RK2020 handheld emulator evaluate: Dreamcast games to your pocket

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One of many most fundamental handheld emulators available

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

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There is never been a better time to be a retro gamer, particularly within the event you like to salvage to relieve the classics spherical to your pocket. The RK2020 from RK Console is but every other in a long line of handheld emulation gadgets that plays games from a huge vary of traditional consoles.

Whereas RK2020 plays all the pieces from NES to PS1 with ease thanks to highly effective hardware, it falls correct brief on Dreamcast and PSP emulation. The RK2020 comes in three varied case diversifications and the pricing will even be chanced on as puny as $70—which is the most attention-grabbing-priced instrument love this I’ve examined so far. No matter those minor drawbacks, that is one in all the most fundamental handheld emulators you can desire, and it’s change into my meander-to instrument for retro gaming within the palm of my hand.

Let’s dig in.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The RK2020 in Crystal Red

Included within the field:

  • RK2020 Console
  • 32GB MicroSD card (OS pre-loaded)
  • USB Form A MicroSD card reader
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

Fundamental emulators integrated with the RK2020:

  • NES
  • SNES
  • PlayStation 1
  • Nintendo 64
  • Dreamcast
  • GameBoy Color
  • GameBoy Approach
  • PSP
  • and extra

Hardware assemble

The RK2020 comes in three varied case suggestions. I used to be once despatched the Crystal Red variation that harks relieve to the semi-transparent plastic Atomic Red color chanced on on GameBoy Color. It’s a enjoyable glimpse that matches the moveable nature of this handheld. The Aluminum model appears to be like nice as successfully but is a pricer choice at $120. Which you can additionally salvage the hand held in Crystal Sunless.

Hardware specs:

  • CPU: RockChip RK3326 (Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35 @ 1.3GHz)
  • GPU: Mali-G31 Dvalin
  • RAM: 1GB DDR3L
  • Mask: 3.5 lag 320×480 IPS
  • Battery: 2600 mAh Li-Polymer

The RK2020’s produce quality is rock trusty, however the perimeters aren’t rounded off ample for my taste, which contributed to rather of stress when held for long sessions. The 3.5-lag cloak appears to be like nice and shimmering, with moving pixels and no signs of ghosting. The battery lifestyles lasts spherical a trusty 4 hours searching on the emulator being previous—extra graphics intensive games can cut relieve that to nearly half.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The LCD cloak is moving and shimmering.

The D-Pad is above the analog stick (the vogue it wishes to be) and taller than those chanced on on other emulators love the New PocketGo. I chanced on it considerably stiff, however the added high helped differentiate between the many directions. The analog stick additionally stands taller than popular on a instrument love this, but it indubitably sits internal of a recess that enables it to be a ragged ‘stick’ fairly than a ‘sliding pad’ love is chanced on on the New PocketGo. It’s a better assemble, but it indubitably’s composed subpar compared to console controllers, and I gravitated in opposition to the usage of the D-Pad as fundamental as I would perchance.

The face buttons on the RK2020 provide my popular tactile the truth is feel out of every handheld emulator I’ve examined so far—they are terrific. The pause off the face plate presents better than ample depth for a gorgeous trigger, the circumference of every button is huge ample to uncover without complications, and the gap between every button is perfectly positioned to ensure no unfounded presses. Button presses provide a truly healthy resistance that affords a range of feedback, though there’s rather too fundamental fling for my liking at either pause of the click. The most attention-grabbing design back to the face buttons is the shut placement to the cloak. There salvage been cases where my thumb would hotfoot over the cloak rather too fundamental. The RK2020 is rather shrimp, and I would salvage been ravishing with a substantial wider system to support counter this.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The D-pad and face buttons are fundamental.

Unfortunately the Launch and Win keys are nearly flush with the face plate, making it worrying to trigger them without either glancing down or sliding your thumb rather to double-take a look at its placement. Worse, the vogue you enable most emulators requires pressing both of those buttons on the same time, twice. It never felt ethical, and I the truth is need they had been raised out of the system extra. The Win button additionally wishes to be pressed on the same time as X in negate to elevate up the emulation settings, one more action that never felt popular or natural thanks to the pickle of the buttons.

Since the instrument is so skinny the RK2020 capabilities a facet-by-facet shoulder button placement fairly than stacked. I’ve previous this placement ample to salvage previous to it, but it indubitably’s no longer my preferred assemble. I would perchance fairly ogle a thicker system to accommodate stacked shoulder buttoms. Fortuitously, the buttons assemble salvage a range of separation, and the clicky triggers put off correct ample stress to steal, but aren’t unfastened ample to enable unfounded presses.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The bottom of the RK2020 capabilities one MicroSD card slot and a truly tinny speaker. Yow will come at some stage in a energy button, headphone jack, USB-C port for charging, and USB Form A port up high. The USB-A port enables use of a WiFi dongle or external controller which is in a pickle to be role up internal the OS. There’ll not be any such thing as a volume take a watch on, which is a disgrace. In its put, volume is handled by once extra preserving down the Win button after which pressing up and down on the D-Pad. Or no longer it’s miles no longer gigantic, particularly with the Win button’s assemble, but the truth is no longer as disagreeable as I believed it shall be originally.

