Julian Assange would be held with convicted terrorist Abu Hamza in supermax penal complex, court hears

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Julian Assange would be held within the identical US detention heart as convicted terrorist Abu Hamza, with out a contact with diversified inmates and totally one mobile phone call a month in a US detention heart, a court heard today time.

Lindsay Lewis, a US attorney told the Aged Bailey that Assange became seemingly to be confined within the identical supermax penal complex in Florence Colorado as Hamza and held beneath identical stipulations of isolation.

She told the court that the penal complex had a uncomfortable represent on effectively being care.

Hamza had no longer obtained ample effectively being look after stipulations including diabetes, a double amputation of his forearms and dental considerations prompted by being compelled to birth out tin cans alongside with his teeth.

Lewis became talking on the 14th day of Julian Assange’s extradition trial at the Aged Bailey.

The 49-yr-outdated-long-established founder WikiLeaks faces one depend beneath the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and 17 counts beneath the Espionage Act. He faces a maximum sentence of 175 years.

Assange ‘recruited hackers’

Assange is charged with obtaining and publishing tens of hundreds of labeled documents from faded soldier Chelsea Manning in 2010, including reviews on the Afghan and Iraq wars, Guantanamo Bay detainee assessments and US Say department cables.

A US federal mighty jury also alleges that Assange sought to recruit hackers at conferences in Europe and Asia to provide WikiLeaks with labeled knowledge, including navy secrets.

Giving proof, Maureen Baird, faded warden of Unique York’s Metropolitan Correction Centre (MCC), told a court today time that Julian Assange would be placed beneath Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) and confined to a cell for 23 to 24 hours a day for national security causes.

After a trial within the US, the court heard that Assange would be held at the maximum security penal complex, ADX Florence, Colorado – the penal complex that holds Abu Hamza al-Masri, also known as Mustafa Kamel Mustafa.

Baird, who said that she had customarily met with prisoners beneath SAMs, said that the regime damages the bodily and psychological effectively being of inmates.

“It causes extreme depressions, apprehension, paranoia, weight loss detrimental to bodily effectively being and detriment to psychological effectively being,” she said.

The defence be taught said that SAMs prisoners would might perhaps well additionally silent be “nearly loss of life” earlier than they are going to be transferred to a clinical facility.

Baird said right here were two personnel on the SAMs unit within the MCC when she became warden and as well they did no longer eradicate with inmates.

“There is a metal door and a viewing slot. That slot stays closed always besides when an officer makes rounds every 30 minutes. That is when they would birth the viewing slot, be taught if the person is nice ample and transfer on,” she said.

The US Bureau of Prisons has a strong suicide programme, she said, but it absolutely is no longer effective if any individual is made up our minds to take their maintain life.

“While you happen to might perhaps well additionally maintain suicidal ideation, the reliance on inmate self-reporting is somewhat solid. When an inmate fails to symbolize that, it isn’t very noticed and the inmate commits suicide,” she said.

US said it might perhaps perhaps no longer put Hamza in supermax

Lindsay Lewis, who represented Abu Hamza, told the court that the US had told the UK courts that Hamza would no longer be sent to the supermax in Florence, Colorado for bigger than a short time, valid through his extradition hearings within the UK.

Despite these representations he became sent to ADX Florence and has been held there in isolation for 5 years, she said. “He became nearly beneath no circumstances out of his cell besides for authorized visits.”

Assange, who has recurring depressed and has been identified as being on the autistic spectrum, is charged with national security offences and unauthorised receipt of labeled documents.

He would be on SAMs valid through pretrial and submit-trial detention within the US, she said.

A prisoner would want to maintain a fundamental psychological illness to be transferred to a clinical facility from ADX Florence. “Even then they’d well additionally might perhaps well additionally silent be placed at the ADX thanks to lack of diversified facilities.”

Assange would be field to the identical stipulations as Abu Hamza, spending the total day fully on my own with out a contact with diversified prisoners.

Long appeals direction of

Lewis said it became extremely spirited for prisoners to field SAMs. Inmates want to fight through a lengthy drawn out direction of, submitting criticism after criticism through interior administration appeals earlier than they are allowed to spice up issues in court.

“I don’t know of any administration enchantment that has been successful,” she said.

Hamza did no longer receive psychological or bodily effectively being care. “He’s in an abysmal situation,” she said.

