WWE Survivor Assortment 2020 Outcomes: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

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    Credit ranking: WWE.com

    On an evening when the “absolute most realistic of the excellent” battled for price supremacy at Survivor Assortment, WWE infamous one of its finest icons in a closing farewell at the tournament by which he debuted 30 years earlier.

    The Undertaker stated one closing goodbye to the company he reigned over for 3 a protracted time Sunday evening, along with his Hall of Fame occupation lauded in great vogue. The homage to one of many finest to ever lace a pair of boots came on the identical evening that the Superstars of Raw and SmackDown battled for bragging rights.

    Which price emerged victorious from this one year’s Survivor Assortment pay-per-leer and what did The Deadman’s departure entail?

    Derive out with this recap of the November 22 spectacular.

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    WWE Survivor Assortment match card    

  • WWE champion Drew McIntyre vs. Normal champion Roman Reigns
  • United States champion Bobby Lashley vs. Intercontinental champion Sami Zayn
  • Raw Designate Crew champions The Current Day vs. SmackDown Designate Crew champions The Boulevard Revenue
  • Raw Ladies’s Champion Asuka vs. SmackDown Ladies’s Champion Sasha Banks
  • Crew Raw (AJ Styles, Sheamus, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee and Riddle) vs. Crew SmackDown (Jey Uso, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Otis and King Corbin)
  • Crew Raw (Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Peyton Royce, Lacey Evans and Lana) vs. Crew SmackDown (Bianca Belair, Natalya, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Bayley)
  • Kickoff Show: Interpromotional Battle Royal

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    Credit ranking: WWE.com

    Participants included: Dominik Mysterio, Rey Mysterio, Murphy, The Miz, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler, Chad Gable, Elias, Apollo Crews, Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, Kalisto, Ricochet and Jeff Hardy

    Dominik Mysterio scored the critical exquisite elimination of the Kickoff Show match when he despatched John Morrison over the head rope. Dolph Ziggler dumped Rey Mysterio, and The Hurt Industry earned about a eliminations unless Ricochet delivered a huge suplex that despatched Cedric Alexander packing. 

    Apollo Crews obtained a measure of revenge on The Hurt Industry, taking away Shelton Benjamin to certain the faction from the match. 

    Murphy and Dolph Ziggler teed off on every other on the apron unless Bobby Roode despatched the at probability of the locker room. Dominik knocked Roode to the flooring and matched off with The Showoff. An sick-told blind ticket into the ring post and a dropkick from Dominik led to Ziggler’s departure.

    Across the ring, Jeff Hardy eradicated Shinsuke Nakamura, then persevered his intensifying competition with Elias by ending his evening in come.

    SmackDown’s Chad Gable and Dominik teamed as much as battle Raw’s Hardy and The Miz.

    Gable eradicated Hardy with a clothesline, whereas Miz countered a 619 are attempting by Dominik with a immense boot to the face.

    Dominik perceived to have eradicated The A-Lister, absolute most realistic to endure a trio of suplexes by Gable. Mysterio junior recovered and eradicated Gable, absolute most realistic for Miz to walk into the ring and ship the rookie over the head for the fetch.


    Miz won the Battle Royal




    Battle Royals are at their worst when guys are wandering aimlessly across the ring, punching and kicking, then every so recurrently pairing off with one more Superstar en route to their inevitable elimination. There used to be a complete lot of that happening right here as there used to be no anecdote to keep up a correspondence of.

    Obvious, Miz staved off elimination in sneaky vogue to fetch nonetheless previous that, this used to be proper a bunch of bodies doing issues without a rhyme or purpose.

    And worst of all, no one is certainly for having competed right here. Their stars now no longer enhanced or strengthened in any measurable map.

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    Credit ranking: WWE.com

    The battle for price supremacy kicked off with Crew Raw’s AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Sheamus, Riddle and Keith Lee taking over Crew SmackDown’s Jey Uso, Otis, King Corbin, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins in the evening’s opening contest.

    The first drama of the evening came when Rollins demanded to be tagged into the match and, after being despondent for the bulk of the contest, sacrificed himself. A Brogue Kick from Sheamus despatched The Messiah packing. (SmackDown’s Rollins eradicated)

    Otis and Lee teed off in a battle of important heavyweights. They exchanged teases of superhuman feats of energy sooner than Lee tagged Strowman into the match. The Monster Among Men uncorked a shotgun dropkick on Otis and tagged Styles into the match. 

    Styles and Owens quickened the tempo unless a fired-up KO unloaded with Stunners to the comfort of Crew Raw. Styles seized the opening and delivered the Extra special Forearm, taking away his longtime rival. (SmackDown’s Owens eradicated)

    The action broke down and Riddle pinned Corbin to ship him to the locker room. (SmackDown’s Corbin eradicated)

    Otis exploded into the match unhurried, suplexing and clotheslining his map via the competition sooner than coming face-to-face with Strowman. The inclined Normal Champion flattened him with a immense boot nonetheless Otis recovered and delivered the caterpillar. He residing up for the Vader Bomb nonetheless Riddle ran interference and Strowman powerslammed him for the tumble. (SmackDown’s Otis eradicated)

    A determined Uso unloaded on the competition, wiping them out with a dive at ringside. He adopted up with superkicks to all people in scrutinize, along with one who left Styles hung up on the ropes. A blind tag to Lee saw The Limitless One elevate the Spirit Bomb for the neat sweep. (SmackDown’s Uso eradicated)


    Crew Raw defeated Crew SmackDown (5-0)




    The anecdote of Uso almost pulling issues out and finding renewed energy internal himself used to be a nice anecdote unhurried nonetheless for the most portion, this one used to be all about Raw proving it could per chance probably per chance per chance per chance also pause united long ample to fetch the match.

