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What is a content management system (CMS)?
A content management system allows the site owner to easily update, add and replace content on the site.
Login to the system’s administration panel is through your browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.) by username and password. The management system gives you the independence to add images to the gallery, add pages, add articles, update existing texts and more.
Managing the content on the site does not require technical knowledge, but a similar skill to writing in a Word word processor. In the content management systems WordPress and Joomla the management panel is friendly and allows you to easily update the content on the site.

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WordPress cms


What is a content update site?
A content updating site is a site built in a content management system that allows you full control over the site’s content, the ability to easily add pages, texts, images and more. Content update sites are also called dynamic sites, and are built from a dynamic site template that is completely different from a static site template.
Content update sites are divided into two types: closed source sites and open source sites.

What is a closed source?
Programming in which the site was built and is known only to the company or programmer who built the site,
And the code is stored in a safe, and only programmers from the same company can handle your site.
If you are building a closed source website you are actually getting married in a Catholic wedding with the website company
Who built you the site. This means: they can decide on storage prices as they wish, upgrades and plugins at high prices, and you may incur additional costs, and you will never be able to leave the company that built the site for you, unless you build a new site.

What is open source?
Open source means that the site code “programming” is open to everyone,
Thousands of programmers around the world are familiar with the code and develop free plugins and extensions on it.
Also many programmers in the world know the code and can handle your site.
Therefore, on open source sites, you are not dependent on the company that built the site for you.

What are the benefits of open source?
Because the site code is open to everyone, programmers from around the world are developing thousands of plugins and extensions for open source sites on this code. These plugins are centralized on Joomla’s global website and the official WordPress site, from where you can download them for free to your personal computer. These plugins give a lot of power to your site. On open source sites you can download components for free or for a nominal fee,
If they were built in closed code, their cost could reach up to tens of thousands of shekels.
Open source content updating sites, such as WordPress and Joomla, have state-of-the-art templates that are frequently updated thanks to the vast developer community behind them. Dynamic templates have components specifically tailored to the Google search engine, as well as many other components (such as a newsletter component, event calendar, a variety of galleries, etc.) that give sites in the content update a lot of power.
Open source systems are at the forefront of technology in website building, the systems are updated and refined frequently, various plugins are added daily, and their popularity is growing.
Large development communities contribute daily to the development of components for open source systems and to their prosperity worldwide.
WinWeb uses open source Joomla, and WordPress, to build websites.

What is a template site?
A template site is a site built from a template that can be downloaded from sites that sell templates. The site builder downloads the template and gets a ready-made site, where small adjustments of logo, color, or image are made. These sites are especially cheap, because they are almost ready, and all that is left is to enter the content on them. Disadvantages of a template site are the difficulty of distinguishing them from other sites, and the open possibility for anyone to use them to create a site very similar to yours. Other than that the appropriate templates for sites without content update are built in an old construction method that makes it difficult to promote on Google.


What is a personally designed website?
A website with a personal design tailored exactly to the needs of your business and to your personal taste. This site was built from scratch with an emphasis on an original design sketch, which after the client’s approval is worn on the site. The thinking and design concept of a site in personal design is completely different from a template site, and the great advantage of personal design is the ability to differentiate your site from other sites on the web, convey brand values, and create a site exactly to your liking. In building a website with a personal design, the sky is the limit, and there is no design limit. Websites built with personal design are excellent for promotion on Google, because they are built from scratch, while paying attention to the small details in the site code.

What is browser compatibility?
Browser compatibility means that the site built looks the same in the three main browsers: Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Proper web design takes into account browser compatibility, because a site that is not browser-friendly may cause you to lose leads, and even damage your reputation, as a site that looks great in one browser may fall apart in the other. WinWeb maintains the compatibility of your site with major browsers.


What is a domain name?
A domain name is the name used for the URL. Example of a domain name: www.proweblinks.com
The popular domain names in Israel are in the suffix that represents Israel: co.il, and also in the global suffix: .com
Every website needs a domain name. How do we buy a domain name? There are 5 main providers and many sub-providers. The main providers are cheaper. Before purchasing the domain name we will check that the name is indeed available.
It is advisable to choose a short and catchy domain name with a meaning related to the site.
Choosing a domain name is a choice that should not be taken lightly, because search engines, led by Google, give more value to older sites on the web, and place them higher in the search results. Changing a domain name after indexing the site in Google will result in Google referring to the site as a completely new site! This means that the site disappears from the search results for a period of about a month or more in Google, and loses the seniority advantage in the search results.

When updating the site, make sure that the page names on the site do not change so that the site url remains the same. Pages that have changed name or address will lose their seniority advantage and deteriorate in search results.


How are images displayed on the site?
The best way to display photos on a website is through a photo gallery. There are many galleries and different types: lightbox galleries that display the images against a dark screen, galleries with different types of effects for entering and exiting images from the gallery, a gallery with rotating images at the mouse, and many other good galleries.
It is important that all the images in the gallery be sharp and of high quality. We at WinWeb make sure that your photos are best displayed in the gallery.

How will I see the frequency of visits to my site?
After building the site, you can use the “Google Analytics” system to see the number of visits to your site each day, the number of new visitors to the site, the most viewed pages, which page on your site the surfers prefer, the search words through which surfers came to your site, how long the surfer visited the site, and more .


What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
In order for search engines to understand your site and put it in the first places in the search results, the site needs to be built correctly. Search engine optimization is done on two levels:

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1. At the visible level:
Embed keywords naturally into the text of your site, in the right places, in titles and paragraphs. Using live text instead of buttons, adding original articles and relevant material to the field your site deals with. It is also important to properly organize the site structure so that it is easy and convenient to navigate, with proper hierarchy and order. A site that is cumbersomely built smuggles surfers and stays far behind in search results.

2. Behind the scenes in the site’s code:
The second level where search engine optimization takes place is behind the scenes, within the site code:
Leave this work to us, because we know very well how to make Google understand what is important on the site, with the help of optimizing the site code.




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