The Masked Singer Recap Season 4, Episode 8: Double Elimination Leaves Ken Jeong in Tears

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The most surprising unmasking of the season strikes the total panel — nonetheless turn out to be once it Crocodile, Sea Horse, Serpent or Watchamacallit? And who else went home?

Cheryl Hines picked a obvious night to be a fragment of “The Masked Singer” because the texture-magnificent, wackiest suppose on tv confirmed its heart this week.

With four finalists in this neighborhood, half of of them had been going in the course of the reducing block. And with such powerhouse talent love Crocodile, Sea Horse and Serpent going through off, there turn out to be once going to be heartbreak obviously.

What’s that you just vow? What about Whatchamacallit? Properly, as sharp as he is, he’s no longer in the an identical class because the different three vocally, magnificent? Oh, who are we kidding. That is the suppose that saved White Tiger spherical methodology, methodology longer than he had any magnificent to be there, so it turn out to be once light any one’s sport.

Without a Smackdown, the masks had handiest one shot to impress the judges, and they pulled out the total stops. Sea Horse confirmed one other side to her grunt with a reveal-in influence of a pop icon, whereas Crocodile and Serpent both confirmed criminal how silky and gentle their vocals had been and Whatchamacallit dropped a legit-stage rap drift. Would perhaps perhaps perhaps he be?

Cheryl’s presence clearly inspired the panel to up their sport as we had more logical and radiant guesses right here tonight than we’ve viewed all season. Properly, magnificent guesses excluding for a pair of of these first impressions.

Let’s criminal vow one amongst Nicole Scherzinger’s first influence guesses tonight is one for the ages! And she can by no methodology invent fun of Ken Jeong’s guesses ever yet again!

Now, let’s leap into this week’s batch of contestants, complete with clue packages and performances. And don’t trouble, sooner than we fetch to the magnificent unmasking, we’re going to invent you energy in the course of the terrible (and every so frequently magnificent) guesses made by our eminent panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We enact this because we cherish … to torture you.


Seahorse even managed to inject her grunt with Britney Spears’ signature crack, almost doing a reveal-on influence early on. And yet later, she yet again brought out her bigger vary, proving criminal how versatile and amazing a vocalist she is. But if we’re being true, we didn’t if truth be told favor the “male reflect about” digicam pan up a seahorse’s physique, even supposing she has a stellar decide. It turn out to be once criminal uncommon.

Guesses: With this fresh vocal twist, we had been directly taking into consideration this is in a position to perhaps perhaps very successfully be the newly-svelte Jessica Simpson, nonetheless she has three children whereas the kit confirmed two little one dolls. It also had as her buddy a box of tissues on a pulpit singing her praises.

Add imagery love Nashville fried chicken, a Christmas wreath and a blazing campfire in the front yard of a suburban home, so Southern vibes. This week’s sport-changing clues had been delivered by outmoded masks, and this one brought us Astronaut aka Hunter Hayes, who allow us to know she’s by no methodology been in a girl neighborhood (so it’s no longer Camila Cabello).

Jenny opinion the grunt sounded a bit love Kesha, who turn out to be once born with a tail and had it eradicated and — dun-dun-dun! — Seahorse also has no tail! A little bit of of a Ken-stretch there, Jenny. Cheryl, though, opinion perhaps the wreath pointed to Kellie Pickler’s Hallmark movies … plus, she did have a duet with Hunter Hayes.

Ken thinks it’s Sia-horse, who adopted two teenage sons and had a song “Flames,” hence the fire. It’s honesty no longer his worst wager, though it’s light no longer very giant. Plus, whereas Sia has that scratch, she also has a signature sound we’re no longer sure she may perhaps perhaps perhaps shake to glean the purity of these vocals.

The Twitter-sphere, though, remains happy that Sea Horse is Tori Kelly. They hear it in her grunt and wasted no time pulling out a shot of her inserting with Hunter Hayes. The reality of the topic is the “American Idol” alum by no methodology if truth be told grew to change into that family title her grunt seemingly deserves, though she’s with out a doubt made a label for herself in the industry.

We can’t if truth be told knock the wager, which is magnificent since the gain if truth be told isn’t all that attracted to sharp any other ones, including the total names the panel has thrown about. That said, we’re delighted to see a little bit admire for Jessica Simpson as a wager — nonetheless we’re seemingly contaminated anyway.

I’m indicate everyone knows the Seahorse is Tori Kelly magnificent?!? #TheMaskedSinger

— Caitlin (@kikabelle) November 19, 2020

I’ve it’s Jessica Simpson #Seahorse #TheMaskedSinger

— Scamper away out Foxxx (@foxy_leggs) November 19, 2020


Crocodile confirmed a ton of vary and selection on this track. At the an identical time, he sounded more out of breath than we anticipated from anyone we’re so confident will not be any longer handiest a legit singer, nonetheless perhaps educated as successfully. That’s no longer to take away from the center and emotion he criminal positioned on that stage. It turn out to be once a showstopping pivot that truly drew us in.

