Google Exploded ! SEO Industry Earthquake 2020 – Google Update was a bug and not a Core Update

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SEO from all over the world almost wrote down August 10th, 2020 as another major Google Update.
In fact, it was a bug from Google’s side, but let’s analyze what, why, how, and where it happened.

From a technical standpoint, it makes a lot of sense that glitches and bugs occur right now.
There was a big shift at the head of Google Search, only a couple of months ago.

We can imagine how people are moved around the Google Search company and how a transition period is never part of the workflow.

This video was a live stream I did, following the s*%t storm in the SEO industry. Google SERP did go crazy for a few hours, but the chatter was wild.
I would like to go live whenever something big is happening in the industry. So far, we only use the written word to share our thoughts about what’s going on. It could be on social media, forums, blogs, but there is nothing happening live on video.
We’ll see how it goes, but you can count on me to be there when everything goes crazy.

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