‘Supernatural’ stars mediate on CW’s series finale and 15-year legacy: ‘We gave it the entirety’

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Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, stars of The CW’s “Supernatural,” chat with USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt about wrapping up the long-working series.


After 15 years of CW’s “Supernatural,” Jensen Ackles admits that he and co-celebrity Jared Padalecki aren’t very accurate at taking compliments or credit for the concern enlighten’s myth streak.

On their ideal day in Vancouver ideal September filming the series finale (Thursday, 9 ET/PT), when director Robert Singer called it a wrap and everyone else had walked off the living, the actors did something unique: They basked within the 2nd.

“It used to be like, ‘We did this.’ That used to be barely frosty,'” Ackles remembers. “I mean, obviously all of us know that we didn’t attain it by ourselves, however it used to be truly the first time that he and I looked at every different and (realized) we wants to be tickled with what we bear now built here. On memoir of it Is something to be tickled with.”

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Provides Padalecki: “It wasn’t like, ‘Hi there, survey how awesome we are.’ It used to be like, ‘Hi there, man, consider after we cried and we bled and we broke bones – literally? Endure in strategies the total scare clocks when the sun wasn’t up but?’ However this turns out, however it absolutely’s got, we gave it the entirety.”


Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) hit the road one ideal time in an irregular clip from the CW’s ‘Supernatural’ series finale.


The ideal episode of “Supernatural,” which follows a retrospective particular (8 EST/PST), finishes the story of monster-hunting brothers Sam (Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Ackles), who began their long, winding, apocalypse-filled quest after tragedy and bear since taken on every foe that heaven, hell and all around the set aside in between has thrown at them, in most cases living to a rock tune. (The ideal episode’s title, “Elevate On,” is a riff on the 1970s Kansas hit “Elevate On Wayward Son,” which change into the enlighten’s unofficial theme track.)

Even with out Emmy Awards, “Supernatural” has develop accurate into a classic enlighten – discovering unique followers by Netflix binges and TNT reruns – and a survivor, a ideal holdover from WB (which folded in 2007) that is outlasted many, many reveals that bear attain and long past since its Sept. 13, 2005, premiere. Easiest a few top-time community dramas bear lasted longer, alongside with “Grey’s Anatomy” (which premiered six months earlier), “Law & Uncover: SVU” (1999) and “NCIS” (2003).

“Not surprisingly, as a 15-year-frail enlighten, ‘Supernatural’ is in rather a lot of how a piece of little bit of an artifact of a irregular age of television,” says executive producer Andrew Dabb.

Closing week’s penultimate episode wrapped up the bigger “Supernatural” mythology of angels and demons, as Sam and Dean outwitted God, aka Chuck (Take Benedict), and their ally Jack (Alexander Calvert), the son of Lucifer and the unique bearer of God’s vitality, acknowledged goodbye to the brothers after the realm used to be saved. 

The finale, in distinction, tells “a extremely personal story” centered on the Winchesters and is “truly devoted to the relationship and the shuffle these guys bear traveled,” says Singer, an executive producer on the enlighten since its inception.

Singer provides that they eradicated definite strategies early: No “enigmatic” ideal shot a la “The Sopranos,” as an illustration, or nothing out of left area like the 1988 “St. In numerous locations” finale, when the viewers stumbled on out a boy with autism had imagined your total series, visualized in a snow globe. 

“We wished it to in point of fact feel like the conclude of a extremely long novel,” Singer says. “Or no longer it is barely fearless what we did and quite keen.”

Padalecki, 38, finds it “truly highly efficient. And when that you just might well be no longer already crying by the ideal five or 10 minutes, then you with out a doubt set aside no longer desire a soul. You set aside no longer desire a heart.”

The celebrities bear begun to switch on – Padalecki to CW’s coming “Walker, Texas Ranger” reboot, and Ackles to Amazon’s “The Boys” – but they’ve also introduced a tall portion of “Supernatural” house: Every got a dusky 1967 Chevy Impala broken-down within the series as Dean’s cherished automobile, “Toddler.” Ackles, 42, figures it used to be the 2nd episode of the series “after I was like, ‘I’m getting a automobile. This automobile is just not any longer going to take a seat down in a Warner Bros. lockup and secure forgotten about. This automobile is coming house with any individual who’s going to shield it.’”

Ackles says he used to be “floored” by the gift: “And or no longer it is frosty, because now Jared and I will bright glide-streak around Austin.”

“If we secure pulled over, it might probably well well be like, ‘Don’t grief. FBI Agent Robert Plant,’” Padalecki provides.

“Now we bear FBI badges within the glove field,” Ackles confirms.

Down the road, Ackles would favor other folks to discuss “Supernatural” the system he does about 1980s favorites like “The Goonies” or “Flight of the Navigator.”

“You enlighten any individual a enlighten or a movie like that now with all the CGI and they also’re like, ‘Wow, the consequences on this suck.’ And for me, I am like, ‘That used to be wonderful!’ I am anxious to meet those other folks in 20 years when they’re like, ‘Man, that enlighten used to be such an myth section of my childhood’ or ‘I grew up with you guys’ or ‘I will be capable to’t wait to enlighten my formative years that enlighten when they’re of age.”’

Padalecki says it’ll sound irregular, however “I’m hoping or no longer it is just not any longer remembered. I’m hoping ‘Supernatural’ is continuously experienced and enjoyed and most in fashion by all ages, all demographics, and so I’m hoping it remains recent.”


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