.

Using home on the second day I regarded real down to plan shut I may per chance well well forgotten that I wasn’t on my hold personal bike, and confirmed me lawful how properly I may per chance well well gotten on with the Bullit. It is miles a bunch of bike, but for the terrain around the Alps and endless tons of aggressive terrain on the earth that demands extra ride and composure from a motorbike, the Bullit is a formidable bike. So spectacular that I used to be moderately bummed to must hand it abet after the 2 days. Presumably we are in a position to sneak abet over the border and get hold of one for a prolonged-period of time check to sight if the honeymoon period is a temporary or prolonged lived one.

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