iOS 14: Straightforward methods to make spend of the App Library

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Apple’s sizable house show mask redesign in iOS 14 centers around a brand unique show mask that contains your whole apps.

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Sooner than iOS 14, one of many central complications with iOS (compared with Android) used to be that each and each single app you’ve ever downloaded has to exist someplace on your role show mask. That it is probably going you’ll also have folders, you possibly can have a number of house shows, but you possibly can’t merely shroud an app you don’t spend very in general.

The iOS 14 release changes all that. To boot to being in a role to position Widgets on your role show mask, you possibly can now spend apps with out uninstalling them! A unique high-level show mask called the App Library contains the total apps installed on your iPhone. It’s somewhat esteem the app drawer on most Android phones, but it appears and behaves in any other case.

Mastering the App Library is key to keeping a more orderly and arranged iPhone and quick being in a role to seek out the app you esteem to have. Here’s how the App Library works.

App Library organization

While you set up iOS 14, you’ll internet the App Library to the lawful of your final house show mask. Factual retain swiping and you’ll soon be there.

You don’t must prepare this show mask. Genuinely, you can’t prepare it. Your whole apps will seem in slight four-square boxes.

The upper left field is consistently Solutions. This will expose four apps that Siri has definite you are doubtless to make spend of consistent with the time of day, your region, etc. It will get smarter the more you make spend of your iPhone, and the solutions are calculated fully on-instrument No files about your app spend habits or region or the leisure are ever being sent anyplace.

In the simpler lawful you’ll internet Lately Added, which is self-explanatory. It shows apps you’ve most now no longer too lengthy prior to now installed. 


Faucet the sizable app icons to originate the app. Faucet the puny four-square team of workers to delivery the class folder.

Below which would be four-square “folders” which would be auto-arranged by app class. Apple automatically determines to which class an app belongs, and it will be somewhat unintuitive. For instance, each and each Twitter and Reddit are in the “Info” class of the App Store (for the time being #1 and #2 respectively). Nonetheless Twitter is in the Social field of the App Library and Reddit is in the Reference & Reading allotment. Ring is in Utilities but Nest is in Life-style. 

Every of these boxes will expose three tubby-size app icon alongside with somewhat four-icon grouping in the lower lawful. Apple doesn’t compose it definite, but even as you faucet a tubby-size app icon the app will originate. Whereas you occur to faucet the slight four-icon grouping you’ll delivery up a see of the total apps in that class. 

The class boxes themselves aren’t consistently in the identical role. They might be able to reorder themselves consistent with which apps you make spend of most in general.

Looking out the App Library

Whereas you occur to don’t wish to delivery and shut the app class boxes taking a scrutinize the app you wish, search is the correct diagram to lag.


Factual trot down on the App Library, or faucet the search field, to acquire an alphabetical index of your whole apps.

Faucet the search field at the demolish of the show mask, or swipe down anyplace on the show mask, and you can search by title or scroll through an alphabetical checklist of the total apps on your iPhone. 

Adding apps to the house show mask

If there’s an app in the App Library that isn’t on your role show mask, it’s easy so to add. Factual faucet and retain on an app icon till you gaze the context menu, and spend “Add to House Veil.”

If an app already exists on your role show mask, you obtained’t gaze that choice.


Lengthy-press an icon in the App Library so to add it to your role show mask.

Adding an app to your role show mask doesn’t spend it from the App Library—this can consistently have the total apps on your iPhone.

That it is probably going you’ll also furthermore enter “jiggle mode” and trot apps off the left fringe of the App Library to role them on your role show mask.

Placing off person apps from the house show mask

Whereas you occur to esteem to have an app to exist in the App Library but cease now no longer need an icon on your role show mask, that’s easy to cease. 

Faucet and retain on the app till the context menu pops up. Take Opt away App and you’ll be presented with a popup with three alternatives: Abolish, Opt some distance flung from House Veil, or Delete.


Factual lengthy-press an app icon to spend it from your role show mask. This will set on your App Library, even as you spend.

Delete will spend the app fully, but Opt some distance flung from House Veil will merely identify the icon away—this can serene exist in the App Library the set it consistently has consistently been.

Placing off pages of apps from the house show mask

That it is probably going you’ll also spend whole pages of apps (and widgets) from the house show mask, too.

Faucet and retain on an empty house of your role show mask to enter “jiggle mode” and then faucet on the slight page indicator arrangement the bottom of the show mask.


Enter “jiggle mode” and faucet the page indicators to disable or enable whole house show mask pages.

This will bring up an Edit Pages show mask the set you possibly can opt or de-opt whole house show mask pages. Whereas you occur to de-opt one, this can now no longer seem on your role show mask, but all those apps will consistently be on your App Library.

What’s more, your iPhone saves those layouts, so that you just possibly can merely re-enable them later.

Downloading apps to the App Library

While you acquire feeble to a minimalist house show mask with perfect about a widgets and app icons, it’s laborious to return to all that litter. Whereas you occur to rep a brand unique app from the App Store, it’ll serene  seem on your role show mask, but you possibly can switch that conduct.


That it is probably going you’ll also rep apps with out cluttering up your role show mask.

Whereas you occur to esteem to have unique app downloads to skip the house show mask and handiest seem on your App Library, delivery Settings, faucet on House Veil, then opt whether you esteem to have unique app rep to seem in each and each the App Library and the house show mask, or perfect the App Library. That it is probably going you’ll also furthermore spend to expose notification badges (the crimson dots in the nook with numbers) on App Library icons.

Undergo in mind, your whole apps are consistently in the App Library. There isn’t a diagram to compose an app seem on the house show mask but now no longer the App Library.

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