Xbox Assortment X UK stock change and pre-say: Smyths, John Lewis, Tesco and more

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Xbox followers don’t want to wait on to any extent further, the recent technology of next-generation Xbox is here.

There are two consoles available the Xbox Assortment X (£449) and a digital Xbox Assortment S edition (£349) and each and every own been launched recently, 10th November.

Xbox took a much less advanced intention to the start of the Xbox Assortment X than the PlayStation 5 -Microsoft gamers had weeks to tools themselves up for the frenzy of them occurring sale.

However, the 2d lockdown in the UK has changed things a miniature bit when it involves trying to derive a console. Firstly, there’s no urge to the shop. 2nd, even as you’ll be in a position to own already pre-ordered you might possibly possibly possibly want to check sequence guidelines, and third, even as you adore to pray to purchase one now then read on as it’s online your entire manner.

Amazon has additionally said some prospects might possibly possibly possibly salvage their console after Christmas, so stare upon offer dates even as you purchase to retain a ways off from upset faces come Yuletide.

Smyths is collected upright region to gaze for the console, alongside a revamped Gamespass, month-to-month as they’ll be the preferrred ones to own Xbox All Salvage admission to as an choice. We’ve considered this as an choice yet again. In totally different locations, the likes of Very had consoles, with an instalment intention.

EE and BT own additionally said they’re making the Xbox Assortment X/S available to prospects – upright log in to My BT and your chronicle or EE will soon wait on you add it to your intention. Must you aren’t a customer, there’s collected time to sign in or read on.

We’ll be updating this net page as an when we uncover out about more Xbox Assortment S and X stock and basically the most long-established updates. We’ve additionally rounded up just a few of basically the most fee-efficient deals on the older Xbox One too.

Xbox Assortment X UK stock available

Xbox Assortment X UK

Evaluate the below hyperlinks as more stock was launched at 8am on start date (10th November). Smyths, John Lewis and appear to own stock too, and online stores own promised more stock is on its manner.

Xbox Assortment X USA

When is my Xbox Assortment X/S pre-say arriving?

Pre-orders own been available as of 22nd September at 8am in the UK – for every and every the tip-dog Xbox Assortment X and the digital-simplest Xbox Assortment S. But while gamers had good perceive to know one up, unlike what happened with the PS5 pre-say start, that was, effectively now not very most real looking, they sold out extremely fleet – with several huge outlets seeing their net drawl buckling below the rigidity of how many folks own been searching for to salvage retain of one.

We can proceed to retain this net page updated with basically the most long-established outlets and their stock ranges- though you’ll want to be immediate – stock disappears as fleet as it looks. We’ve broken down where stock is dwell in more detail below.

Xbox Assortment X review: “The next-generation of gaming arrives with a console that greater than lives up to the hype. A sleek manufacture and an incredible soundless machine, the Xbox Assortment X no doubt reveals what next-gen games can gaze like and does so widespread. Lengthy loading times already appear like a thing of the past and instant resume is a really most real looking addition, while the shrimp modifications to the controller assemble your entire distinction. Add to that Gamespass that now contains the wealth of titles that comprise EA Play and it is determined that Microsoft are onto a winner.”

Joe Julians

Xbox Assortment X and S UK 

John Lewis

John Lewis had plenty of stock for the PS5 however held off pre-orders till just a few of the others had sold out so retain an look for out. Replace: Xbox S has upright come motivate in stock.


Both consoles own come motivate in stock. You additionally salvage Xbox All Salvage admission to for £28.99 a month.

Currys PC World

Whereas the Assortment X is currently out of stock with more on the manner soon, the Assortment S is currently that would be bought.


As one of basically the most widespread outlets, Amazon is struggling to assign with the pre-say ask. However, they enact on a standard basis high-up stock all through the day so enact retain checking motivate. Warning: Amazon has said some prospects might possibly possibly possibly salvage stock after Christmas so check offer dates.


SimplyGames came through for gamers later in the day on PS5 pre-say day, so retain an look for on the region for gradual pre-say releases.


Very did own PS5 in stock and was a upright region to gaze because the other outlets started to sell out. You might possibly possibly also additionally pay with the instalment intention. has some stock dwell Xbox Assortment X and S, with instalment plans even as it’s good to it too.


