Get Traffic:7 ways to increase website traffic

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The word “Traffic” in the context of websites means “website traffic“, which usually refers to the number of people who visit a website in a given period (for example, a day of the week or a month). However, a distinction must be made between the number of unique surfers who enter the site and the total number of surfers.

For example, the total traffic to the site for a week may have been 20,000 people, but 2,000 of them were repeat visitors. In this case, it is common to say that 18,000 unique visitors (Unique Visitors) came to the site.

When using Google Analytics (which is the most popular traffic metering system today), total traffic is under “visits” while the number of unique surfers is under “users”.


So how to increase website traffic?
In order to increase website traffic – you need to understand something in principle beforehand.

Increasing website traffic has always been an important goal, as we want as many surfers as possible to come to us to buy a product, rent our services or read news and be exposed to ads.

Unfortunately, in recent years quite a few sites have started to lose traffic in favor of social networks and major shopping sites such as Amazon. This is because many surfers prefer to visit one central place where they can find all the information they want. Even news sites have not been immune to these changes, and today it turns out that more and more surfers are consuming their news through Facebook or Twitter.


The difference between quality traffic and low quality traffic

When we want to drive traffic to our site, the goal is to make it as targeted as possible. For example, if we are lawyers who specialize in criminal cases, there is no point in attracting people to the site who need a civil lawsuit lawyer because almost none of them will contact us.

In order to do this and bring as much quality and accurate traffic as possible, we must use the different capabilities of each platform to bring traffic to the site as we will see immediately. There are several important metrics for assessing the quality of traffic that comes to a site, for example:

What percentage of people left the site after the first page
The average duration of each surfer’s visit
The average number of pages each surfer has seen
The ratio between the number of surfers who came to the site and the number of surfers who performed the desired action for us (conversion ratio)
Beyond being averages, it is also important to remember that the measurement itself is not 100% accurate and that different sites have different goals. For example, for a site based on ads, a high number of new surfers can actually be a positive sign.

How to bring quality traffic to the site?

Although many sites have lost quite a bit of traffic in recent years, the number of ways to bring in traffic has also become more diverse.

Of course, there are also ways to “buy” traffic to the site (not through advertising on Google or advertising on Facebook), but in this market the vast majority of methods are questionable and the chance of quality traffic is almost nil.

This purchased traffic usually comes from “farms” where surfers sit and enter sites or even automated (bot) robots that create automatic entries and mislead surfers who click on a link that leads them to a different site than they expected to receive. Many times the goal is to create an impression as if the site has a lot of traffic in attempts to attract advertisers or sell it, but even on these scams it is relatively easy to go up.


  • 1. Google ADS promotion
    Google-sponsored promotion is basically all the ads we see in the search engine itself or on other sites (the small i-sign shows that it is a Google ad). In this model, advertisers pay Google for every click on the ad, with each word they choose to target (keyword) having a slightly different price. The ads on the search pages have a minimum price to appear in the first place or the first page.The main benefit of sponsored promotion is getting immediate website traffic, which can be great for sites that are not yet getting traffic from other sources. On the other hand, sponsored promotion has no long-term effect because once you stop paying Google, the ads stop appearing as well.


  • 2. Organic promotion on Google
    Organic promotion on Google is probably the best-known channel that can increase traffic to a site, and in a significant way: the surfer searches for something on Google and clicks on the non-ad results.
    The big advantage of the organic channel is that it has a long-term effect, as the site rises in rankings over time (assuming you choose a good promotion company). While one should continue to invest in promotion, the traffic usually does not decrease very sharply if one stops promoting or moves to promote alone.The downside of organic promotion is the length of time you have to wait until you start seeing results, especially if a lot of sites are competing for the same niche.


  • 3. Facebook marketing / advertising
    Facebook can be a well-oiled machine for increasing website traffic, although Facebook is a hard nut to crack: although it can also bring organic traffic that comes from posts and does not cost money, but exposure from posts on business pages is quite low today and continues to decline (a few percent).In addition, Facebook does not really like to take surfers out of their home field, so posts that are redirected (for example, a reference to an article on your site) receive minimal exposure, especially if they do not interact at all (comments, shares, likes, etc.). In contrast, statuses that contain photos or videos (embedded in Facebook) gain significantly more exposure.In addition, most people who are active on Facebook and want to drive traffic to their site organically do so through group links or their personal profile, but these are methods that have other limitations such as group rules regarding pasting links or a limit of several thousand members per profile.For this reason, a great many advertisers turn to sponsored promotion. Facebook-sponsored promotion can bounce specific ads or posts to the torch of many surfers, and is also relatively targeted based on the surfers’ interests or their relationships with other surfers (easier to sell to a friend of someone who has already purchased a product). Facebook campaign management is also simple (relatively) compared to Google’s system.
    The big downside of Facebook is that it can not be targeted by keywords because this is not the way surfers use Facebook: Facebook tries to show the ads as soon as there is the greatest chance that surfers will click on it and according to its browsing history, but it does not always set a stamp. More passive compared to Google.



  • 4. Traffic Booster Services.
    Traffic Booster is a quality traffic exchange system.
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    Manual Traffic Exchange

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    Once you purchase a premium, traffic will start flowing to your website.
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    Traffic Exchange

    Start a regular browser session in order to visit other sites and earn points

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    Earn Revenue

    You can also earn revenue by visiting users sites by converting points into earnings

  • 5. Forums and Communities
    To the surfer, it seems that everyone is on Facebook, but there are still quite a few active forum sites in the country, especially the more professional forums on medicine, law, dealing with bureaucracy, etc.
    In addition, there are other social networks such as Quora (Q&A) and Reddit (discussions on any topic imaginable). These sites attract a lot of traffic so it is advisable to be active in them, especially if you are targeting the US market.
    On the other hand, here too the laying of links to your site should be smart because if you try to participate in discussions just to spread links, they will probably get on you very quickly and mark you as spammers or trolls.


  • 6. Buying media: Direct advertising on websites and buying advertising space / affiliate programs
    Along with the banners and image ads of Google and Facebook, buying direct advertising space on large sites is still a common practice. Here the targeting is quite high, and the advertiser pays for exposure (the price can be per thousand impressions or a monthly peak price), which means it is actually not limited to clicks.The downside here is that advertising budgets are quite high and it is common to buy packages of at least a few thousand exposures. In addition, many companies actually distribute the ads among sites within its network, so the advertiser sometimes has to share his profits with the advertiser (a model called an affiliate program).


  • 7. Branding and direct entries
    Sites that gain a lot of loyal surfers manage to bring in a steady flow of surfers who want to check out what’s new. Of course, you should always invest in the content and impression that the site creates, but here it is equally important to find ways to turn the site into a brand and not just another site you enter. .


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