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Key concerns

  • Vehicles available for beneath £30,000
  • Tall selection as a consequence of excessive quantity
  • Sizable handling and solid efficiency…
  • …but now no longer so famous that it’s seemingly you’ll well also’t ride on the road
  • Engine concerns would perhaps well well even be costly


From its open in 2004 to the discontinuance of manufacturing in 2012, the 997 established itself now no longer excellent because the budge-to offering in the highest class sports automobile segment, but additionally as Porsche’s simplest-promoting 911. Remarkably, and in spite of the many successes of the 991, it retains that attach of living to this present day. The amount and kind of the vary – some 40 iterations are acknowledged to love resulted from Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa models – is true files for anyone having a seek for to have interaction secondhand, because there might perhaps be a great deal of different.

997 Carrera and Carrera S models supplied extra archaic 911 styling in contrast to the 996. Round headlights harked relief to the 993, but there used to be nothing dilapidated-long-established regarding the original flat-six engines. Two versions had been available from the open, the Carrera with a 325hp 3.6 and the three.8 S with an additional 30hp. The Carrera used to be true for 0-62 in 4.8 seconds and 177mph, the Carrera S dropping the escape time by two tenths and extending the tip bustle to 182mph. Porsche bolstered the vary with Carrera 4 models and a Targa, which arrived later in 2004 with a 44mm wider rear observe.

A six-bustle Tiptronic automatic used to be additionally added to the decisions checklist at around the same time in 2004, supplementing the long-established and newly developed six-bustle manual. While the fundamental structure of the suspension remained the same because the 996‘s, Porsche launched the 997 with its PASM (Porsche Enthralling Suspension Management), which used to be long-established on the S models and an choice for the Carrera. All Carrera models had 18-trudge alloy wheels as long-established and the S models came with 19s. Such used to be the growth ensured by the changes that the 997 Carrera S used to be 20 seconds sooner around the Nurburgring than the 996 version.

This specification remained largely unchanged for the vehicles constructed till June 2008. Now called Gen 1 vehicles, they had been replaced by the Gen 2 that introduced train injection and Porsche’s seven-bustle PDK twin-grab automatic somewhat than the Tiptronic. The changes to the engines improved economy and vitality, increasing the three.6’s output to 345hp and the S mannequin to 385hp. And, as many owners will rightfully highlight, a preference of mechanical changes had been made to take care of 997.1 engine concerns to make certain greater reliability from the 997.2 powerplants. We budge into extra detail on that in the next section.

All the strategy thru the course of the 997’s life, Porsche additionally supplied its customary array of increased efficiency and restricted version models. For this files, we are going to listen on the Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet models bought in long-established and S derivatives. Top money for even handed one of those 997s would perhaps be around £70,000 for a boring Cabriolet with the PDK gearbox. Someone seeking a cut price can earn early Carreras for beneath £20,000, though as with any efficiency machine, more affordable vehicles needs to be approached with warning. Count on of to pay a limited top class for an S mannequin as they’re extra wanted, but there are heaps on the market because it outsold the long-established Carrera three to 1 when original.


Engine: 3,800cc, flat-six

Transmission: 6-bustle manual, rear-wheel force

Energy (hp): 385@6,500rpm

Torque (lb feet): 310@4,400rpm

0-62mph: 4.7 secs

Top bustle: 188mph

Weight: 1,425kg

MPG (decent blended): 26.6

CO2: 250g/km

Wheels: 8.5 x 19in

Tyres: 235/35

On sale: 2004 – 2012

Tag original: £67,202

Tag now: from £23,000

Record for reference: automobile weight and vitality files is difficult to pin down with absolute certain wager. For consistency, we exhaust the same offer for all our guides. We hope the suggestions we exhaust is lawful extra assuredly than it’s atrocious. Our advice is to treat it as relative somewhat than definitive.