    While that played out successfully ample, it used to be the least attention-grabbing anecdote it could per chance probably per chance per chance per chance even have suggested and led to the same of a 35-0 Chiefs shut out of the Jets. It used to be one-dimensional and whereas it used to be a magnificent ample opener, it could per chance probably per chance per chance per chance also unbiased very smartly mosey down in Survivor Assortment as the least compelling of these Raw vs. SmackDown fits.

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    Credit ranking: WWE.com

    What started as a enjoyable-loving alternate between Raw Designate Crew Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods (accompanied by Enormous E) and SmackDown Designate Crew Champions Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, gave technique to a gradually rising battle that saw Current Day reach the upper hand following a dive by Kingston onto Ford on ringside.

    The Raw tandem focused the midsection of Ford, working him over whereas cutting the ring off. Corey Graves save over the aggression shown by Kingston and Woods proper in time for Ford to assemble some separation and tag Dawkins in. 

    The greatest competitor in the match exploded into the bout, the utilization of his energy profit to toss Kingston around and elevate an underhook neckbreaker to Woods. The SmackDown champs fired off a flurry of offense nonetheless Current Day fought motivate and delivered Center of the evening Hour. Ford kicked out.

    Late, Dawkins downed Kingston and Ford delivered the frog splash. His beforehand injured ribs proved costly as he didn’t straight away arrangement the pin, permitting Kofi to kick out. Ford unleashed Kingston’s personal Pain in Paradise against him and Woods adopted with a gutbuster for a high quality reach-tumble.

    The reach came when Dawkins blindly tagged in and hoisted Woods up on his shoulders. Ford came off with a blockbuster for the hard-fought victory.


    Boulevard Revenue defeated Current Day




    This used to be the excellent match of the exclaim. Simply. 

    No longer now no longer as much as to this level.

    Excessive-energy, solid in-ring inform and a anecdote revolving around Ford’s injured midsection that almost ticket his crew the victory led to a fascinating match.

    The match had the unenviable process of being a babyface vs. babyface match, telling a anecdote and residing as much as rather lofty expectations. No longer absolute most realistic did the performers gain a technique to narrate that anecdote, it did so in a technique that by no technique compelled both of the teams to play the de facto heel.

    That could be a testomony to these enthusiastic with the match itself and in laying it out.

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    Credit ranking: WWE.com

    United States Champion Bobby Lashley made his technique to the ring, accompanied by Hurt Industry teammates MVP, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, for his showdown with Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn.

    Lashley dominated early, punishing Zayn along with his energy whereas his stablemates averted the SmackDown huge name from escaping.

    Citing the identical vertigo he suffered at the hands of Lashley two years in the past, Zayn begged off, absolute most realistic to raise an economical rollup for two. The Hurt Industry, though, equipped a non eternal distraction and Lashley resumed his beating of Zayn.

    The IC champ sought to arrangement the most of an opening with a Helluva Kick nonetheless Lashley grabbed exhaust of him and obliterated him with a spinebuster. Zayn tried to flee nonetheless MVP tripped him and rolled him motivate into the ring, the place Lashley utilized the Hurt Lock for the submission fetch.


    Lashley defeated Zayn




    This used to be a terribly enjoyable deal with on a squash match.

    Lashley obliterated Zayn for the most portion nonetheless by the ruin of the match, the IC champion had a logical complaint in regards to the interference of MVP and Co.

    For a match that used to be misplaced sight of heading into the exclaim, this used to be great extra innocuous enjoyable than anticipated and could well per chance per chance also unbiased arrangement for the most in model in Zayn’s conspiracy theorist persona.

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    Credit ranking: WWE.com

    Raw Ladies’s Champion Asuka and SmackDown Ladies’s Champion Sasha Banks rekindled their competition from this previous summer season in yet another battle between crimson and blue price champions.

    Early chain wrestling netted neither lady a sustainable profit as reversals and counters reigned supreme.

    Asuka utilized an ankle lock, booted Banks in the midsection and delivered a working kick to the face. Asua delivered her hiptoss into a knee to the face nonetheless a vivid wizard are attempting overlooked and Banks tried for the Bank Statement. Asuka fought it and Banks settled for a modified abdominal stretch, then octopus submission.

    The action spilled to the flooring, the place Asuka answered The Boss’ Meteora are attempting with a codebreaker. Assist internal, they traded rapid pinfalls nonetheless neither could well per chance per chance also ranking the fetch. Banks ultimately executed the Meteora in the corner nonetheless a frog splash didn’t land. Banks countered a double knee into the Bank Statement. Asuka fought out into an Asuka Lock.

    A 2nd codebreaker earned Asuka a two-depend.

    A series of reach-falls ensued as drama constructed. Asuka delivered a immense kick to the face nonetheless Banks recovered and answered with a modified victory roll for the fetch.


    Banks defeated Asuka




    At the probability of jinxing them, it’s apparently now no longer attainable for Asuka and Banks to have a unhealthy match. 

    The chemistry right here used to be off-the-charts. They executed reversals and counters that lesser-talented wrestlers would stumble and fumble their map via. As an different, they saved fans on the perimeter of their seats, risky if this used to be the rollup or submission that would ruin the match.

    Banks winning used to be the excellent pass to extra solidify her title reign, particularly since Asuka has been at the head of the Raw price for months now. 

    Titillating with the scarcity of glaring route for Asuka, the outcome right here used to be a no brainer.

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