Handiest upgrades to present a boost to the sound of your file participant, starting up at free

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Make your records sound greater than ever

To get the most out of your file sequence, atmosphere up and sustaining your turntable is easy, and it costs next to nothing! 

Listed below are some instruments and programs to get you started, as well to some additional instruments upgrades for whereas it is possible you’ll well perchance furthermore be ready. 

Trace that CNET could well perchance furthermore get a fraction of earnings from the sale of the merchandise featured on these pages.

Stage your turntable

Designate: Free and up

Guaranteeing your turntable is stage is one among the most frequent steps of setup. You need to strive doing it by search, however a bubble stage is considerably greater. I’ve had small success with the free apps readily accessible on the App Retailer and Google Play, and found “analog” is considerably greater. As an instance, Amazon has a smartly-reviewed Diskeeper bullseye stage for five bucks (plus transport).

Upright pickle the stage in your platter and trip the turntable in yell that or no longer it is horizontal. If it doesn’t appreciate adjustable ft, spend coins or perchance a pad of submit-it notes (!) to get it correct.  


Steve Guttenberg/CNET

Neat your records with cleaning soap and water

Designate: Free

The finest hack here is furthermore the most cost-effective. Washing your records! All you wish is warm water, a squirt of dish cleaning soap and a lint-free glasses cleaner or your fingers (wash your hands first). Steer sure of the trace whereas it is possible you’ll well perchance, however the Audiophiliac says that he’s by no design had a trace fall off within the a few years he’s been doing it. Rinse with unusual water whereas it is possible you’ll well perchance furthermore be carried out, then lean it someplace super to dry.

Whereas it is possible you’ll no longer are looking out to super your records on every play, or no longer it is priceless to achieve it every couple of years, and seriously at any time whereas you grasp a 2d-hand file.

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Alignment protractor

Designate: Free and up

An alignment protractor makes sure that the stylus inside your cartridge is aligned with the groove. With out it, it is possible you’ll well perchance furthermore abilities inside groove distortion or a lopsided stereo image as the stylus favors one facet over the the different. 

If your turntable has a group apart headshell that screws or plugs straight away into your turntable’s tonearm, it is possible you’ll well perchance be ready to skip this step. Otherwise it is possible you’ll well perchance need one among those. 

You need to score free alignment protractors here and here, or steal up the adorable turntable mat above for $18.


Designate: $10 and up

Soundless taking half in your turntable on the floor? Get a desk! The Ikea Lack costs spherical 10 bucks, and it offers a sturdy (sufficient) execrable to connect your participant on.

Stylus gauge

Designate: $12

You form no longer need to exhaust $100 or even $50 on a stylus gauge. Amazon has a total slew of digital stylus gauges for spherical $12

Put apart the gauge in your turntable platter, set apart apart the stylus on the pad, then alter the counterweight to dial within the goal weight. Your turntable’s book must mute detail how mighty “tracking force” to note (in most cases measured in grams).

Narrative brush

Designate: $10-$20 

One of the important finest and most effective ways to withhold your records at their most effective is to grasp a file-cleaning brush. The goal recently upgraded Audioquest Anti Static Brush ($20) spirits away dirt through carbon fibers and static using gold contacts within the take care of.


Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Narrative clamp

Designate: $30

Palms up whereas you’ve no no longer up to 1 warped file in your sequence. The Clearaudio Luminous Clamp makes spend of friction to withhold your file on the platter combating it from slipping and producing that “wow” sound. And the clamp places no additional strain in your turntable’s motor, unlike file weights. 


Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Get those records off the floor

Designate: $40

The Ikea Kallax offers four compartments which are perfectly sized to suit your vinyl records (this could occasionally well perchance furthermore withhold roughly 200 albums). There is furthermore house for a turntable on high.

Crawl Neat LP washer

Designate: $80

When you happen to could well perchance furthermore be procuring for frail records or cherry-picking older family’ LP collections, this file-cleaning machine would be a mountainous chance. 


Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Substitute the stylus (needle)

Designate: varies

If your turntable is sounding pretty of boring with an absence of excessive-quit (cymbals) in particular, it could well perchance both be that or no longer it is no longer residence up effectively, or even it wants a recent stylus. 

Most turntables let you replace the needle with out needing to come relieve the total unit. Test your handbook for the name of the replacement phase. Even in case your turntable is basically mature, there are regularly third-occasion choices for the most standard objects. Are trying LP Instruments.

Funds turntable

Designate: $100 and up

Ready for a recent turntable? A recent model can no longer finest give you greater sound however in most cases greater sides, along side a line-stage out or even even USB connectivity. Put out of your mind Crosley — the Audio Technica AT LP60 is our budget steal at $100.

$200 at Amazon

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Assist your cartridge

Designate: $100 and up

A assorted cartridge is a mountainous solution to strive a recent sound with out having to grasp a total recent desk. But of the total tweaks or no longer it is furthermore the one most fraught with hassle: Headshell wires are gentle and or no longer it is straightforward to fling them off. Now not assured? It be worth paying somebody to achieve it for you. 

The Goldring E3 is the high of the company’s entry-stage series and offers a cozy, very balanced sound.

The Sumiko Olympia ($199) is phase of a recent differ of cartridges for the company, and like the Goldring, it lets you present a boost to to a wiser stylus by simply removing the stylus assembly (the golf green phase) — no instruments wished.  

Get a phono preamp

Designate: $100 and up

It could well well perchance no longer be glaring, however no longer all phono preamps are created equal. If your turntable has a switchable preamp enter or no longer it is worth experimenting with a wiser one. 

We had factual results with the $300 Cambridge Audio Alva Duo — greater dynamics and prolonged resolution over the phono enter on our amplifier. Whereas the headphone amp struggled using our Sennheiser HD6xx, the unit will likely be priceless getting over the cheaper Alva Solo whereas it is possible you’ll well perchance like a MC enter.

Alternatively, the $129 Schiit Mani is an cheap, smartly-reviewed chance. 


Designate: $100 and up

Fresh audio system or headphones are the greatest upgrades of all. There is so many different kinds that it is going to even be overwhelming, so strive CNET’s most effective headphones lists first. 

For the money, our recent trip-to is the Sennheiser x Massdrop HD 6XX ($220) which offers a supremely realistic and musical soundstage. It be furthermore mountainous with TV.

Headphone amp

Designate: $100 and up

Stepping up to a dedicated headphone amp design every part in some unspecified time in the future of the box is designed to make headphones sound greater. The Schiit Magni 3 headphone amp-stereo preamplifier is a adorable itsy-bitsy critter, and we appreciate heard it is going to pressure headphones corresponding to the Sennheiser HD 6xx with out enlighten. 

Assist your amp

Designate: $150 and up

Getting a stereo amplifier lets you join hi there-fi audio system, and this offers each greater sound and appropriate stereo separation. Most are pretty super however compact objects can furthermore be had.

The NAD D 3020 V2 seen here is an give a boost to to our accepted compact digital amp, and it now incorporates a phono enter! The flagship NAD M10 ($2,749) is even extra fun, however it is possible you’ll well perchance desire a phono amp for that.

Get a midrange ‘desk

Designate: $300 and up

Getting a midrange turntable affords you greater manufacture quality, greater sonics and the flexibility to present a boost to parts whereas it is possible you’ll well perchance furthermore be looking out to tweak. The $300 Fluance RT82 is a mountainous turntable offering unbelievable sides and sound quality for the money.

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Get a receiver

Designate $400 and up

If your design pulls double responsibility for TV and song, then steal into consideration getting a receiver. It would let you join other peripherals through HDMI and enable playback of the most contemporary digital formats and multiroom streaming.

The Onkyo TX-NR696 has a phono preamp and sounds mountainous. 

$599 at Adorama

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Excessive-quit desk

Designate: $1,000 and up

Stepping up to a elevated-quality turntable brings with it each improved sound and nicer aesthetics.  

Where does the “excessive-quit” delivery? Arguably or no longer it is on the $1K label, and one among the finest choices on the worth is the Rega Planar 3.

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