All of the gearboxes fitted to 997 generation Carreras are thought of as to be now no longer easy. The manual is thought of as nigh-on unbreakable and consultants charge it highly for ease of repairs. There are some experiences of broken equipment linkage cables, but Porsche dealers tended to kind these free of charge with better replacements when the automobile used to be original. A grab will charge over £500, but they closing around 50,000 miles in customary exhaust, so it’s now no longer a wildly dear running charge. The Tiptronic and PDK transmissions are additionally thought of as to be bother-free, while vehicles with the favored (and beneficial) Sport Chrono choice like proven no indicators of changing that kind with any of the gearboxes.

Vehicles with the Sport Chrono pack like a sharper throttle response when sport mode is selected, with Tiptronic and PDK vehicles additionally putting onto gears for longer and clicking relief down thru the ratios extra without word in the same mode. The Sport Chrono atmosphere raises the restrict at which the Porsche Stability Management traction alter will intervene to present a extra involved force; as such, it’s a feature that the keenest drivers must leer out when 997 having a seek for. As for choosing between two- and four-wheel force, it’s down to personal taste, but purists like long most neatly-most popular the rear-force models. Still, those pondering just a few Carrera 4 are unlikely to be upset; it’s proven to be a year-round real and misfortune-free system.

Things are now no longer so easy with the 997’s engines. Two concerns are associated to 997.1 Carrera motors: bore scoring and intermediate shaft bearing failure. In 2006, Porsche as a lot as this level the engines with bigger bearings to take care of the concerns, so by and giant it’s an early automobile project. But that doesn’t imply pre-2006 vehicles needs to be skipped over; consultants whisper the concerns are less overall than with the 996s and most reckon that any nicely maintained, cared for 997 will without ache bustle deep into six-figure mileage. Clearly, as a consequence of the 997’s age it’ll be impossible for a purchaser to know the ins and out of a automobile’s life, so all are advised to gape out for shriek-memoir indicators of those concerns.

Sooty deposits on the left-hand exercise pipe and a luminous lawful-hand pipe are thought of as a signal for a ache, as are ticking noises at sluggish. If here’s the case, stagger away as a rebuilt engine from Hartech will plight you relief extreme money. Otherwise, you’ll like minute warning ahead of an intermediate shaft bearing failure. If it does atomize, the repair is a fully rebuilt engine with the increased spec bearings; vehicles with refurbished engines from known consultants are as a consequence of this truth a true choice for peace of mind. These searching to maximise this might perhaps well well also desire to recollect a specialist repairs idea.

Don’t be attach off by vehicles with different upgrades, including firmer engine mounts. They’re nicely-most popular by lovers who, it’s seemingly you’ll well also hope, would perhaps well be extra inclined to decide on their automobile nicely. Stiffer mounts enhance throttle response and handling, as a consequence of the greater structural stiffness they make certain at the rear discontinuance. Vehicles with original or moderately original heatshields are additionally now no longer essentially one thing else to grief about; somewhat than evidence of extra gargantuan mechanical work, they’re doubtless excellent addressing the overall protect rattles that appear on 997s after just a few years. Similar goes for true-quality aftermarket exhausts, which would be assuredly fitted when the long-established system valve system seizes up.

As for other funds to question, coil packs are known to desire changing every 50,000 miles, at about £40 a pop. Some owners additionally imply swapping from 0-40W to 10-40W 300V Motul engine oil to motivate the engine rev extra freely, while others reckon Millers Nanotech united statesthe engine’s responses. A low oil temperature thermostat would perhaps well well even be fitted to diminish engine temperature, which is a true wager for anyone pondering of observe riding. Provider intervals are scheduled at 20,000 miles. Peculiar running prices are sparkling true, with around 25mpg that it’s seemingly you’ll well also have of in each day riding, 30mpg on a motorway bustle or, must you’re on it, economy in the excessive children. A important service is around £350-£400 from a true impartial versus £600 or extra at an Respectable Porsche Centre.

Along with to an impartial inspection, it’s seemingly you’ll well also gallop a notebook computer into the 997 with a PIWIS durametric cable to set up if the engine has been over-revved. The cable prices around £50 and affords a clear idea of what the old proprietor has been as a lot as in the automobile and locations you in a stronger bargaining situation.