Guesses: His connected alum turn out to be once Bee (aka Gladys Knight), which is a lofty association. She printed he turn out to be once in an giant cult traditional movie. Ken turn out to be once taking into consideration 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Kings & Queens” with a rental of playing cards in the clue kit, so perhaps Jared Leto.

Different clues from the kit integrated the phrase “step by step” and “one-track impress,” as well to the truth he is laborious-working in everything and once traveled with his DJ fling-or-die across six continents in 100 hours.

Nicole crooked the Gladys Knight demand to criminal be the “Knight” portion, as in NKOTB’s Jordan Knight” — tying in to “Step by Step.” Robin Thicke had a giant string of connections across the total clue packages to land on the cult movie “From Justin to Kelly” and Justin Guarini (exciting magnificent logic, with out a doubt).

Whereas Twitter had some appreciate for guesses love Jordan Knight, they’re light mostly happy that it’s with out a doubt Gash Carter. The clues with out a doubt line up exciting successfully, and have for awhile, including a myth he urged earlier this season about giving his first $100 take a look at from singing to his dad.

This week’s very explicit clue also pointed to Carter, because the Backstreet Boys did hit six continents in 100 hours abet in 2000. Oh, and he did enact an album with Jordan Knight, so it’s wanting love Twitter ratings yet again!

Is anyone else taking into consideration @nickcarter is the crocodile on #TheMaskedSinger ???? Expose me I’m no longer by myself taking into consideration this!

— Tracy (@napier329) November 19, 2020

That grunt! These mannerisms! C’mon @nickcarter, you’re no longer even making an are trying to veil it! 😂🥰 #Crocodile #TheMaskedSinger

— Jessica (@frecklesnoot11) November 19, 2020


Whatchamacallit turn out to be once effortless on this rap traditional, and boy did he sound loads love 50 Cent with the gap to this one. He had swag for days, rocking away and leaning abet. He’s under no instances a singer, nonetheless as a rapper he can elevate criminal as worthy of that quality efficiency and entertainment stage — or no decrease than he did this week.

Guesses: Whatcha’s clue kit turn out to be once all concerning the shuffle, where he learned that swag had him bringing a senior to shuffle as a sophomore. We also saw a crown (shuffle king?), Smarties (valedictorian?) a Queen’s guard toy (foreign change?) and a coffee pot (coffee?).

Ice Cream (aka Ninja) came out with the game-changing clue that he’s already won a championship (athlete?). Ken wondered if perhaps it turn out to be once Lonzo Ball (Worthy Baller Imprint), the NBA star who launched his comprise shoe company, and has accomplished some rapping on the side. Would perhaps perhaps perhaps the brewing coffee reference his season with the UCLA Bruins?

Nicole is also taking into consideration NBA, with marshmallow clues, nonetheless Gash thinks Carmelo Anthony may perhaps perhaps perhaps very successfully be a little bit taller than this. Cheryl turn out to be once with out a doubt taking into consideration it is miles going to very successfully be her comprise buddy J.B. Smoove, who’s bought rap skills.

The gain remains at a loss for phrases on this one, throwing out wild guesses starting from Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. They’re so misplaced, they stumbled on themselves latching onto the panel’s guesses, and Ken’s in explicit. Honestly, it’s no longer a infamous wager, as irregular because it is to convey that.

These are with out a doubt magnificent guesses for Whatchamacallit, seriously Ken’s. I’m impressed! #TheMaskedSinger

— Keeyduh 👑🦋 (@_keeyduh) November 19, 2020

I if truth be told fetch Carmello Anthony vibes from the Whatchamacallit. It is for sure a basketball participant. They said the suppose had an Olympic gold medalist I be aware. Melo has a gold #TheMaskedSinger

— Corey Johns (@Corey_Johns) November 19, 2020

#TheMaskedSinger Whatchamacallit appears to be like to be like love American Cousin It

— Chanta’ (@MizzChanta) November 19, 2020


Serpent has a good grunt, nonetheless we’re no longer sure this turn out to be once his finest vocal. The sustained falsetto in his head grunt with out a doubt began to sound strained the longer it went alongside to the level we had been delighted he fell abet into his pocket, because he has a extra special natural tone shall we hear to for days. He’s for sure a giant vocalist, so perhaps it turn out to be once nerves in that upper vary?

Guesses: Tonight we stumbled on out that reputation stumbled on him, in jam of the different methodology spherical, which makes it more challenging to believe right here’s a legit singer or star — wouldn’t he have sought that out? Granted, some are stumbled on.

Regardless, we also saw a mop bucket (a singing janitor, perhaps?), an ambulance and “Correct” brand mayo and peanut butter from his college days. Then, Eagle (Dr. Drew) brought out the game-changing clue that Serpent has sung with anyone on the panel.

The ideal particular person who’s been on stage and sang with Ken is Jamie Foxx, whereas Cheryl says she turn out to be once on an episode with Donald Faison. Robin skipped over the clues, nonetheless thinks perhaps it turn out to be once Donald Faison, nonetheless Nicole thinks she sang with the actual person.

