Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD evaluate: Pricey, however packed with choices

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It’s loads extra mower than most folk need, however whereas you happen to have the yard—and the pricetag range—for it, this beast delivers.


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  • Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD

Robotic lawnmowers have been spherical for added a decade, despite the truth that you just’d be critical-pressed to search out many in the wild—no longer on legend of owners plot shut to have a tendency to their lawns themselves, however for the reason that price stays a necessary barrier to entry. Even mid-fluctuate fashions price several thousand dollars, and Husqvarna’s excessive-discontinuance Automower 435X AWD is undoubtedly no exception. Priced at $5,200, this scamper-wherever mower costs extra than most excessive-discontinuance driving mowers that can attain extra than lawful cleave grass.

The suitable news is that you just’ll pick up what you paid for. Right here’s an prominent mower whose two-share originate and all-wheel pressure endows it with a tight turning radius to reach every corner of your yard. I let the Automower 435X AWD loose in my yard for a three-month take a look at and came away impressed. That acknowledged, this model—which is ready to autonomously mowing up to nine-tenths of an acre—is overkill for the scale of my property. If I were to purchase one, I’d perhaps have in solutions no doubt one of Husqvarna’s extra effective and less-pricey fashions, such because the Automower 315X.

Free set up is worth it

For folks that pay this great for a lawnmower, the producer must roll out the crimson carpet for you. And Husqvarna does. Eradicate no doubt one of its elevated-discontinuance fashions (the Automower 115H starts at $1,199) and you pick up educated set up as share of the deal. If you’d truly rather scamper it by myself, then again, I’ve heard of some purchasers who convinced the company to lawful ship the set up equipment to them.

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The Automower’s boundary and details wires must be hooked up to the charging dock and wants to be place in by a knowledgeable, which is included in the pricetag.

I don’t imply going the DIY route. Robotic mowers are very numerous from robot vacuums. You’ll must effect up an underground boundary wire encircling the house you wish the mower to dawdle, plus a guidewire that runs throughout the center of your garden to details the mower merit to its charging dock in the match it gets lost. You can elope the wire throughout your sidewalk and driveway whereas you happen to must, and you would possibly perhaps also route it spherical flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs. Nonetheless whereas you happen to abolish a mistake in this path of, the mower would possibly perhaps budge out of your yard or it couldn’t work in any recognize. Plus, the wire isn’t cheap whereas you happen to hurt it and must replace it.

So, let a knowledgeable attain the job. Husqvarna’s contractors have a undeniable instrument that robotically digs and buries the boundary cable, making this step easy for a pro. You’ll want to knowing the mower’s route sooner than the installer arrives, then again; we weak stake flags for this step. With that done, our installer changed into once ready to attain constructing our little suburban property in no longer up to an hour.

Fabricate and functionality

The Automower 435X AWD is a hulking beast, measuring 36.6 x 21.7 x 11.4 inches (LxWxH) and tipping the scales at a hefty 38 pounds. A graceful gray physique with outsized wheels and narrow LED headlights offers the mower a decidedly futuristic look. It appears to be like like a improper between a sports actions automobile and a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica.

Its effectively-organized size additionally attracts a ton of consideration. While I’m clear this model stands out loads less on a multi-acre property, it appeared fully extensive in our yard. For the length of the major week, I mediate we talked to extra of our neighbors than we had in the old 5 years we’ve lived right here.

Ed Oswald / IDG

The Husqvarna 435X AWD wants about 30 minutes to recharge its battery, after which it is going to mow for 100 minutes or so.

You would possibly perhaps perhaps also place a Bluetooth connection with the 435X and exercise Husqvarna’s Automower Join app to your smartphone to customize its settings. The mower additionally has a GPS navigation gadget onboard that knows where the perimeter and details wires are place in, after which robotically maps its route, so it received’t extinguish battery energy many cases overlaying the comparable house. If the mower is lifted up or pointers over, this can robotically shut off its cutting operation and sound a loud scare. If a thief smooth tries to abolish off with it, its GPS will note the mower’s feature and ship notifications of its plan to your smartphone.

The take a look at: A Mid-Atlantic summer season

The mower arrived from Husqvarna in July, for the length of essentially the most updated share of the yr. As you’d are expecting, our yard changed into once dormant attributable to hot temperatures and absence of rain. Nonetheless we did pick up about a wetter sessions, and since the grass began growing again, the yard’s look dramatically improved.

Husqvarna recommends you mow the grass to a low height sooner than set up and first exercise, which I did. Since the mower moves randomly to be certain that its wheels don’t roll over the comparable disaster steadily, your yard will peek terrible whereas you happen to let it loose on colossal grass. It’ll most efficient be cutting off the tops of your tallest blades of grass anyway; that’s the categorical draw to be certain that a healthy garden. What’s extra, the trimmings will quickly ruin down and return to the earth, feeding the residing grass. Over time, I concluded that a environment of 6 on the mower’s cutting-height dial changed into once finest for my garden. The dial has nine positions to produce a cutting-height fluctuate of 1.2 to 2.8 inches (in 1/8-lag increments).

