Latest Nvidia Defend TV update delivers IR enhancements, other tweaks

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The Nvidia Defend TV is maybe the finest-supported Android software of all time, and now the lineup is getting yet every other toughen. Rolling out as of late, Nvidia Defend TV is getting toughen 8.2.1 with IR enhancements and quite a lot of malicious program fixes.

Defend Expertise Give a raise to 8.2.1 is rolling out starting as of late with a plethora of malicious program fixes and tweaks to the software on all Defend TVs, but it certainly’s no longer a well-known update. There are no longer any new broad aspects or adjustments, good a mode of welcome tweaks.

The switch that can maybe personal an affect on the most other folks is a handful of upgrades to the IR capabilities of the Defend TV Remote. The a long way-off can now administration projectors and may well furthermore be managed utilizing an Alexa skill, which is gorgeous slick. The energy and volume IR aspects of the Defend now also work with a couple of new manufacturers including Monoprice, ONN, Arris, and additional. The paunchy checklist is below.

Some well-known malicious program fixes embody fixing audio complications when utilizing a USB DAC, resolving a direct where AI upscaling wouldn’t work on some boom material, and may well fix a direct that precipitated Defend gadgets now to not point out up on a Google Chromecast checklist.

Right here’s the (hefty) changelog of tweaks and malicious program fixes:

SHIELD Expertise Give a raise to 8.2.1


  • Adds notification to permit AI-upscaling when upscaling GeForce NOW
  • Adds IR energy administration for projector displays
  • Adds IR energy/volume administration for the following manufacturers: Arris, Atyme, BC Acoustique, Dayton, Kora, Monoprice, ONN, Point Source Acoustics, Savant, Sennheiser, SMSL, Tascam
  • Improves machine volume ranges when audio is routed to USB DAC or Bluetooth headset
  • Adds developer plan to force HDCP 1.4 compatibility mode (4K protected boom material may well no longer be on hand)
  • Permits IR energy instructions despatched from SHIELD Remote 2019 when utilizing Alexa skill
  • Entails safety patches as much as Android safety bulletin (August 2020)

Worm Fixes

AI Scaling:

  • Resolves direct where AI upscaling would incorrectly detect boom material as unsupported, requiring a reboot
  • Resolves direct where AI upscaling would randomly detect boom material as unsupported
  • [SHIELD TV Pro 2019] Resolves dropped frames when AI upscaling 60fps video when overscan is adjusted


  • Fixes direct where line is visible when utilizing AI upscaling on Top Video
  • Resolves direct where Computer screen screen Saver timers weren’t arena well
  • Resolves shaded screen direct when taking part in Dolby Imaginative and prescient boom material and overscan adjusted


  • Permits particular characters in username when gaining access to SHIELD over network
  • Fixes direct when copying >2GB recordsdata from Mac to SHIELD 2019
  • Fixes direct when connecting to SHIELD over native network when username has a home
  • Fixes uncommon atomize malicious program when mounting network storage to SHIELD
  • Fixes malicious program where linked storage would change into inaccessible, requiring reboot to gain higher


  • Fixes malicious program where IR volume administration would discontinue working when Talkback is enabled
  • Fixes “Prolonged Press Menu” functionality for personalized menu button
  • Resolves direct where configuring IR administration may well fail when older SHIELD remotes and controllers are paired
  • Fixes malicious program where IR administration became mute active after factory reset
  • Fixes malicious program where IR administration wouldn’t be on hand after changing language to old-fashioned Chinese language
  • [SHIELD TV 2019] Resolves direct where IR administration would discontinue working, requiring reboot to gain higher
  • [BFGD] Resolves volume and play/discontinue button press complications on new SHIELD Remote 2019


  • Improves machine volume ranges when utilizing USB DAC or bluetooth speakers
  • Fixes malicious program where audio would randomly drop, requiring a reboot to gain higher
  • Resolves direct where manually enabling AC3 in “Readily available formats” became no longer working as marketed
  • Fixes NETFLIX direct where 5.1 audio wouldn’t be on hand after disconnecting bluetooth speaker
  • Fixes malicious program where volume administration notification would point out up incorrectly on KODI


  • Fixes malicious program where SHIELD Expertise toughen may well well be blocked if accent battery is low
  • Resolves background describe direct when exiting settings menu
  • [BFGD] Fixes YouTube atomize direct
  • Fixes alignment complications on “Okay Google” configuration web page
  • Resolves direct where SHIELD wouldn’t point out up on hand as a solid software

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