Lady says League of Legends character Seraphine is in step with her, Revolt denies it

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(Image credit: Stephanie/Revolt Games)

A girl named Stephanie has alleged that a new League of Legends character with a the same look and title, Seraphine, is in step with her. At the crux of her allegation is a instant relationship she had with a Revolt employee in 2019, an employee who she believes borrowed necessary factors from her likeness and life for the fictional KD/A pop smartly-known particular person.

Revolt denies the allegation. “Seraphine became as soon as independently created by Revolt Games and became as soon as no longer in step with any particular particular person,” wrote the corporate in a commentary emailed to PC Gamer. “Furthermore, the damaged-down employee [Stephanie] is relating to left Revolt extra than a year ago and became as soon as in a division and role that has no enter in any design into the creative fabricate route of.”

(Place: We’ve got got agreed to leave out Stephanie’s chunky title at the seek data from of both her and Revolt.)

In a Medium publish revealed this day, Stephanie shares a screenshot of text messages and recounts moments from a instant relationship with “John,” a title she makes jabber of to vague the identity of the damaged-down Revolt employee. Stephanie says that she and John met in particular person twice, and in any other case chatted and performed League of Legends over the route of three months in 2019. At some level of that transient relationship, John allegedly brought up suggestions for skins for her accepted League of Legends character, Ahri, that had been in step with her. When she visited him for a tour of Revolt’s headquarters in Los Angeles, he furthermore gave her artwork by Revolt illustrators depicting her as Ahri, which she thought became as soon as “odd” given how rapid they’d known every quite so much of. Furthermore, she says that John implied that he would possibly perchance well perchance likely also have an effect on the KD/A venture.

Presently after Stephanie’s seek suggestion from to Revolt HQ, she cancelled future plans to survey John and expressed to him that he became as soon as intriguing too quick. At that level, “he ended things and blocked me,” she writes.

When September of this year came over, Stephanie became as soon as reminded of one thing John had said in 2019: That a K/DA surprise would be revealed on her birthday. On that day, an illustration of Seraphine became as soon as posted to the character’s Twitter story to command that she became as soon as “working” with KD/A (Revolt posts on behalf of some of its characters as within the event that they are valid of us). All of it perceived to Stephanie like extra than a twist of fate. 

The crimson-haired character appears to be like related to Stephanie, and poses with a cat in illustrations which can perchance perchance likely be a miniature like Stephanie’s photos with her cat, which she says she sent John in 2019. Stephanie furthermore notes that the character’s drawings survey related to her possess artwork, and that the character comes from Piltover and Zaun, areas in League of Legends lore that she wrote an essay about—an essay she shared with John, and that she says he printed out and framed in Revolt’s office.

In this newsletter exchange, Stephanie tells “John” that making an Ahri pores and skin in step with her is no longer a gentle suggestion. (Image credit: Stephanie)

From her commentary, it be distinct that Stephanie has no longer loved any share of Seraphine’s resemblance to her. “I’ve felt indubitably grossed-out about it, to the level that I cannot play one of my accepted videogames,” she wrote. “Apart from that, it be been extra or much less monstrous to have a League champion who appears to be like equivalent to you, has so masses of your characteristics, and has a NAME that is form of the same to yours. Folk I’ve never met send her to me online and level out the similarities, there’s already enormous amounts of porn of her, I uncover of us arguing about her advance-day-to-day.” 

One tell to Stephanie’s allegation is that a Revolt employee can furthermore originate a respectable dispute to being inspiration for Seraphine. On October 29, Revolt senior dressmaker Jeevun Sidhu tweeted that his partner, a Revolt employee who goes by Revolt Whiskies online, inspired Seraphine’s character. Whiskies, whose hair is furthermore dyed crimson, posted a insist of herself cosplaying as Seraphine on September 28. Stephanie has acknowledged the tweets, saying that she would now not accept as true with Seraphine is finest in step with her. She furthermore pointed out that the dispute that Seraphine is in step with every other particular person is contradictory, on story of Revolt claims that Seraphine “became as soon as no longer in step with any particular particular person.”

Nonetheless, the tweets attain seem like a difficult hurdle for Stephanie’s case, as does Revolt’s dispute that the employee in request hasn’t worked at the corporate for over a year and never had have an effect on over character fabricate. As for what appropriate attitude she would possibly perchance well perchance likely also pursue, Michigan Reveal College law professor Brian Kalt said in an email to PC Gamer that the case would likely involve “the tort of valid of publicity, furthermore known as appropriation of likeness,” which “protects your title or likeness from unwarranted intrusion or exploitation.”

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(Image credit: Stephanie/Revolt Games)

This complete tell has been indubitably violating.


There are a pair of how to fabricate a case in step with the tort. A smartly-known particular person, for instance, would possibly perchance well perchance likely also argue that Revolt is exploiting their “recognition, feature, social or industrial standing” for publicity without their permission. Whereas Stephanie does level out that Revolt is potentially making cash from her likeness (“valid every other design a enormous videogame company has screwed over a woman without a 2d thought”), she is no longer infamous, and the heart of attention of her complaint is on privateness. “This complete tell has been indubitably violating,” she writes.

“She would possibly perchance well perchance likely also need a case for that,” says Kalt. “Or no longer it is some distance no longer distinct to me what her damages are, though. She’s upset, but what number of bucks is that rate?” In his look, the tell “doesn’t sound like a ‘million bucks rate of emotional wound’ form of case.”

Regardless of happens within the finest arena, if it goes there, it be easy to perceive why Stephanie believes that Seraphine is a minimum of partly in step with her. Essentially based mostly on her story of events, the Revolt employee she dated hinted that he would possibly perchance well perchance likely also build factors of her into the sport as an (over the tip and unwanted) romantic gesture, and then, a year later, Revolt did initiating a character with a the same title, glasses, hair, and face shape to her. Seraphine indubitably does survey like Stephanie beyond valid the sequence of hair color.

But there is furthermore the likelihood that it be pure twist of fate. If the resemblance is intentional, it appears to be like very laborious to expose unless someone, equivalent to the damaged-down Revolt employee who became as soon as allegedly accountable, confirms that Stephanie became as soon as the direct inspiration for Seraphine.

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