Instrument and gameplay

The RK2020 now ships with RetroArch effect in, an increase over the custom Linux working methods popular in most handheld emulation gadgets. I voice “now” ships because when the instrument was once first launched it ran firmware from one more handheld emulator, the ODROID GO Approach. And it wasn’t correct firmware—the RK2020 even integrated one of the most most hardware because the OGA. Copyright regulations are very varied in China than the U.S., but it indubitably’s a disagreeable glimpse for the RK2020. Fortuitously, RK Console addressed the firmware anxiousness a minimal of, and the RK2020 you can desire now ships with RetroArch.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

RetroArch presents hundreds suggestions to configure the abilities the vogue you like.

The mix of RetroArch and the RK2020’s quad-core CPU with 1GB of RAM ensured most emulators ran very soft. RetroArch is extremely customizable. It entails a form of various glimpse suggestions of your collection, will even be connected to scraping products and companies for things love field art, and presents an all-spherical better particular person abilities than what you learn on most handheld emulation gadgets. Working 8- and 16-bit games went blissfully hitch-free, even in games that feature extra strenuous visible processing, love F-Zero and Perfect Castlevania IV. Nonetheless at this point we already know that nearly all 2D-primarily primarily based fully sport consoles will meander ravishing on methods love these. What about 3D?

PlayStation 1 efficiency was once hit or meander over on the New PocketGo, however the increased hardware energy of the RK2020 allowed nearly every PS1 sport to meander as intended. This time spherical it’s Dreamcast and PSP emulation that proved touch and meander. I had to expose frame skipping on for most games. That feature cuts the frame fee in half, but veritably allowed for a smoother play abilities. Games love Soul Calibur 2 that already meander at 60 frames per 2d natively remained playable at a locked 30fps and glimpse fundamental. Frame skipping wasn’t a universal treatment though. Games love Jet Role Radio that already runs at lower frame charges correct didn’t determine—a proper bummer.

Take care of that in perspective though. Most handheld emulators cannot meander any Dreamcast games successfully. The Dreamcast is maybe my popular console of all time, so attending to meander most of those games on the RK2020 is a proper treat, and something I didn’t ogle coming so soon after the New PocketGo’s struggles with 3D gaming.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Soul Caliber 2 running on the RK2020 was once perfectly playable.

Nintendo 64 efficiency, on the opposite hand, was once no longer so ethical. There are two complications here. One has to assemble with the rendering on N64 games in standard emulators, and the opposite deals with the controls. The N64 controller setup is a joke (though some of my colleagues disagree) and mapping that oddball take a watch on plot to this handheld instrument’s entirely varied layout is correct a disagreeable anxiousness. I’m no longer going to head into too fundamental detail here because I believe it’s obvious, but I would perchance never uncover a configuration that felt natural to incorporate the buttons important for most games.

When it comes to emulation, I once extra had to meander all the pieces with frame skippping engaging to salvage smoother Nintendo 64 gameplay, but I composed met a range of stuttering, hitching, and cloak tearing. With some work to the emulator settings I’m obvious you can salvage nearer to a playable negate, but I didn’t put off the time to assemble so, because taking part in games with terrible controls feels terrible.

PSP efficiency was once everywhere, mainly attributable to the radically varied sport kinds readily available on that console. 2D-primarily primarily based fully games, or games that had very minimal 3D interplay, the truth is ran surprisingly successfully with frame skipping on, and I used to be once even in a pickle to salvage a pair of games to meander ravishing with frame skipping off—Tactics Ogre and Persona 3 Moveable shall we embrace. Intensive 3D games love God of Struggle: Chains of Olympus and Steel Equipment Solid: Peace Walker on the opposite hand the truth is fight to relieve framerates and expose many other complications as successfully. Final analysis: PSP efficiency is extremely sport explicit, but correct know that the RK2020 correct doesn’t salvage ample energy to play all the pieces with ease.

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Persona 3 Moveable labored gigantic.


On account of additional horsepower, (mostly) cosy controls, and moving cloak, the RK2020 has change into my meander-to instrument for handheld emulation of traditional games. The label is a puny bit better than my closing popular instrument, the New PocketGo ($65 vs $70), but you salvage is a extra highly effective system that can the truth is play some Dreamcast and PSP games. That is price the additional money.

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  • The RK2020 is one in all the most fundamental handheld gaming emulators you can desire upright now, taking part in PS1 games with ease, but stumbles with Dreamcast and PSP.


    • Vital specs nearly take Dreamcast, PSP games
    • Spicy and shimmering 3.5″ expose
    • Gigantic D-pad and face buttons
    • RetroArch is a step up from custom Linux OSes


    • Copyright components
    • Some buttons are no longer as ethical because the face buttons
    • Edges are no longer rounded ample
    • Very tinny speaker

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