Take care of old 911 models, the 997 has a galvanised steel monocoque shell. At the entrance are Porsche-optimised McPherson struts with aluminium decrease alter arms, coil springs, anti-roll bar and gas-stuffed dampers. The Carrera S has a somewhat thicker entrance anti-roll bar and all S models attain with PASM (Porsche Enthralling Suspension Management) as long-established to agency up the suspension, besides to making the throttle and guidance responses sharper, at the touch of a button. The Sport Chrono pack will robotically spark off the PASM’s sport characteristic when in sport mode.

For the rear discontinuance, there might perhaps be an impartial 5-hyperlink plight-up with coil springs and gas-stuffed dampers. A Sport suspension choice would perhaps well well be ordered when original for all models that lowered the trudge peak by 20mm and this used to be supplied along with a restricted-go differential. The Targa has very a minute softer springs than the Coupe models that give a extra chuffed trudge on bumpy roads. Creaks from the entrance suspension hide dilapidated bushes that will charge around £200 to position lawful.

The long-established Carrera used to be supplied with 318 x 28mm entrance brakes discs and 299 x 24mm rears, while the S used to be fitted with bigger and thicker 330 x 34mm fronts and 330 x 28mm discs at the relief. Both models like four-piston monoblock calipers at each and every corner. Carbon ceramic brakes had been an dear choice few long-established traders stricken with as they had been in actuality handiest for prolonged observe exhaust. Most householders have not got one thing else but praise for the long-established brakes of the Carrera and S models.

That being acknowledged, the interior faces of the entrance brake discs can corrode and here’s hard to space. Some owners red meat as a lot as Carbone Lorraine pads for observe exhaust and improved pedal feel. A original plight of entrance discs will charge from £180 searching on whether you grab from an impartial or from Porsche.

Carreras came with 18-trudge alloys and the S upsized to 19-trudge wheels all round. For the Carrera, 235/40 ZR18 tyres are former at the entrance and 265/40 ZR18s at the relief, while the S has 235/35 ZR19s on the entrance wheels and 295/30 ZR19s on the rear wheels. Count on of to pay £250 per tyre for the rears and £180 for each and every entrance. Tyres must closing 12,000 miles for eager drivers or as a lot as 20,000 miles while you exhaust a form of time on the motorway. Examine the inner edges of the tyres for wear as they would perhaps well even be significantly extra dilapidated than the outer edges as a consequence of the 997’s geometry.


There are three 997 bodystyles; Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet. Gen 2 models are diagnosed by a original headlight construct with LEDs integrated, and that’s largely it. While the Coupe will continuously be the preference of purists, the Targa used to be a extra popular mannequin than the old 996 version. A sliding glass roof affords a great deal of unique air motoring coupled to true refinement when closed. In cool weather, the Targa’s panel can became a minute bit creaky because the seals shrink. Also, the running swap can fail, but this must handiest charge £50 to interchange, while the rear gentle cluster of Targa can suffer from condensation inner and is £380 to interchange with a Porsche-sourced merchandise.

The Cabriolet’s hood is extraordinarily nicely made and insulated. Develop certain it raises and lowers without word and the automobile locks securely with the roof commence or shut. On all 997 models, the door windows can refuse to descend when the door is opened in cool weather. Some owners like former silicone spray to fend off this project. As you gape the bodywork, take a look at the entrance bumper and windscreen for stone chip harm that can even require a respray or substitute.

Air con condensers slack the entrance bumper are inclined to corrosion and getting blocked by leaves, famous enjoy many other Porsche models. Reckon on £800 to interchange each and every and treat it as one thing to question to interchange on any automobile you grab unless it has been performed unbiased currently – and there might perhaps be a receipt to showcase it. Re-gassing the air-con must handiest charge around £75 at an impartial specialist. The closing thing to level to when having a seek for at a 997’s physique is if there might perhaps be a rear windscreen wiper fitted. It be thought of as necessary by many owners for day to day practicality.