Ed Oswald / IDG

You would possibly perhaps perhaps also program the mower the usage of this interface on the robot itself if your smartphone isn’t to hand (then again it’s great more straightforward to attain it with the app).

As I mentioned, the Automower 435X AWD makes exercise of its onboard GPS to arrangement out your yard, so that it turns into extra surroundings friendly whenever it mows (you would possibly perhaps also override this along with your dangle personalized settings whereas you happen to plot shut). Over time, the mower settled on splitting our garden into sections: two in the front half of and but every other two in the merit, mowing the larger areas extra steadily and the smaller areas less so.

Ed Oswald / IDG

Husqvarna’s Automower Join app offers you paunchy admire watch over over the mower, plus easy scheduling.

The mower had no disaster navigating any share of our yard, along side a despair where the old owner had eradicated a tree extra than 10 years ago. The 435X with out disaster moved out and in of this house—it is going to climb up to a 35-diploma incline—then again it lawful wasn’t cutting the garden there to my satisfaction, so we sooner or later filled the sunken house in. I’d imply you attain the comparable for any imperfections to your yard to be certain that the categorical cleave that you just would possibly perhaps also imagine.

The Automower 435X AWD can operate for roughly 100 minutes on a price, and it requires lawful 30 minutes to recharge (robotically returning to its charging defective when wanted). Nonetheless with a cutting width of lawful 8.4 inches—about one-third that of a frail stroll-leisurely mower—know that this can take longer than you would possibly perhaps are expecting to cleave your complete yard. It’s very quiet, though. Husqvarna rates it at lawful 62dB, and lets barely hear it operating above the ambient noise in our neighborhood.

The Automower 435X AWD changed into once a mostly disaster-free journey for me. The mower by no technique ventured out of doors its perimeter, though it did need boundary wires to stay out of choices in the yard. As with every mower, you’ll must create periodic upkeep, along side cleansing cleave grass from the underside of its deck.

The garden appeared a chunk rough after the major week, and we seen that some grass and weeds began to develop extra horizontally if the cutting height changed into once too excessive. Nonetheless our garden sooner or later took on a carpet-like look. And as time went by, we additionally seen how loads better the rest of the yard appeared—on legend of no longer having to mow freed us up to attain other gardening chores. We arguably have the categorical-making an strive yard on the block on the moment.


Husqvarna’s illustration shows how the mower navigates the house inside its boundary wire.

Dapper house ready

Husqvarna’s Automower Join app is extremely easy to make exercise of. You would possibly perhaps perhaps also admire watch over the mower remotely, sending open up, discontinuance, and park commands; glimpse where it is to your individual house and where it has been; adjust varied settings; and place a mowing agenda; all within about a faucets.

Husqvarna additionally helps Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and you would possibly perhaps also exercise IFTTT applets to join it to other tidy house devices. While it does have a “climate timer” characteristic designed to calibrate the mower’s working time with stipulations for grass yelp—mowing less in dry climate when the grass is growing extra slowly—the adjustments aren’t truly attributable to the climate. In its effect, the mower measures the resistance against its cutting floor. Controlling it according to accurate climate stipulations requires an IFTTT applet.

The backside line

I enjoy the Automower 435X AWD. It has saved us oodles of time and our garden has by no technique appeared better. As I acknowledged earlier, then again, it’s great extra lawnmower than I need for my yard. In my case, Husqvarna’s Automower 315X would own my wants for no longer up to half of the pricetag ($2,499 on Amazon). It’s most efficient lawful for yards up to 0.4 acres and it isn’t as maneuverable, its battery offers 70 minutes of operating time on a 60-minute price, and its two-wheel pressure limits it to inclines up to 22 levels. Nonetheless it no doubt has the comparable GPS, makes exercise of the comparable app, delivers your complete comparable tidy house connectivity choices, and the comparable educated set up is included in the pricetag.

Nonetheless whereas you happen to is seemingly to be residing on a bigger parcel and the $5,200 price heed isn’t an impediment, you’ll dig what the Automower 435X AWD can attain. It’s an absolute workhorse.

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  • Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD

    This all-wheel-pressure robot garden mower can take care of very effectively-organized yards with up to 35-percent inclines. Folks with smaller loads need to have in solutions Husqvarna’s great less-pricey Automower 315X as a substitute.


    • Improbable ends in a rapid quantity of time
    • Infamous maneuverability
    • Anti-theft choices
    • Very quiet
    • GPS navigation


    • Pricey (less-pricey fashions on hand for smaller yards)
    • “Weather timer” characteristic isn’t according to accurate climate stipulations

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