Netflix Canceled ‘GLOW.’ What’s Next?

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The lights occupy dimmed at GLOW. After three fan-loved seasons on the streaming service, Netflix pulled the plug on a promised fourth installment this week, citing Covid-19’s affect on production. For followers, who had been promised a final season lend a hand in August 2019, it was a blow. (A GLOW blow? Particular.) It was furthermore, within the wide plan, a shrimp loss. “Covid has killed real folks. It’s a national tragedy and can merely unruffled be our focal level,” series creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch counseled Deadline in a assertion. “There’s quite a lot of sh*tty issues going down on the earth which will be much bigger than this stunning now. However it and not using a doubt unruffled sucks that we don’t get hold of to conception these 15 girls in a physique collectively again.”

Clearly, bluntly speaking, having 15 girls collectively in one physique is piece of the explanation producing GLOW is nearly very no longer going stunning now. It’s a ticket about female wrestlers and there’s no real technique actors can battle, or attain wrestling-adjacent issues, while an infectious, lethal disease is circulating around the globe. And the precautions required, within the occasion that they were to try and film the kind of ticket, would likely be pretty costly. No doubt it is going to also merely unruffled be safe to resume filming the ticket one day, but Netflix, it looks, thought it less complicated to minimize ties in resolution to wait it out. Gorgeous ample, but there’s something very disheartening about the premise of handiest staring at TV exhibits that can also furthermore be set aside successfully shot at a safe distance.

However there was something else about Flahive and Mensch’s assertion that hit onerous. “We were handed the creative freedom to create a complicated comedy about girls and their reviews,” they wrote. “And now that’s long past.” For years, Netflix has been the house of weirdo stuff that a community doubtlessly wouldn’t prefer a possibility on. Because the coronavirus, and all of its very real impacts on Hollywood, prefer their toll, it’s onerous no longer to bother that it is going to also very wisely be the exhibits on the margins—the sci-fi/delusion exhibits, the exhibits that contains girls, LGBTQ+ characters, and of us of color—that if truth be told feel the most misfortune.

Before I get hold of arrested by the Hypocrisy Police, a bid of clarification: I’m on the file as being a proponent of canceling exhibits early and in general. Some issues are perfect as a single season; there’s no occupy to drag them out. I Would possibly perchance perchance Assassinate You will likely continue to exist as the easiest thing to hit TV in all of 2020, and I don’t require any longer of it. Audiences would be much better served if creator and star Michaela Coel saw her time freed up to create the subsequent easiest thing any of us has ever seen.

And admittedly, canceling exhibits after a season or two is Netflix’s former MO. Stare no extra than the present cancellation of Altered Carbon for proof of that. Exhibits get hold of more costly to occupy the longer they’re around, and in general it’s better for a streaming service to tear on and get hold of one other huge ticket to roll the dice on. However there’s something about Netflix canceling a season that was already greenlit that makes it onerous no longer to marvel if the streaming service is rethinking how it does issues.

In his current Buffering newsletter, Vulture author Josef Adalian famed that Netflix’s resolution to assassinate GLOW in resolution to factual postpone it was an odd one, especially brooding about the gaps between contemporary seasons of exhibits like The Crown can typically span years. “Fans of GLOW aren’t going to mercurial grow disinterested in something on chronicle of its return is delayed six or 9 months,” Adalian wrote. However the streaming service could presumably factual occupy varied funds and programming wants now than it did a 300 and sixty five days within the past when it renewed the ticket. Per chance Netflix checked out the contemporary numbers and realized they factual didn’t pan out in an endemic. “If Netflix has something else that can presumably service these viewers,” Adalain persisted, “it is going to also merely occupy determined it was safe to tear on.”

“Safe” is an moving resolution of phrases. Because of taking half in it safe isn’t something Netflix in general does. On this case, there’s two forms of safe—the creative kind, and the preserving TV crews from Covid-19 kind—but it’s worrisome to take into accout these two notions of safety being even handed within the identical breath. If Covid has to be the first consideration made when deciding whether or no longer to occupy a ticket or film, the pot of chances turns into enormously smaller. And that’s no longer Netflix’s fault. No one desires to endanger of us to create art, but the longer the pandemic lasts, the longer Hollywood is going to occupy to face choices like this, and the longer this can also very wisely be sooner than funding swaths of brazen, enviornment of interest exhibits will ogle feasible again.

In her RIP letter to GLOW, actress Betty Gilpin wrote, “It’s an endemic and Rome is burning, and bet you that while Rome fell, somebody had a huge stone-tablet good magazine that purchased canceled. Honestly? It’s OK. It sounds as if numbers-wise, GLOW if truth be told handiest appealed to men in kimonos and girls in cat hair, who, as a ways as I’m eager, are the beating heart of the arts and the explanation I retain waking up. It will also merely unruffled be famed that [series executive producer] Jenji Kohan writing admire letters to those very misfits is what took Netflix from scrappy DVD Postmates to towering Versailles Studios. All. Hall. Jenji.” Kohan’s contemporary ticket is Social Distance, an anthology series about human connection shot totally in isolation. It looks huge, but confidently she’ll be cramming 15 girls in a physique again very soon.

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