But any other retailer that proved precious on PS5 pre-say day was ShopTo.Score, we demand it to start Xbox Assortment X pre-say stock on its assign net page.


No more popping into store on the start date, so check Tesco for sequence or offer.

The preferrred intention to salvage Xbox Assortment X on BT or EE

BT prospects want to log into their MyBT chronicle to be conscious the provide – there’s the consoles and equipment in a position to scamper.

EE prospects can add the fee of the recent Xbox on to their mobile contract – paying 11 passion-free instalments as section of the Add to Thought provider.

Must you’re now not a customer, there are just a few EE Sad Friday deals you might possibly possibly possibly check out.

Will I be in a field to know up my Xbox Assortment X pre-say in lockdown?

Understandably, the news that a 2d nationwide lockdown is on the manner for England has made those alive to to play the next-gen consoles a miniature bit nervous. The lockdown is, currently, because of the last till December third- long after the start of every and every the Xbox Assortment X and the PS5. Even as online orders might possibly possibly possibly collected expectantly be delivered without insist, what does this indicate for those of us that own one ordered from a store that might possibly be shut because of the being non-a should always-own?


Correctly, there is a glimmer of hope that came from the announcements and it is going to also very effectively be found in the time period ‘click and derive’. Even as stores like GAME and Smyths will possible be unable to physically start, click and derive is allowed and it looks possible that those retail outlets, and others in the identical boat, will possible be taking a gaze into pointers on how to put in force that now.

Smyths has finished this before, so it stands to motive that they’ll enact the identical yet again while, expectantly, this can upright be a case of figuring out logistics before GAME prepare swimsuit.

GAME has attach out a pair of announcements already through Twitter

We’re working to know basically the most long-established authorities guidance and might possibly possibly present updates on pre-orders when now we own them.

Please check your native stores Twitter feeds for updates and retain an look for to your emails, junk/unsolicited mail folders for further data in the approaching weeks.

— (@GAMEdigital) November 1, 2020

And this one which is simplest pointing out the Xbox Assortment X currently however, curiously, a now-deleted tweet did beforehand mention the PS5 alongside it. It is unclear why that has since been changed to mention upright the Microsoft console. They’ve since been fascinating with prospects to recount them that they’ll be in a field to expose up to amass the consoles on start day, however all payments might possibly possibly possibly collected be made before stores shut for a month on Wednesday.


Please come and pre-take your console from now till Wednesday evening.

You might possibly then be in a field to amass your console on start day between 8am-2pm.

Xbox All Salvage admission to prospects will possible be contacted without delay the next day to comprise further instruction.

— (@GAMEdigital) November 1, 2020

Handle this net page bookmarked and we are in a position to change you on basically the most long-established with the lockdown scenario as soon as we hear more- which might possibly possibly possibly collected be any day now with the start dates correct across the nook.

Xbox Assortment X Accessories

A series of Xbox Assortment X equipment are additionally available to pre-say now.

However, upright news for you unique Xbox owners who own already snapped up plenty of the immense additions you might possibly possibly possibly salvage for the console- they’ll work on the Xbox Assortment X too! So the relaxation that you purchase now is now not going to need changing and while there’ll possible be recent, snazzier versions when the console launches, such because the controller, you received’t want to purchase them without delay in disclose to assemble basically the most out of the recent console.

And above are your entire manufacturers which own been officially licensed by Microsoft to assemble the equipment and as you might possibly possibly possibly watch, there are a form of them!

Right here are just a few of the devices you might possibly possibly possibly purchase correct now that might possibly work on the Xbox One X.

Xbox One deals

Presumably you might possibly possibly possibly also very effectively be yet to affix the Xbox world and are pondering about investing an older console in want to the logo spanking recent one. If that is the case, here are some deals for the Xbox One deals that you might possibly possibly possibly also very effectively be pondering about.

And, we’d imply holding an look for on our Xbox Assortment X Sad Friday net page, too.

Caught between Xbox and Playstation? Evaluate out our comparison on recent consoles PS5 v Xbox Assortment X.

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