Lewis said that Hamza became being held in a cell for handicapped of us that became horrifying for him. He had amputations and diabetes, she said. “He became being compelled to take care of out things that he might perhaps well additionally silent no longer carry out and his wounds did no longer heal.”

He had dental considerations because he has to birth out cans alongside with his teeth. “That has effects on him on an unsuitable degree.”

Lewis said that Hamza had been beneath SAMS for 8 years submit tear and pre-trial.

On one event he became told he would be on SAMs for but every other yr because he had made an “unapproved contact” by asking an permitted contact to pass on a message, “repeat my one yr outdated-long-established son that I look after him”.

Lewis said that she had no longer gradually been able to focus on with Hamza as his authorized expert.

“There were over and over I became became away since the 2 visiting rooms were in utilize by counsel, or there were lockdowns, and for quite loads of diversified causes,” she said

US did no longer spoil endeavor to UK

Contaminated examining, Clair Dobbin for the prosecution said that US had no longer receive an endeavor to the UK no longer to bid Hamza in ADX Florence.

She be taught a declaration by a warden that Hamza would endure a clinical examination and would jog to a clinical facility if he might perhaps well additionally no longer put up his actions of day-to-day residing (ADL).

“There is now not any manner they’d well additionally maintain came upon he might perhaps well additionally maintain managed his actions of day-to-day residing both pre-trial or submit-trial,” she said.

Lewis said that the reality that Hamza had amputations of each forearms on my own supposed that he might perhaps well additionally silent no longer jog to the ADX.

 “I don’t imagine the US authorities has adopted through on him receiving a fat clinical examination,” she said.

Dobbin puzzled whether or no longer Lewis had merely taken Hamza’s phrase about his clinical medication.

Lewis said that there were a range of things past dispute. “He’s a double amputee. He would now not maintain the day-to-day nursing care four times a day he had within the UK. He’s placed in a handicapped cell that would now not maintain valid shower and loo facilities”.

Ex-Warden accused of failing to act on SAMs prisoners

Dobbin puzzled why Baird had no longer performed something to receive the stipulations of SAMS prisoners extra tolerable valid through her time as warden of the Metropolitan Correction Centre.

Baird said that she tried to lead by instance by talking to inmates but might perhaps well additionally no longer impose that on her personnel. “It became no longer abnormal for personnel no longer to eradicate with inmates.”

The faded warden agreed she had no longer complained about the stipulations of SAMs prisoners to the Bureau of Prisons or a judge.

However she denied suggestions from Dobbin that that supposed she became no longer concerned about the medication of SAMs prisoners.

“It did cause me field, but I needed to persuade myself it became good ample,” she said. “I truthfully did no longer imagine I could perhaps well additionally carry out something. It became [handled] at a elevated degree”

Dobbin speedy that prisoners might perhaps well additionally take piece in a 3 phase programme that allowed their SAMs stipulations to be changed and might perhaps well well meet in groups of 4 within the home outside their cells when they reached degree three.

However Baird said the phases had nothing to take care of out with casting off SAMs. Part one and two gave additional privileges but prisoners were silent housed in isolation.

 “There are presumably [to be] few inmates that receive it to degree three because it defeats the total reason of SAMs,” she said. “It fully goes in opposition to what SAMs does.”

Dobbin quoted an announcement from prosecution be taught Alison Leukefeld, who works for the US Bureau of Prisons, saying that SAMs prisoners maintain the replacement to eradicate in personnel remedy.

“I mediate she would now not maintain very grand abilities with SAMs inmates and is now not always out within the sphere,” said Baird.

The court heard that every body through her time as Warden at the MCC in Unique York, prisoners on SAMs were allowed totally to exhaust an hour in a sport cell for exercise.

“There became no exercise equipment in any respect. I had an exercise bike brought in. It became valid an empty cell,” she told the court.

They were held in a unit called “10 cells” originally designed after 9/11 for prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

The prisoners were allowed one half hour mobile phone call a month to an permitted family member, or two fifteen-minute calls.

“The mobile phone calls were gradually monitored in no topic language they spoke by an FBI agent. They needed to put an snarl to the mobile phone call two weeks in near,” she said.

All mail coming interior and out to SAMs prisoners is screened and might perhaps well well once in some time take “a couple of months” to near, she said.

The case continues.

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