How to Make Money at Clickbank – 2020

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How to Make Money at Clickbank Affiliate

Most Internet marketers are well acquainted with Clickbank and those who are not, we will briefly talk about it: Clickbank-Clickbank is a company that sells digital products such as video and audio courses, ebooks and subscribers on various websites.
ClickBank had a very successful period that only started in all of its affiliate marketing and it pretty much dominated it in the early years.
The reason so many affiliates are enthusiastic about working with them is the fat commission that usually stands at fifty to eighty percent and its willingness to accept affiliates from all over the world. You sold an ebb for forty dollars, you got twenty-seven dollars commission. You sold a course for three hundred dollars, you received two hundred and ten dollars commission.
So far, it sounds great, you’ve sold a $ 30 monthly renewal subscription that gets you $ 20, and you’ve received two hundred and forty dollars in the coming year. So why are we talking about them in the past tense?

Because clickbank products are harder to sell today than they were 10 years ago. This is due to several reasons:

Everything can be obtained online today for free. You can download movies, songs and entire courses that were ripped from a click bank at the click of a button. Today’s surfers also understand much more about the topic of pirate downloads.

Clickbank products came out with an image of junk products.
Many affiliates have nailed the products in every possible hole and every successful product has created dozens of imitations that were the same product under a different name, only with minor changes of language, syntax and synonyms.
The 2016  users     are less likely to buy information products and less likely to pay for ebooks. A lot of them prefer to study on organized course sites like Udemy, all of whose courses are subject to quality control and user review.

The competition in promoting each product is huge. You do not have exclusivity on any product.
It may very well be that you bring in quality user traffic, recommend it for a new and revolutionary product, but surfers will continue to look for material on the product and buy it with another affiliate link.

So you can’t make money from ClickBank in 2020?

You can, but need to know what to promote, how to promote and what to avoid.
The average path for a new Clickbank marketer looks like this:

The marketer subscribes to ClickBank, chooses a penis extension product that has a high gravity or any other dumb product, spends money on direct traffic, generates hundreds or thousands of clicks on the product, sells nothing, gets annoyed and calls ClickBank a “shit company with junk products”.

What is the difference between ClickBank and CPA companies?
Clickbank does not have a long approval process. You can choose a product and promote it right after you sign up. There is also a tracking system that will allow you to see real-time sales. There is no limit to the number of units you can sell per day and, unlike CPA offers, clickbank products you can sell in any country.

If you want to sign up you can do so here:

What are the benefits to the product owner if he pays such high fees?

First of all, his product is on the largest digital marketplace in the world. Affiliates from all over the globe, from countries you didn’t even know existed, can promote the product with a click of a button and the seller doesn’t have to worry about an affiliate program (affiliate marketing) or a clearing and selling mechanism.

Of course, if a seller reaches a few thousand dollars a day, he can retire from ClickBank and offer the product on a platform he built himself. But since the vast majority of products do not reach such impressive sales figures, it is best to stay with ClickBank.

Make $100+ Per Day From Clickbank In 2020 (Best Way)

Clickbank Dictionary:

Initial $ / sale – The average amount of money that affiliate earns from selling the product.Avg% / sale – The average percentage of sales that the affiliate receives as a commission.Grav – Gravity, the amount of affiliates that have sold the product in the last twelve weeks.Avg Rebill Total – The average amount of money that Affiliate earns on average from an additional charge from a customer who has already purchased a product. (Applicable to subscribers and products with Epsilements where product extensions or supplementary products are sold)Avg% / Rebill – The average percentage of the Rebill paid to the affiliate.

How to find a suitable product for promotion at Clickbank Clickbank?

This is the question of questions and the answer to it has changed over the years. Here are some things you should look for:

1 Low starting price with up to 3 additional Epsilons.

2 sales pages with videos and landing pages that feel like “natural and useful content”

3 products with good reviews on the net – at Clickbank it is common that if for any reason the customer is not satisfied, he can request and his money will be fully refunded to him. This means you will receive a refund. Good reviews also keep your email lists safe and prevent users from escaping.

4 Gravity Over 20 – You need clear proof that the page is really from Canberott (making money. Converter) If more than 20 affiliates have seen money from the product in the last twelve weeks, that’s a great sign.

To know which traffic source is converting well and which is not, it is advisable to add tracking ID to each link you create.

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