Vince Vaughn talks playing a ‘Freaky’ teen girl, getting the ‘Wedding Crashers’ back together

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Printed 5: 31 p.m. ET Nov. 10, 2020


Vince Vaughn chats with USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt about his fresh film, “Freaky,” and the probability of a “Wedding Crashers” sequel.


Most of us are previous to sporting masks at this point. Correct know that Vince Vaughn’s is cooler than yours.

For director Christopher Landon’s fresh terror comedy “Freaky” (in theaters Friday), Vaughn performs the physically imposing Blissfield Butcher and dons a slasher shroud that’s “apt skewing a diminutive bit” the iconic seems of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Nevertheless Vaughn if truth be told spends many of the body swap movie playing a teenage girl after the Butcher assaults high schooler Millie (Kathryn Newton) with an previous skool magical dagger and gory, soul-switching high jinks ensue.

“It be very silly, the kills are in point of fact smartly accomplished, but there could be an emotional connectedness at some stage in,” Vaughn says. “It is an advanced thing to steadiness these genres, that tone of getting real scares that are in point of fact satisfying alongside with real laughs.”

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“Freaky” additionally presents Vaughn a probability to return to the signature indispensable humor of his earlier infamous motion photos be pleased “Faded College” and “Wedding Crashers” after a slate of dramatic tasks including “Appropriate Detective,” “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Brawl in Cell Block 99.” 

USA TODAY talks with Vaughn, 50, about “Freaky,” his return to comedy and what’s going down on with a “Wedding Crashers” sequel.

Quiz: First off, how’s lifestyles been treating you at some stage in COVID? 

Vince Vaughn: It be been as real as it’s going to be. My children are right here, it be been be pleased “Shrimp Rental on the Prairie” a diminutive bit at home with the educational and stuff, but it be been nice so to have the time with all americans. That part I’ve loved.

Q: What used to be the final be aware part of playing both Millie and the Butcher? 

Vaughn: For Millie, you’re anyone coming of age. You’ve not any longer have your self-self assurance, you are quiet learning who you’re, you’re discovering your utter. It is possible you’ll maybe doubtless be every now and then taking assorted folks’s concerns on and no longer if truth be told being apt to yourself on myth of you’ve not any longer are looking to ruffle feathers. And then the Butcher is clearly apt a one who’s without any empathy, taking a detect to damage folks, taking a detect to abolish folks. They’re two very assorted extremes. 

Q: You pull off a teen girl barely smartly. What’s your secret? 

Vaughn: I’ve some nieces that are cease to that age. You if truth be told keep yourself in that keep of setting up out your backstory, working out what the persona needs or is skittish of and connecting to those things.

There could be a humanity and an honestness the keep most folks plow through that very expertise (of high faculty). On the time it be if truth be told painful. And silly as smartly, by the style, with some time. It feels be pleased the enviornment’s coming to an pause and then you doubtlessly can chortle about it years later. 

Q: With “Freaky,” did you feel the ingenious urge to come any other time to your comedy roots?

Vaughn: I’m no longer as dogmatic in so indispensable as I be pleased doing a spread of stuff. It be relaxing to scuttle the total assorted rides within the amusement park. With “Brawl” and with this movie, you’re more or less going a diminutive bit the keep your toes can’t touch. If you first be taught it on paper, it be relaxing, but it be be pleased, “How pause I salvage there?” I be pleased feeling a diminutive bit be pleased it be out of my safety zone and then having to total the work and preparation to salvage to a stage the keep you feel if truth be told real about it as soon as you land on keep. 


Vince Vaughn performs a serial killer that switches our bodies with a younger particular person in fresh terror comedy “Freaky.”


Q: This year being the 15th anniversary of “Wedding Crashers,” there could be been talk of a sequel. Are you in?

Vaughn: I apt met with Owen (Wilson) and David Dobkin last week, and there could be a script and an belief that we all pretty be pleased. So that is if truth be told something that it’s possible you’ll maybe doubtless undercover agent previous to later. We’re salvage of taking it more seriously. What I be pleased is that there could be a relaxing belief that feels present. It is miles excellent as a continuation. And it be the more or less thing the keep I am chuffed we waited so that you’re no longer retreading the same myth. It feels be pleased the simply next chapter.

Q: Your motion photos labored on myth of they continuously regarded as if it could maybe procure the zeitgeist. What pause you feel has modified doubtlessly the most about comedy over the years? 

Vaughn: After we were making motion photos be pleased “Faded College or “Wedding Crashers,” we were apt making an are trying to be apt to those characters and the keep they’re at, and the comedy coming from an overcommitment to the absurd, but it being grounded in something that is relatable. 

The simply keep to work from in exploring these objects on the total is that you have not any longer if truth be told have to invent something else. Human nature and how we grow up and how we remodel and salvage over fears or be taught to be chuffed with ourselves, you’re if truth be told applicable revealing what’s already there. 

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