WWE SmackDown results, recap, grades: Drew McIntyre invades Roman Reigns’ island

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With Survivor Series drawing shut, SmackDown centered on a match that has no train of taking place at the Nov. 22 pay-per-survey. Universal champion Roman Reigns change into once set in the sights of archaic WWE champion Drew McIntyre, with the Raw distinguished person making a shock look on the display conceal.

McIntyre, who faces Randy Orton in a rematch for the WWE championship on this coming Monday’s version of Raw, interrupted a promo with “The Tribal Chief” to originate the display conceal, and closed the night time by selecting up a beget over Reigns’ cousin, Jey Uso. It change into once an handsome flip for the display conceal and built a memoir that could additionally lead to a showdown between two of the largest stars currently in the promotion.

CBS Sports actions change into once with you all night time, bringing you recaps and highlights of the total night time’s saunter. Study on for all the pieces it’s good to always clutch coming out of SmackDown.

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre approach face-to-face

Roman Reigns began the display conceal with an in-ring promo about his “Island of Relevancy” while making an try to philosophize about going via Randy Orton at Survivor Series, nonetheless sooner than he can also tell worthy, Drew McIntyre’s track hit and the Raw distinguished person made a shock irascible-sign look. McIntyre urged Reigns to now not danger about going via Orton, because he plans on beating Orton in their upcoming title match on subsequent week’s Raw. McIntyre brought up taking out Reigns to beget the Royal Rumble sooner than asserting that he’s now the person, having taken that title from Reigns all over the universal champion’s absence in the early months of the pandemic. Earlier than Reigns and McIntyre can also technique to blows, Jey Uso ran to the ring, grabbed the microphone and challenged McIntyre to a one-on-one match later in the night time. McIntyre shoved Uso to the mat and stared down Reigns sooner than Reigns, Uso and Paul Heyman left the ring. A inflamed Reigns change into once proven later beating Uso, asserting that he calls the photos, now not Uso.

Drew McIntyre def. Jey Uso via pinfall after a Claymore. Uso came to the ring with a witness that seemed destroy up between intensity and danger and change into once speedily on the defensive as McIntyre taunted him and urged him to expose himself. Uso finally fought aid, nonetheless he couldn’t match up with the flexibility and flee of McIntyre, who began to throw Uso across the ring with a sequence of belly-to-belly suplexes. Reigns’ track hit and the universal champion walked to the ring with Paul Heyman, offering a distraction that allowed Uso to ram McIntyre into the ring submit and the steps. Uso went to build up in the ring, asserting, “I will beat him,” nonetheless Reigns stopped him and mentioned, “I construct now not care when you beat him. Create him understand.” Uso got in the ring and tried to pummel McIntyre, nonetheless change into once speedily hit with a Claymore for the blueprint. The display conceal ended after a handy guide a rough staredown between McIntyre and Reigns.

With each and every Reigns and McIntyre approach the peak of their respective powers, there change into once moderately of electricity to the outlet segment when it change into once resolute the two had been about to return face-to-face. Uso continued to maintain his role smartly as a lackey who doesn’t moderately know how to contend with his out-of-control cousin. But when McIntyre doesn’t beat Orton on Monday, what change into once the point of spending a week hyping up a match that is now not always no doubt going to happen at Survivor Series as an replacement of creating to the unswerving pay-per-survey important match? Nonetheless, or now not it is laborious to discover about any unswerving disorders with what change into once presented between the two this week. Grade: B+

The Mysterio family finally accepts Murphy

Rey Mysterio def. Seth Rollins via pinfall in a No Holds Barred Match with a 619. The complete Mysterio clan change into once outdoor the ring on one aspect, with Murphy on the varied, reputedly fully lifeless Rollins once again. Rollins would hit a powerbomb from the first rope via a desk location up in the ring for a approach fall. Rollins pulled the rubber stopper off the leg of a chair and tried to shove it in Mysterio’s watch, nonetheless Dominik Mysterio pulled him from the ring, a distraction that enable Mysterio hit a dropkick to drive the chair into Rollins’ face. Murphy jumped in the ring to attend Rollins sooner than handing him the chair. As Rollins change into once about to attack Mysterio, Murphy grew to change into and hit him with a jumping knee. As Rollins yelled at Murphy between the ropes, Mysterio tried to hit a 619 nonetheless slipped in the approach, so that they location the location up again for him to hit the switch and a frog splash for the beget.

After the match, Mysterio urged Murphy to build up in the ring. He requested Murphy if he wanted his approval up to now Aalyah and shook his hand. Mysterio then urged Dominik to recall out the identical, which he did. The family then embraced Murphy as he finally confirmed that he change into once accomplished with Rollins for exact. Later, Rollins approached Adam Pearce and demanded he be given a match with Murphy, asserting he would assassinate him.

Whereas this change into once supposedly the terminate of the memoir between Mysterio and Rollins, things between Rollins and Murphy appear a ways from over. The particular memoir of the match change into once how many botches took location between the bells. The blown 619 at the blueprint and the desk powerbomb location going badly when Rollins nearly dropped Mysterio and needed to fall from the second rope to the backside, which vastly lessened the location, stood out in a gargantuan manner. Additionally, Murphy had defended the Mysterios from Rollins on loads of occasions prior to this match, nonetheless this time it seems to agree with stuck that he’s a “exact guy” so now he can date Rey’s 19-300 and sixty five days-inclined daughter? Nothing no doubt worked right here other than Rey getting into the tribute frog splash on Eddie Guerrero’s birthday. Grade: C-

What else took location on WWE SmackDown?

  • Intercontinental Championship — Sami Zayn (c) def. Apollo Crews via count out to help the title. Zayn change into once upset he finest chanced on out about his title protection an hour sooner than the display conceal. The two battled outdoor the ring when the ring apron came off. Zayn used the ropes along the ring to tie up Crews’ foot sooner than getting aid in the ring to beat the count while Crews change into once stuck outdoor. 
  • Carmella attacked Sasha Banks for the second week in a row. Banks change into once cutting an in-ring promo about how she proved the doubters wrong by conserving the SmackDown girls’s title final week in her rematch with Bayley when Carmella’s track hit and she attacked the champ from lifeless, laying her out.
  • Otis def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall with a Vader Bomb. Ziggler and Robert Roode made fun of Otis for drinking three plates of food in catering all over a lifeless the scenes segment. Otis change into once facing Ziggler without order nonetheless Roode interfered, allowing Ziggler to hit a Zig Zag for a two count. Otis speedily came aid to beget the short match.
  • Chad Gable offered Otis an opportunity to be mentored. Gable, after complimenting Otis on his victory, mentioned Otis desired to release his “internal alpha” and gave him a flyer.
  • Survivor Series Qualifying Match — Liv Morgan def. Natalya, Tamina and Chelsea Inexperienced via pinfall after hitting a facebuster on Tamina. Inexperienced made her SmackDown debut in the match, being announced as a gradual entrant into the match after being proven lifeless the scenes with Adam Pearce earlier. She change into once taken out of the match speedily after suffering an obvious injure sooner than Morgan qualified for the Survivor Series team by pinning Tamina.
  • The Avenue Profits and Gigantic E traded insults lifeless the scenes. Gigantic E change into once again serving as a surrogate for his Unusual Day brothers earlier than the Survivor Series match between the two groups.

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