She followed the scientific clues to the opinion that perhaps right here’s Dr. Elvis, the singing doctor who did suddenly change into eminent at the starting up of the pandemic, going viral for his efficiency of “Imagine.” Now that’s a giant wager!

Twitter has been all over Broadway stars with that grunt, nonetheless Nicole’s wager if truth be told triggered a pivot with them, criminal because it did for us. It’s this kind of compelling wager, you selection of favor it to be criminal. But they haven’t given up on their “Hamilton” stars, both, as well to persevered admire for Brian McKnight.

Ok I turn out to be once happy the Serpent turn out to be once Lesli Odom Jr nonetheless now I’m taking into consideration that Dr Elvis may perhaps perhaps perhaps very successfully be a excellent wager….. #TheMaskedSinger

— Meghan KDL (@meghan_kdl) November 19, 2020

Need to you appreciate the Serpent is Brian McKnight… 😏#TheMaskedSinger

— Caitlin (@kikabelle) November 19, 2020

alright, right here me out. Christopher Jackson is the Serpent. #TheMaskedSinger

— ✌🏼 (@legally_blondex) November 19, 2020


With a double elimination, there turn out to be once no Smackdown this week. As a replacement, two moved on to the Immense Six and two headed home. Whereas we felt confident Whatchamacallit may perhaps perhaps perhaps be one amongst these, we had been a little bit more torn between Crocodile and Serpent.

Crocodile regarded as if it would have some breathing complications as he performed, whereas we didn’t reflect Serpent’s sustained falsetto labored fully. And as an alternative of that, both had been extremely compelling and watchable.

Then, after declaring Seahorse stable (duh!), Gash went straight to the predominant elimination. And it turn out to be once the most evident decision, leaving us to sweat it out between Crocodile and Serpent a little bit longer. Clearly it turn out to be once Whatchamacallit. Even supposing extremely sharp, he turn out to be once up in opposition to very sizable competition, even as he towered over them.

  • Robin Thicke: first influence (Tyler the Creator), last wager (Michael Strahan)
  • Jenny McCarthy: first influence (Winston Duke), last wager (Devin Booker)
  • Ken Jeong: first influence (Damian Lillard), last wager (Lonzo Ball)
  • Nicole Scherzinger: first influence (“Uncle Itt”), last wager (Carmelo Anthony)
  • Cheryl Hines: last wager (J.B. Smoove)

We selection of admire that “Ken Jeong Contaminated” is popping staunch into a steal phrase on this suppose, as he had absolutely zero points in this competition between the judges coming into this competition. This, on the different hand, may perhaps perhaps perhaps have been one amongst his strongest guesses yet because it match the total clues.

Turned into once he magnificent?

Broad props high Ken Jeong for nailing his first magnificent wager of the season, because it turn out to be once certainly Lonzo Ball who emerged from under all that hair. If the singers had been all athletes, Ken would dominate on this suppose!


After the smoke settled and all that hair cleared the stage, handiest Crocodile and Serpent had been left standing … and handiest one may perhaps perhaps perhaps technique to the Immense Six. But with a night of moderately even performances, this is in a position to perhaps perhaps have been the toughest one to name yet this season.

It’s for sure a heed of things to come as this season is positively stacked with amazing vocalists. Our last take to head home out of the two turn out to be once Serpent, nonetheless it turn out to be once by the razor thinnest of margins.

The “ravishing followers” and panel backed our play on this one, as Crocodile sashayed into the Immense Six, leaving Serpent to hide who had that amazing grunt and vary. Did the panel wager it magnificent?

  • Robin Thicke: first influence (Wanya Morris), last wager (Donald Faison)
  • Jenny McCarthy: first influence (John Sage), last wager (Taye Diggs)
  • Ken Jeong: first influence (Usher), last wager (Daveed Diggs)
  • Nicole Scherzinger: first influence (Okieriete “Oak” Onaodowan), last wager (Dr. Elvis)
  • Cheryl Hines: last wager (Donald Faison)

As soon as Nicole threw out Dr. Elvis, we absolutely fell in admire with this clue. We also reflect it can perhaps perhaps be a tremendously keen and superior thing for him to enact this suppose. He deserves the total accolades for what he does on the front lines, and the best map he’s lifted spirits in the course of the pandemic.

We bought our feel-magnificent conclusion, with the insta-eminent “Singing Doctor” Dr. Elvis Francois emerging from under the conceal. And he proved criminal as amazing in defeat as he does sitting in the abet of the piano in scrubs, praising the pleasure the suppose brings to sufferers and everyone.

Ken then turn out to be it magnificent abet to Dr. Elvis, getting emotional as he spoke from the center — and in a total lot of ideas for all of us — about criminal how worthy Dr. Elvis has intended to The usa, lifting our hearts through his work on the front lines, and that angelic grunt that took him viral earlier this year.

It turn out to be once a extra special and poignant moment from one (outmoded) doctor to at least one other who knows how bright and wished that works is, now bigger than ever, and criminal how crucial the price of entertainment, distraction and pleasure is, as successfully.

“The Masked Singer” shifts to Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox next week for a obvious Thanksgiving episode.

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