Megan Thee Stallion slams Kentucky AG over Breonna Taylor case on ‘SNL’

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Rapper Megan Thee Stallion called out Kentucky Lawyer Fundamental Daniel Cameron and his handling of the Breonna Taylor case in her musical debut on “Saturday Evening Reside.”

The rapper performed her hit tune “Savage” as she and the dinky musical stage had been lined in hypnotic dusky and white imagery, with the phrase “Offer protection to Black Females” displayed on a backdrop.

About midway thru the performance, Megan and her dancers paused while audio became performed of Malcolm X, from a speech throughout which he called Black women the most “disrespected,” “unprotected,” and “left out” folks in The United States.

Then a loads of audio clip performed which attacked Kentucky Lawyer Fundamental Daniel Cameron, who has been criticized by activists and Taylor’s family for his handling of the case in opposition to the Louisville police officers who fatally shot the 26-year-used Black lady.

“Daniel Cameron will not be any loads of than the sellout negroes that supplied our folks into slavery,” the audio said. The quote became from civil rights activist Tamika Mallory, in step with Louisville NBC affiliate Wave 3.

Megan then made her maintain observation about racial inequality in The United States.

“We want to supply protection to our Black women and love our Black women. ‘Reason on the pause of the day we desire our Black women,” she said. “We want to supply protection to our Black males and stand up for our Black males, on story of on the pause of the day we’re drained of seeing hashtags of our Black males.”

This summer season’s protests, within the streets and on social media, reignited conversations on the pervasiveness of racism and systemic inequality. A amount of Black ladies and men who had been killed this year, together with Taylor in Louisville and George Floyd in Minneapolis, own sparked demonstrations throughout the nation and world.

Taylor became an emergency clinical technician who became in her condo on March 13 along with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker when Louisville officers carried out a search warrant on her house after center of the night. Her title became listed on the warrant on story of police believed that a suspect, her ex-boyfriend, had old her house to recall tablets or stash cash.

There had been no tablets or cash found by officers within the raid and Taylor did no longer own a criminal file.

There had been conflicting accounts as to whether or no longer officers announced themselves as they banged on Taylor’s door that night. Walker said that neither of them had heard police title themselves and several neighbors own said they didn’t hear a police announcement either.

Officers said they didn’t assemble the hunt as a no-knock warrant, known themselves after which broke down the door after no one came to answer to. Cameron said one civilian watch told police they heard officers articulate themselves.

In accordance with Walker’s story, he and Taylor feared her house became being damaged into that night, so he fired a single shot on the door to defend themselves. The shot hit one of the officers within the leg. Walker before the entire lot said Taylor fired the gun, but then said he fired the shot, in step with newly released sizable jury recordings.

Police then began to fire several rounds into Taylor’s house and Taylor became killed within the raid.

No longer one of the officers who fired their weapons — together with the officer who Cameron says fired the lethal shot, Detective Myles Cosgrove — had been charged with Taylor’s loss of life. Utterly extinct officer Brett Hankison, who became fired in June, became charged the least bit, with wanton endangerment for firing blindly into an condo and recklessly endangering Taylor’s neighbors.

He pleaded no longer guilty to the costs Monday.

Astronomical jury recordings had been build aside into the general public file on Friday as segment of a think’s describe in Hankison’s criminal case, a rare stare into a direction of on the total shrouded in secrecy. The recordings enact no longer consist of juror deliberations and prosecutor strategies and statements, “as they are no longer evidence,” Cameron’s web page online of job said.

The recordings are roughly 15 hours long and quilt the sizable jury’s classes from Sept. 21 thru Sept. 23. The recordings paint a chaotic scene of that night, with one detective pronouncing there became no formal notion for the raid’s execution.

Cameron had before the entire lot said in his statements after the sizable jury’s indictment of Hankison that he had walked jurors “thru each and each homicide offense, and moreover presented all of the records that became accessible to the sizable jury.”

However in an announcement Monday, Cameron revealed that the handiest payment he suggested to the sizable jury became wanton endangerment.

Doha Madani

Doha Madani is a breaking details reporter for NBC Info. 

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