All 997s attain with leather upholstery as long-established, but electric seat adjustment used to be an choice. Different long-established parts encompass climate alter, electric windows, four airbags and rear seats that tip down to create a vital storage shelf. Standard choices had been a sunroof for £864 and satellite navigation that charge £1,260 when the 997 used to be first launched. It’s now no longer continuously charge seeking out these vehicles since the Gen 1 997’s sat-nav is widely thought of as old-long-established and clunky to exhaust. It be additionally dear to red meat up, so that you’re doubtlessly better to excellent grab a moveable sat-nav.

The Gen 2 sat-nav is, alternatively, famous better and more affordable to red meat up, with upgrades available for around £150. For the Gen 2 vehicles, Porsche simplified the PCM (Porsche Communication Management) with a a lot bigger seven-trudge touchscreen. It’s neatly suited with an iPod, Bluetooth or USB devices, too. Also attention-grabbing is the upgraded Bose stereo system, though those searching to suit aftermarket hardware would doubtlessly earn the decrease-spec long-established sound system less complicated to interchange.

It’s overall for the rubber coating on certain switches and the centre panel to wear away, leaving the cabin having a seek for scruffier, but now no longer affecting the operation of the interior’s parts. Similar goes for the motive force’s seat outer bolster; scratches and wear is overall, so vehicles without these age-associated issues tend to love been in particular nicely cared for. Traders will additionally earn vehicles equipped with the non-obligatory Sport Chrono pack to be highly attention-grabbing, now no longer least since the stopwatch mounted in the tip centre of the escape emphasises their heightened capabilities.

The non-obligatory feature additionally permits the configuring of as a lot as three ignition keys, that can even simply provide atypical characteristics for each and every shopper including most neatly-most popular climate alter settings, how the auto wipers operate and the door locking project. Porsche’s tech even enabled customers to purchase whether the rear wiper comes on must you bought reverse equipment, while the 997’s infotainment introduced a feature that would perhaps well document lap and atomize up times for observe riding. Back in 2004, that used to be a original and sparkling cutting-edge feature so a ways as road going sports vehicles had been concerned – and it highlighted the Carrera S’s mountainous step forward in outright efficiency.


The 997 would perhaps well well also simply like handiest as a lot as this level the water-cooled 996, but in the case of outright efficiency, the adaptation used to be gargantuan. Dealing with, steadiness and peak grip all moved forward, illustrated by the Carrera S’s 20-second sooner laptime at the ‘ring, besides to its improved on-road character. The outdoors styling and interior would perhaps well well also simply now no longer like in particular furious anyone original to the logo, but the underlying abilities used to be previous question.

These benefits helped Porsche beat rivals in journal neighborhood assessments and the producer enjoyed adulation on the internet. Sales had been solid and snappy cemented the 911 at the tip of the sports automobile roster, though the Gen 1 engines woes did dangle a dent in the automobile’s repute. Rather rightly, too; anyone paying for Porsche’s engineering abilities did no longer question or deserve the concerns highlighted above.

While the risk of bore scoring and intermediate shaft bearing failure is one thing to grab very critically when pondering just a few 997, the risk is without ache mitigated by handiest pondering about vehicles with the refurbished engines or later models that obtained fixes from the manufacturing facility – or, alternatively, shopping for a repairs idea that at the least has you lined must the very worst happen. Carry out any of those issues and a 997 must lift grief-free exhaust along with its big handling, comely flat-six soundtrack and timeless appears.

Including to the 997’s attraction is the truth that loads 911 aficionados take into account the GT versions to be the very most attention-grabbing ever. Certainly, the Gen 2 GT2 RS is thought of as to be an all-time immense as a consequence of its explosive turbocharged 620hp engine, fabulous hydraulic guidance (it used to be the closing GT sequence Porsche to compile it) and 205mph top bustle. And it regarded – and nonetheless appears – terrific, too. Similar goes for the 997.2 GT3 RS. They cemented the foundation of a 911 as a real supercar; but the extra life like and mountainous quantity 997 Carrera used to be nonetheless as true a sports automobile because the closing decade produced and nicely charge seeking out.

[This is a comprehensive update of a PH Used Buying Guide originally published in 2015]

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