Ideal weapons in Warzone Season 6: a Warzone weapons tier list

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Luminous the very easiest weapons in Warzone admire the encourage of your hand is a key talent in Contemporary Wrestle’s uber-standard Battle Royale mode – and we’re here to permit you to hone that talent. Beneath you’ll safe our tried and tested Warzone weapon tier list, along with detailed explanations and guidelines on the very easiest weapons in Season 6 of Warzone.

Ideal weapons in Warzone Season 6: weapon tier list

Right here is our Warzone weapon tier list for Season 6, which contains all 43 well-known weapons in Contemporary Wrestle.

S TierFiNN, PKM, Grau 5.56, FAL, HDR, MP7, Oden
A TierAK-47, AS VAL, AUG, AX-50, CR-56 AMAX, Fennec,

Kilo 141, M4A1, M13, MP5, SP-R 208
B TierAN-94, ISO, Kar98okay, Origin 12, P90, PP19 Bizon, RAM-7, R9-0, SA87, SKS
C TierBruen, Crossbow, FR 5.56, Holger-26, MG34, Mannequin 680, Uzi, VLK Rogue
D Tier725, Dragunov, EBR-14, FN Scar 17, M91, MK2 Carbine, Striker 45

Now, let’s talk in additional ingredient in regards to the S-Tier weapons on this desk, which we take into fable to be the very easiest weapons in Warzone as of Season 6.

FiNN (S-Tier) – Ideal weapons in Warzone

The FiNN would possibly perhaps most likely well be a ambitious weapon even with out its range of Unfavorable barrel attachments, which enhance the fire rate to reach unmatched ranges (over 1000 RPM, indubitably) with out in point of fact doing that essential to counterbalance this buff. With a excessive mag dimension, nice ironsights, immediate coping with, extraordinarily controllable recoil, and an astonishingly excessive DPS, in its latest assert the FiNN would possibly perhaps most likely well be the very easiest gun in Warzone, fleshy finish.

For even more in-depth data on this extraordinarily highly efficient LMG, be decided to check out our Ideal FiNN loadout in Warzone net page!

PKM (S-Tier) – Ideal weapons in Warzone

With the nerf-into-oblivion of the previously dominant LMG (the Bruen), the venerable PKM was greater than in a position to step up and change into the sleeper hit of Season 5 (as a minimum till the FiNN arrived and stole all its narrate). Incredible damage and range stats couple with implausible coping with and neat ironsights to change into some of the sure strongest weapons in Warzone for the time being. The one caveat is that it’s immense and tubby and takes ages to reload, so be decided to check out our easiest PKM loadout above while you recall to get to inquire of how easiest to ready your self for war with this supreme gun.

Grau 5.56 (S-Tier) – Ideal weapons in Warzone

The Grau has been a sleeper hit for some time, and only after a pair of seasons did the playerbase in point of fact cotton on to its implausible doable. Even with the Season 4 nerf to its damage dropoff values, this gun is unbelievably loyal – and with the upright attachments (for example, the Monolithic Suppressor and 26.4” Barrel) the Grau can peaceable change into one of basically the most loyal and controllable fleshy-auto weapon in Warzone for Season 6.

FAL (S-Tier) – Ideal weapons in Warzone

Season 4 saw a gigantic damage buff to the FAL, which previously had always gave the influence nice in theory but missing indubitably. Now, it’s upright up there with the Grau and Bruen, rounding off the holy trinity at the finish of Warzone’s weapons meta for the time being. Extraordinarily excessive damage over any range, immediate-firing, and straightforward to take care of. What more attain you recall to get? Right here is by far the strongest semi-automatic gun in Warzone.

Oden (S-Tier) – Ideal weapons in Warzone

The Oden is an absolute powerhouse Assault Rifle, with the supreme damage-per-shot of any automatic weapon in Warzone. I’ve out-sniped HDR-customers and burst down MP5-customers with the identical Oden in the identical match. After spending time with the Oden, you’ll safe it no longer easy to head encourage to any other fleshy-auto gun, because of none of them are as punishing with a single shot because the Oden.

HDR (S-Tier) – Ideal weapons in Warzone

The HDR is peaceable the supreme sniper in Warzone. The AX-50 would possibly perhaps most likely well even get it marginally beat in phrases of coping with, but the HDR’s immense bullet velocity is in regards to the closest you would possibly perhaps most likely safe a diagram to in finding to hitscan on this game. There’s quite necessary no bullet topple at all, so all it be a ought to to achieve is goal on the high and click on on, and that bullet will proceed 200 metres to right this moment knock the enemy out.

MP7 (S-Tier) – Ideal weapons in Warzone

All people has an conception on the supreme SMG in Warzone, and honestly the total viability of the MP7 and the MP5 are about equal. But I recall the MP7 for its flexible magazine capacity and smoother coping with. This shut-quarters blitzer can mow down total squads in seconds – specifically while you kit it admire I attain (check the hyperlink above!).

Why is the M4A1 no longer S-Tier?

I’m in conjunction with the M4A1 here simply because of I’m decided many of you would possibly perhaps most likely be wondering why I don’t comprise it in the S-Tier of my Warzone weapon tier list. The actual fact is that the M4 is peaceable an supreme, highly efficient, and reliable Assault Rifle, which only upright misses the S-tier assert for me. But as of late, the meta has subtly shifted, such that I’m in a position to no longer inquire of the sure benefits of utilizing an M4A1 over its closest opponents (the Grau, the RAM-7, and the Kilo 141). But while you’re having a watch to give your self the supreme chance of victory with an M4A1, you should always peaceable indubitably strive the loadout linked above.

What in regards to the AS VAL and SP-R 208?

Both of the original weapons added in Season 6 get excessive doable. The AS VAL, looking out on how you kit it out, in total is a highly efficient rival to both the M13 or the FAL; but the glaring balk is its very restricted magazine dimension.

As for the SP-R 208, it appears to be like dwelling to change into the DMR of Season 6 by same old comparability with the old king, the Kar98okay. But the playerbase goes to need more time with both these weapons before we can firmly space it anyplace on the tier list for this season. What we’re announcing is: preserve tuned, and strive our data on the easiest SP-R 208 loadout for Warzone!

And there you get it! Confidently now you’re a master of the Warzone weapons arsenal, and likewise you’re in a position to set aside your newfound data to the check. But while you’re peaceable hungering for guidelines and stats, be decided to check out our other Warzone guides!

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